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Anko started to wake up with a content smile on her face when she felt a comfortable weight on top of her. She looked down to see Naruto resting between her breasts feeling content when she remembered last night's events. Anko suddenly moaned when Naruto shifted his hips, 'My, my, Naruto-kun, even your morning wood feels good. Moan Makes me want to try it out a bit', thought Anko gently thrusting her hip upwards causing Naruto to moan in his sleep.

Moan 'It feels great', thought Anko closing her eyes in pleasure when she felt a set of lips kissing her. Anko opened her eyes to see Naruto kissing her with his tongue asking permission to enter. Anko happily opened her mouth deepening the kiss with Naruto gently thrusting into her causing Anko intense pleasure.

Naruto suddenly broke the kiss staring lovingly into Anko's eyes, "Is this how you plan on waking me up?"

"Only if you want to, Naruto-kun. I certainly wouldn't mind", said Anko wrapping her legs around his waist as Naruto started to pull out, "Now who gave you permission to pull out? I want to try it out a bit longer", said Anko wrapping arms around Naruto's neck pulling him between her breasts once again. Naruto suddenly grabbed Anko's hips switching their positions so Anko was on top, "You know if you want to ride me, then I think this position feels better."

Anko just giggled lifting herself up as placed her hands on Naruto's chest admiring his muscle tone while slowly riding him, Moan "You feel wonderful Naruto-kun."


End Lime

The sudden outburst shocked Anko and Naruto causing them to cover themselves as they looked at the doorway to see a fuming Tsunade, a blushing Kurenai and Luna, and an aroused Katsumi.


"S-Sorry Lady Tsunade, guess I get a bit carried away", nervously laughed Anko

"'A bit'? Try a 'whole lot'! You're paying for that damage window, the drywall for the cracked walls, and several other things!"

"But that'll cut into my dango expenses!" whined Anko.

"You should've thought of that before you crossed the line!"

"L-Lady T-Tsunade…" said a nervous Shizune peeking through the doorway.


"U-Um…People can hear you yelling…a-and other things from last night", said a nervous Shizune causing Anko and Naruto to blush, "Well…at least they heard a free show", said Anko.

"Anko!" said a blushing Kurenai.

"She certainly has guts", sweat drop Luna while scratching her cheek.

"…Also…from the other night", said Shizune.

"I didn't hear any of them complaining about it until now", said Katsumi crossing her arms under large breast, "And Anko…" said Katsumi getting Anko's attention, "…next time that big boy is mine", said Katsumi licking her lips, "Then once I'm done we'll share him."

"Lady Kyuubi!" said a shocked Luna when she suddenly blushed at certain mental images.

"Fine with me", said a happy Anko causing Naruto to face fault.

'What did I get myself into?' thought a nervous Naruto.

"Enough with the sleazy talk I have things to do. Anko, I need to evaluate your health as well as Naruto's health before I can release you both. If Naruto proves to be healthy, I'm assigning him as your escort and bodyguard Luna."


"Don't give me that Naruto you should already be accustomed to this. Since Tayuya is considered a Kunoichi, like Kin, she will be under your supervision as well as Luna since apparently you're the only guy she trusts. That's all", ordered Tsunade.

"But Granny-"


"I told you to stop calling me that you brat!" yelled Tsunade after hitting Naruto with an IV pole knocking him out with swirl in his eyes.

'Oh my…he is big', thought a blushing Luna unconsciously licking her lips.

'Seems like our little lunar succubus isn't quite as impervious to lust after all', thought an amused Kyuubi.

"Well I must be going you know check on Tayuya and the girls! I'll also check on Midnight to see how her sleepover was! Well this was fun and all, but I think I'll take a cold shower now! Bye", rapidly said Luna leaving Naruto's room at high speed.

'Or perhaps she has a crush', thought Kyuubi looking at Naruto, 'You certainly do attract interesting people darling.'

Tayuya's Room

Tayuya was sleeping peacefully with Kin next to her and Midnight sleeping on her chest when they were suddenly awaken when Luna came in slamming the door shut and running to the bathroom, "Mom? Is everything okay?"


