It was the beginning of the summer holidays, H.Q was completely empty, aside from a certain colonel's office.

"why did you call us here chief, its the holidays, don't we get a break too?"came the familiar voice of a chain smoker.

"yes, you do get a holiday Havoc, that's why I called you here." replied Roy, with a hint of anger in his voice.

"huh?" came the quiet voice of Kain Fuery.

"I thought that maybe we could all take a trip somewhere" said Roy plainly.

There was some muttering and whispering, but all of his subordinates turned around with large smiles on their faces.

"we'd love to sir!"they said in unison, all except Riza Hawkeye, whose reply was a simple;

"Why not"

They stayed in a cottage overlooking a large valley in the mountains, the smell of burnt wood hung in the air, and there was a chilling breeze outside. The first thing they all did when they arrived was choose their rooms.

"I brought my family, so I can't share" said Maes.

"If you can't handle the smoke, don't share with me" stated Havoc.

" I can't share with Fuery because he has a dog with him, and I want a room to myself so I can have the T.V and keep dogs out" Breda said, on the verge of tears because Hayate was trying to "kill" him.

"I'll go with Falman" said Fuery

" There's only one room left" said Maes with his trademark, evil grin, "Looks like Roy and Hawkeye have to share!" he squeaked halfway through the sentence at the fact that he might be able to set them up on this holiday.

"Do you have nothing better to do with your life Hughes!" Roy yelled, but then realised that asking that question was a bad idea.

"Why yes...I do have something better to do.."said Maes slyly.

" Oh shit...RUN!!" Screamed Havoc

just then, Maes pulled out his photos and proceeded to chase the screaming men around the house, Roy and Riza just stood there and sweat-dropped. Once the dust had cleared, a very proud looking Hughes could be seen on top of a pile of officers, ranting about his family, and how, if any of them had half a life, they'd be getting a family too. By this time, Riza was about to snap, even though she wasn't being crushed by Maes, he was getting on her nerves.

"Hughes, one more word and those photos are going to add themselves to the fire" she warned

" wouldn't dare!" he screamed.

Just then, Roy snapped his fingers and the photos went up in flames, Hughes got off the pile of men and began frantically trying to put them out, but to no avail.

" she didn't state which fire, did she Hughes" Maes was simply left there to sulk as the others went and unpacked.

After dinner, everyone went to their rooms. Riza and Roy had to share a double bed because there was only one bed in the room that they had been forced to stay in. in the middle of the night, Riza began shivering.

" are you cold Lieutenant?"questioned Roy sleepily

"no I'll be fi.." she let out a quiet gasp as Roy moved behind her and wrapped an arm around her.

"does that help Lieutenant?"asked Roy innocently, " because if it doesn't there are other ways to get war..."

"don't even think about it Roy, your lucky I haven't shot you for putting an arm around me, although I'm thankful you're keeping me warm." and with that, she rolled over and said,"Goodnight Roy"

They both fell into a peaceful sleep.

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