Sesshomaru squinted his eyes at the blinding late spring sun. Such a nuisance.

"Lord Sesshomaru! Lookit what I found!"

And here came another.

Rin waved a bouqet of flowers under the demon's sensitive nose, it took every ounce of reserve not to sneeze.

"Aren't they beautiful?" The little girl spun on tiptoe, hugging them to her chest before whipping out her hand again to exclaim, "And they're all for you!" A toothy grin bloomed across her face.

Sesshomaru returned with a phlegmatic stare. Several lunar cycles had passed since he last revived this child with no shortage of heartstopping perils, vicious foes, and tortuous twists. Yet Rin still insisted on following him. Why? It was like he was the audience he played to day after day. She made him feel like real royalty. Like the king he viewed his father as. She was always enriching, not unlike the blossoms she held before him.

"Don't you like them?" The dejected squeak broke Sesshomaru out of his reveries.

"I think," Sesshomaru said deliberately, "that these would be better with someone else."

Slowly, he pulled the brightest flower out by its stem and afixed it beside Rin's ponytail.

She giggled and an odd shadow played across Sesshomaru's mouth. Rin called it a smile.

"How do you always know what to do?" she asked.

Sesshomaru tipped his head skyward. "Well, I learned from the best."


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