"Just taking a shower", responded Luna while looking like she ran a marathon, 'What is wrong with me? My heartbeat is still beating so fast! When I saw him I…No! I'm a proud Succubus Warrior! I won't be like those damn harlots!'

Sigh "I need a shower", groaned Luna stepping into the shower.

Tayuya's Room

"Is Aunty Luna okay?" asked Midnight.

"I'm sure she's fine Midnight. She's just a bit-"

AHH "COLD!" yelled Luna from the bathroom.

"…clumsy sometimes", said Tayuya finishing her sentence.


"Hey come on Lady Tsunade I'm a grown woman!" complained Anko with Tsunade dragging her by the hospital gown Tsunade forcibly made her wear.

"I don't want to hear it Anko! I need to evaluate you now before you get another urge!"

"But it's already seven! The first dango of the day are starting to come out!"

"I said I don't want to hear it Anko!"

Sigh "She's always been like that Lady Tsunade. I suppose you call it her morning ritual to always get the first dango from Amaguriama. I especially like their mame daifuku."


The three Kunoichi suddenly stopped when they heard a door being forcibly opened with a loud rumbling sound coming from it. All three turned around to see a soaking wet Luna wrapped around in a towel that was barely containing her large breast rushing towards the three Kunoichi when she skid to a halt, "Did one of you say mame daifuku? Where is it? Where's the shop? How much is it? Where's the mame daifuku?" asked an excited Luna with sparkles in her eyes, Ah "It's been years since I've last tasted its sweet, delicious, filling!"

"Mom you can't go around looking like that! It's indecent!" said Tayuya rushing after her mother.

"Tayuya-chan they have mame daifuku here!"

"That still doesn't excuse how you look!"

"Well Tayuya-chan, you did say that your mom was a sweet addict", giggled Kin holding Midnight while Luna squealed like an excited little girl in a candy shop while chanting, "Mame daifuku! Mame daifuku!"

"You want mame daifuku?" asked Tsunade.

"Of course!" said an excited Luna.

"Then you be a good girl and wait for me to check up on you and your daughter, and then I'll buy you ten of them", said Tsunade like she was lecturing a little girl.

"But what if they run out?" whined Luna with puppy dog eyes.

"Then that means you have to be a good girl so you can let me finish early. You as well Anko", said Tsunade as she continued dragging Anko to a vacant examination room with Anko grumbling.

"Let's go mom before you attract unwanted attention", said Tayuya leading Luna back to their room with some of the passing male doctors and patients staring at Luna.

"I really need new clothes. A sword would also be nice, it beats using my claws all the time", said Luna.

"They have lots of wonderful shops here, and I even saw some that sells weapons", said Kin.

"Really? Tayuya-chan we can go shopping!" said an excited Luna.

"We don't have any money", said Tayuya.

"But you use to love going shopping with me", said Luna with puppy dog eyes again.

"Mom", sighed Tayuya.

Several Hours Later

Kidomaru, Sakon, Ukon, and Jirobo had successfully recovered and were staring in shock at the sudden news they received while Kimimaro still needed some time to recuperate at the hospital. The group of six was on their way to the Hokage Tower after Tsunade had release them from the hospital and still had some official business to deal with them. Kin snickered quietly with Midnight in her arms wagging her tail as Luna kept looking around the village excitedly while Tayuya was grinding her teeth in annoyance with a large tick mark, "Will you four perverted block heads stop staring?"


Tayuya and Kin were on their way to check on the remaining members of the Sound Five as they entered their room when they saw Shizune writing on several documents, "Alright, that's the last one. Looks like you four made a fast recovery. However Kimimaro-san, since you're vitals is still a bit low we would like you to stay here a bit longer to observe your condition."

"That's fine with me Shizune-san", said Kimimaro.

"So how are the rest of you doing?" asked Tayuya.

"Man, what a headache. I had the weirdest dream too", groaned Kidomaru.

"Me too", said Jirobo.

"I don't know about weird, but I'm happy I had a smoking hot babe in mine", said Sakon.

"Speak for yourself brother. Mine would've put all of yours to shame", said Ukon when all four boys started arguing causing Tayuya to sweat drop, Groan "Don't tell me…" groaned Tayuya.

"Tayuya-chan look! Lady Kyuubi gave me one of her spare kimonos, and some mame daifuku!" said Luna barging through the door wearing a formal kimono with cherry blossoms decorated all over it, and a mame daifuku on one of her hands.

The four boys stopped arguing looking at the newcomer when they all recognized her, "IT'S HER!" yelled all four boys.

"Hello Luna-san", greeted Kimimaro with a smile.

"Kimimaro you're looking better", greeted Luna.

"YOU KNOW HER?" yelled all four boys.

"Mom, I swear you have impeccable timing", sighed Tayuya with Luna looking at her with confusion as she took a bite from her mame daifuku.

"'MOM'?" yelled all four boys.

End Flashback

The four boys were shocked to find out that Luna was actually Tayuya's mother along with the fact that they were both succubus, and all of the other stuff that Orochimaru did to them. The boys continued to stare at Luna as she remained oblivious, "Damn Tayuya if you look like your mom then that means-"

"Alright! I get it! My mom's a hot MILF! It's bad enough that nearly every guy is starting to ogle her, but it's worse when you four perverts do it", said Tayuya.

"But she's just so-"

"Take your damn perverted thoughts…and…SEND THEM TO HELL!" yelled Tayuya launching all four boys in the air.

Ding Ding

"And still the undefeated champion…Tayuya!" announced Kin in a referee outfit holding up Tayuya's hand that had a boxing glove on it with Tayuya wearing a female boxer's outfit with the spotlight on them as the crowd goes wild.

"Why do you keep doing that Genjutsu Kin?" sweat dropped Tayuya.

"Because it's fun", giggled Kin dropping the Genjutsu.

"Yeah I guess you're right", said Tayuya.

"You've really got to teach me that Kin", said Luna.



Kidomaru was the first to land hard on the floor leaving an imprint on the ground when Sakon and Ukon suddenly landed on top of him just as he was getting out sinking him deeper in the ground. The three boys had swollen cheeks where Tayuya hit them with black eyes as they groan in pain. The three boys were about to get up when Jirobo suddenly landed on top of them creating a small crater with Kidomaru's twitching hand as the only visible part of his body.

Hokage Tower

The group of six entered Tsunade's office with Naruto, Katsumi, Kurenai, and Anko waiting for them, "Good you're on time-and what happen to you four?" said a shocked Tsunade after seeing a beat up Kidomaru, Sakon, Ukon, and Jirobo.

"I don't want to talk about it", grumbled Tayuya.

Ahem "Now then, let's get down to business. As you know, Sasuke Uchiha has defected from our village, and the only people with extensive knowledge of where he's going are you four. I want to know-"

"Not so fast", interrupted Tayuya, "I want asylum for me and my teammates inside the village!"


"I also want a full access to some money for supplies, and I don't want anyone to babysit me or my team!"


"If you meet these terms then-"


"Stop interrupting me brat!" yelled Tsunade hitting Tayuya on the head, "Last I check I'm the Hokage of this village, and if you would've just listen then you wouldn't be in this mess!"

Tayuya was in a fetal position while rubbing her bump, "You're my mother and you just stood there as she hit me? What kind of mother are you?"

Luna looked at her daughter as she started pinching her cheek, "You kind of had it coming Tayuya-chan. I know I taught you how to respect your elders before we were captured."

"Alright, alright, I get it. Please stop", groaned Tayuya with Luna letting her go as she rubbed her sore cheek.

"As I was saying, I want to know where Orochimaru might be taking Sasuke in the Sound Village in order to retrieve him. I tried being a nice and gave him a chance to come back, but now that he's willingly defected he is considered a traitor and therefore must be dispose of. Any information that you can give us will prove useful to us. I have already granted you asylum into our village, but it is under the condition that you would be supervise by one of our ninja for security reasons. I also want to encourage you to think about joining our ninja ranks. It would be a shame to let such fine ninja with good potential go to waste out there as missing ninja. Kin has even been doing probation with Naruto, and not once has he abuse his power."

"Just a little thick in the head with ramen", muttered Kin with Midnight snickering.


"Luna, I also want you to teach Anko in controlling her new power. I don't want her running around in a rampage stealing souls from left to right."

"Actually, since Anko has found someone who she loves, and has proven to love her back, she would never act like those harlots since her lust would be curbed by making love with her lover. Although since she is part succubus now, she might tend to have a bit of an addictive personality", nervously laughed Luna touching her two index fingers together.

"Nevertheless I would feel safe in you teaching her", sighed Tsunade.

"I'll try", said Luna.

"Actually I think that addictive personality trait was already there", said Kurenai with a woozy Anko swaying side to side with swirls in her eyes, Groan "Dango…need food…dango…"


"Guess I'm also running on empty", nervously laughed Naruto with his stomach growling loudly.

"Actually there is one thing", said Luna with a serious look in her eyes showing determination, "I promised Kimimaro that I would liberate all the Kunoichi trapped in the Sound Village. According to him there all trapped on one specific location."

"'Liberate'?" asked Katsumi.

"The Kunoichi…are treated as nothing more than common prostitutes and slaves just like I was. I can't stand to see innocent people get hurt as they are ruled by tyrants. I promised I would free them all. I gave him my word as a swordswoman! So please…" said Luna getting on her knees, "…I'm begging you…please help me save them!"

Everyone was shocked at Luna's actions causing Tayuya to stare at her mother in admiration, "Mom…"

"Three days", whispered Tsunade with her fist turning white from her pressure she was exerting.


"Give me three days to recall all ninja away from unimportant missions. Once I have assembled enough ninja and enough data, then I want you to lead the strike force Luna. I want you to make sure you make those bastards suffer as they beg for death!" said an outraged Tsunade.

"Count me in", said Kidomaru cracking all of his knuckles.

"I've been itching for some payback what those bastards did to some of my friends!" said Jirobo.

"I've had a couple on my list for a long time. Give me some of that action", growled Sakon.

"You'll have to beat me to them first brother", growled Ukon.

"I've got a few scores to settle as well", said Tayuya extending her claws.

"Then it's settled. You can make sure I will personally be there myself", said Tsunade.

"Not without me Grandma! If Sasuke's there you can bet I'll drag him back in pieces!" growled Naruto with his eyes having slits.

"I think it's time I showed them the power of the Kyuubi", growled Katsumi with her tails waving angrily behind her.

"It's decided! The Leaf will attack the Sound in three days!"

"Lady Tsunade, the council has asked for your presence", said Shizune entering the office.

"I've had about enough of these old relics thinking they control everything. It's time I showed them whose boss", said Tsunade.

Council Room

"Tsunade! What is the meaning-"


Tsunade interrupted a fat councilman's rambling by punching him instantly slamming him into a wall, "Tsunade! What is the meaning of this?" yelled a long pink hair and green eyes who was Sakura Haruno's mother.

"Shut up you pink banshee! I've just about had it with you and your damn voice!" yelled Tsunade.

"How dare you-" AGH

"I thought I told you to SHUT UP!" yelled Tsunade grabbing the woman by her throat and slamming her into a wall as well causing the remaining civilian council to tremble in fear with the ninja council remaining quiet.

"About time", muttered Shikaku Nara, head of the Nara clan, and Shikamaru's father with the rest of the ninja council nodding in agreement.

"Tsunade! This is not how the Hokage should act! Surely your grandfather would be disappointed", said an old woman with her hair tied back into two buns with a hair pin locking it in place, a simple kimono tied with an obi, and a jacket. The old woman was Koharu Utatane, one of Sarutobi's old teammates.

"You of all people should know your position!" said an old man with spiky gray hair, glasses, and constantly frowning while wearing garbs similar to the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. The old man was Homura Mitokado.

Tsunade grabbed the neck of Koharu and Homura lifting them into the air, "My 'position' as you called is Hokage! You two old wind bags have been nothing but a headache far worse than any hangover I've ever had to deal with! I'm the Hokage which means I make the decisions not the damn council and certainly not you two old relics! If you two ever had the slightest faith in the new generation of ninja then our village wouldn't be in this mess at all, and maybe Sarutobi-sensei would also be alive if it wasn't for you two bickering about everything! Well I think it's about time I cleaned house starting with you two! You're fired!" yelled Tsunade throwing them out the council room.

"ANBU!" yelled Tsunade with a squadron of ANBU soldiers kneeling in front of her, "If they try to get in here, then you're authorize to kill them!" ordered Tsunade as they disappeared in a puff of smoke turning her attention to an old man with bandages covering half his face, and his right arm wrapped in bandages with three gold bands around it that was being concealed by a long brown robe, "Now for you Danzo."

Danzo's facial expression remained neutral concealing his emotions, "The famous war hawk…is nothing more than a pathetic washed up ninja whose flawed ideals brought nothing but despair."

Humph "My ideals were for the good-"

"Zip it you old fool!" interrupted Tsunade, "Your ideals are nothing more than a fantasy cooked up by deranged lunatic! The only thing your actions benefit is you!"

"And what proof do you have of these 'actions' of mine?" asked Danzo.


Tsunade snapped her fingers when several flashes of light ran across the room as several ANBU soldiers dropped from the ceiling with their throats cut opened, "I know you've been running your little ROOT program illegally. I believe these are some of your loyal ninja right?"

Danzo continued to hide his emotion when two red haired women appeared each with an ANBU in their hands groaning in pain, "What do you want us to do with these two, Tsunade-san?" asked Luna.

"We'll interrogate them soon."

"Do you think those two would really talk?" asked Danzo.

"They don't need to. Thanks to our new friend here, we have other means of extracting that information", smirked Tsunade causing Danzo to slightly flinch.

"Tsunade-san, I'm sensing different auras coming from that man", said Luna as her eyes turned into a violet color.

"Seems Danzo has been hiding more than we realize", sneered Katsumi walking towards Danzo while dragging her victim.

"We shall see Kyuubi!" said Danzo lifting up his bandage revealing a Sharingan as he tried to hypnotize Katsumi.

Snicker "Feeble old fool", said Katsumi throwing her victim towards Danzo which he easily dodged. Danzo readied himself once again only when he suddenly felt someone behind him. Danzo looked back only to see a clawed hand dig into his right eye grabbing the Sharingan eye, "How pathetic", said Katsumi forcibly yanking out Danzo's eyes as he screamed in pain, "This 'war hawk' is nothing more than a coward."

Danzo moved his good arm towards his bandaged arm when it was suddenly cut cleared off by Luna causing intense pain to Danzo, "I sensed various auras coming from his right arm."

Danzo reached for his shirt revealing several seals when Katsumi's hand started to glow with several seals as she slammed it into Danzo's chest causing intense pain for Danzo once again, "A close and personal friend of mine was an expert in seals. Maybe you remember her as a fiery redhead who you leaked information to the Hidden Cloud Village, and about her abilities. You really didn't think that I would learn a thing or two from her did you?" growled Katsumi hoisting Danzo up with her tail wrapped around his neck.

"Katsumi, as much as I want to see you break his neck, we need him alive for now. But I assure you that when the time comes I'll let you choose the form of his execution and torture."

"I thought I was the one interrogating these people Lady Tsunade", said a man with scars on his face wearing a black trench coat and outfit with a bandana headband on top of his head. The man was the head interrogator of the Torture and Interrogation Department, Ibiki Morino as he walked in with several other ninja dressed in black.

"You will, but once you're done extracting everything he knows…well…let's just say Katsumi will have a new playmate for a while."

"My name is Katsumi war hawk. Memorize it well as I make you beg for your death", growled Katsumi slamming Danzo face first into the floor pavement, "And I'll give it to you…when I feel like it."

Katsumi threw her victim and Danzo to two of Ibiki's men, "You know I don't hold back when it comes to interrogation Lady Kyuubi."

"Danzo doesn't break so easily Ibiki-san, but it'll be fun to try when I do. By the way, my name is Katsumi. Naruto-kun gave it to me", said Katsumi.

"'Victorious Beauty'…it suits you well Lady Katsumi. Seems that little brat has good taste", said Ibiki walking out of the room along with his prisoners.

"Now then, for the rest of you civilians", said Tsunade turning her attention to the rest of the civilian council, "Seems like every day I get this bill about you wanting more ninja guarding you rather than doing missions. Well then since you people have such an extensive knowledge on ninja battles I guess you can serve on the front lines from now on!"

"What? Don't be absurd Lady Tsunade! We don't know how to fight!" said a shocked civilian council.

"Really? Because it always seems like you civilians always want to be involved with ninja problems like you had any say in it at all! You people honestly think that you're the ones providing for this village? Well you don't! We ninjas are the ones who are always putting our lives on the line to make sure you morons have your happy little lives! You people only bring in one third of the total financial income to this village unlike us ninja!"


"One more word from any of you and you forfeit your lives here and now! I'll seize all of your property, all your money, and everything you own!" yelled Tsunade.

"You can't do that!" yelled Sakura's mother.

"I believe I just did!" said Tsunade.

"What about our families?" asked another councilman.

"I guess you should've thought of them before you decided to think like you ruled this village. I believe you also had a mistress as well councilmen", said Tsunade making the councilman sweat bullets, "I wonder how your wife and kids would feel if they knew that the reason they no longer had a home or money is because dear old dad thought he had more power than the Hokage. Well we shall see when you get home once my ninja finish telling your wife everything you've done. I wonder just how loyal your wife will be once she finds out."

The councilman started to panic as he raced out of the room with Tsunade staring down the rest of the civilian council, "I also did the same for the rest of you. Perhaps now you'll learn the hard way on what it means to be an outcast just like how you it was your fault for neglecting Naruto in his early years."

The rest of the civilian ran out of the room leaving behind only the ninja council as they slowly started to clap for Tsunade, "I'm impressed Lady Tsunade. You really cleaned house like you promised", said a man with blond hair tied in a high ponytail, blue eyes, and was wearing the standard Jonin outfit with a red, sleeveless, trench coat over it. The man was Inoichi Yamanaka, Ino's father, and head of the Yamanaka clan.

"Save it Inoichi. We've got bigger problems. I've just receive intel that the Sound Village is holding their Kunoichi along with several other prisoners hostage in one specific location. This location could provide us with some information as to the whereabouts to Sasuke Uchiha as well", said Tsunade shocking the ninja council.

"Why do we need to save these Sound Kunoichi?" asked a man with long black hair tied in a loose ponytail, white eyes, and was wearing a white, formal robe. He was the head of the Hyuga clan Hiashi Hyuga.

"Because they are treated as nothing more than common prostitutes for their sick twisted pleasure! What if it was your daughter out there Hiashi? Or you Inoichi? Or you Tsume?" said Tsunade.

"I'll massacre them if they even try!" yelled a woman with wild hair, black, slit eyes, two red triangle marks on her cheeks, and was wearing the standard Jonin outfit. She was Tsume Inuzuka, head of the Inuzuka clan.

"How can we be certain of this Lady Tsunade?" asked Inoichi.

"I was a prisoner at that horrible place! They raped me constantly without end, and held my daughter hostage to make sure I never escaped! What's worse is that the wretched snake Orochimaru erased all of her memory of me! But I was fortunate that my daughter escaped so I was able to break out as well. I gave my word to the person who helped me that I wanted to help in liberating the rest of the other women who suffer the same fate!"

"She's right. We failed in rescuing Sasuke Uchiha, but we did manage to convince the ninja escorting them to defect and to come to us for aid. Bring them in", ordered Tsunade as the Sound Four along with Kin and Naruto entered the council room shocking the ninja at Naruto's appearance.

"Seems like you've got quite the story to tell us Milady", said Shikaku.

Three Days Later

"Lady Tsunade, all the ninja are waiting for your order", said Shizune standing next her master.

Tsunade nodded her head as she looked towards all of the ninja standing in front of her including the former Sound Five with a fully recovered Kimimaro, Kin, Naruto, Shikamaru, the remaining members of the Rookie Nine that didn't go on the retrieval along with their sensei.

"I thought you of all people would find this troublesome Shikamaru", smirked Naruto.

"Normally I would, but if it's to save a person in need then I guess I can put in some effort", sighed Shikamaru.

"That's the first time I've ever heard you say a sentence without saying 'troublesome' or 'drag'. It's weird", said Naruto.

"Troublesome", groaned Shikamaru.

"There's the Shikamaru we know and love!" said Naruto patting him hard on the back.

"Alright our mission is clear: we infiltrate the Sound Village and liberate any Kunoichi and prisoner we can find! Try to take prisoners if you can to extract information! Each of you will be assigned to a squad leader! At the first sign of trouble pull out is that clear?" ordered Tsunade as each ninja saluted her, "Now let's move!"


Naruto, Hinata, Tayuya, and Kimimaro were jumping from treetop to treetop with Luna acting as their squad leader. Naruto looked to his side and saw a nervous Hinata, "Hinata-chan, you okay?"

"Oh, yes Naruto-kun, I'm f-fine", said a nervous Hinata.

Hinata had stopped stuttering after she agreed to go out with Naruto, but still gets slightly nervous sometimes.


Naruto and company were heading back after Tsunade finish telling their story to the ninja council each giving her their full support with the condition that they go along as well. Tsunade wanted to bring them with her, but she needed someone who she could trust to watch over things in the village. They reluctantly agreed as Tsunade started sending messenger birds to recall as many ninja on unimportant missions.

Tsunade had also manage to seize all of the Uchiha property and gave some new living quarters to the Sound Five, as well as Naruto, Katsumi, and Midnight to watch over them as their new tenants with the rest going to the Kunoichi who will be rescued.

As they were heading back, the group saw Hinata walking out of Amaguriama with a bag of sweets, "Hey Hinata-chan."

"N-Naruto-kun, i-it's g-good to see you a-again. I w-was on m-my way to v-visit you", said Hinata blushing.

Squeal "Mame Daifuku!"said Luna with sparkles in her eyes.

"I h-have a f-few extra if y-you w-want one?" said Hinata pulling out a mame daifuku.

"Really? I love you!" squealed Luna hugging Hinata tightly as she took a bite making her squeal in excitement.

Kin greeted Hinata as she introduced the Sound Four with Tayuya as her lover. Hinata blush at Tayuya's introduction as Katsumi led the group to their new home leaving Naruto with Hinata, "Here Hinata-chan, let me help with that bag. It looks a little heavy."

"T-Thank you N-Naruto-kun", said Hinata blushing as she glanced at Naruto's new features. Naruto decided to explain about his new features and his new spirit with Hinata listening in fascination. After a while, Hinata and Naruto reached the Hyuga compound with Naruto gently stopping Hinata before they reached the gate, "Hinata-chan, there's something I wanted to talk to you about."

"W-What is it N-Naruto-kun?"

"Well you see…um…how can I say this…I…I like you Hinata-chan", mumbled Naruto but loud enough for Hinata to hear him causing her to have a full body blush, "I like you a lot…but…" said Naruto with Hinata having a shocked expression.

"After finding out that I have a clan that involves powerful spirits…I fall under the Clan Restoration Act which means…I have to have more than one girlfriend", explained a depressed Naruto, "and I also have a bit of a crush on other girls. I can't ask you to be with me Hinata-chan because I don't want to hurt you. I understand if you think I'm a pervert, or some kind of sick person so-" Mumph

Hinata had stopped Naruto from talking by kissing him on the lips as he hugged Hinata wrapping his wings around her, "I g-guess I c-can t-try sharing."

"I don't want to force you into anything Hinata-chan", said Naruto with Hinata shaking her head, "I k-know y-you wouldn't Naruto-kun, but I w-want to try for m-myself b-because I also l-like you."

"You're cute when you blush Hinata-chan", chuckled Naruto when he suddenly felt Hinata's body go limp, "Hinata-chan?"

Naruto gently shook Hinata only to realize that she fainted in his arms, Chuckle "Hinata-chan, we need to work on your confidence otherwise how are we going to have our first date?"

End Flashback

Naruto silently chuckled at the memory as he looked at Hinata with an encouraging smile, "Don't worry Hinata-chan. I'll be there to protect you if any of those guys even think about touching you."

"Yeah Hime so don't worry too much", said Tayuya calling Hinata by the nickname she gave her.

"All of us will be by your side Hinata-chan", said Luna. Luna had changed her wardrobe by wearing a sleeveless, backless, kimono with a silver obi which makes it easy for her wings, long black arm bands, martial arts shoes, with armor on top. Her armor consisted of breastplates with silver trimmings acting as a bra underneath her kimono, a waist guard composed of long silver edged plates flanking around her waist shaped like feathers with two larger plates next to her legs with silver crosses on them leaving her front exposed for her battojutsu stance. Luna also had two shoulder pad plate armor on top of each other with silver trimmings, along with a neck guard decorated with jewels, twin katanas at her side underneath the two plates next to her legs, and her hair tied in a high ponytail.

Tayuya also changed her appearance to a backless, sleeveless, black shirt, black stretch pants, a red obi acting like a belt, black martial arts shoes with fingerless gloves that reached up to her elbows and had a metal plate on the back of each glove, and her flute tucked on her side like a sword.

"Alright, we're coming up on the entrance so let's take flight and wait for Tsunade-san's signal", ordered Luna with her wings coming out along with Tayuya carrying Kimimaro , and Naruto taking off his jacket with his Feather Dragon wings coming out of two slits that he made into his shirt while carrying Hinata bridal style.

Tsunade along with her squad of Sakura, Shizune, Asuma, and Kidomaru were coming up to the entrance with Kidomaru as their guide, "Almost there!"

"Then let's not waste anymore time", said Tsunade when they came up to an underground entrance. Tsunade threw up a flash bomb signaling Luna's squad as they dived down towards the entrance.

Sound Village

A Kunoichi was running away from two Shinobi as she turned a corner trying to lose them when she suddenly hit a dead end. She turned around only to see the exit blocked by the two Shinobi that was chasing her, "End of the line girly. Did you really think you could run away?"

"Don't worry we won't hurt you…much." AGH

One of the Shinobi looked down to his chest to see a blade sticking out. His partner turned around to see a red haired woman dressed in black armor holding the sword, "She won't hurt you…but I will!" yelled Luna taking out her sword and beheaded the two Shinobi.

"Hikari!" said Tayuya rushing past the dead Shinobi.

"Tayuya-san what-"

"There's no time to explain! I'm getting you out of here!" said Tayuya dragging Hikari to the entrance, "Naruto start the invasion!"

"Right!" said Naruto as he breathed out a sapphire fireball that his spirit taught him to do.

Outside the Entrance

Tsunade and the remaining squad were waiting outside when they saw a large sapphire fireball being launched into the air, "That's the signal! Squads 1 through 5 with me, the rest stay and guard the entrance! Make sure no escapes and guard the targets!"

Sound Village

"Hikari, there are a group of Leaf ninja outside who are helping us in rescuing everyone! They will protect you while we rescue everyone!" said Tayuya.


"Trust me Hikari", said Tayuya with Hikari nodding her head when Kidomaru appeared with Tsunade and her squad, "Hikari go!" ordered Kidomaru as the Leaf ninja charged inside.

Each ninja started splitting up with some of the Shinobi sounding the alarm.

"Looks like they found us!" said Sakon.

"Then let's not disappoint them! This is squad three we're searching the west wing!" said Ukon.


"I know that voice! Tsubasa!" called out Sakon as they ran towards the direction of the voice. Squad three consisted of Might Guy, Ino, and Tenten.

"Who is she?" asked Tenten.

"Tsubasa isn't a fighter, she's a healer!" said Sakon.

"And if she's in trouble then that means-"

Ukon was interrupted when they turned the corner and saw two Shinobi with their backs pressed against a wall holding up kunai against two identical looking girls with black hair, pale skin, frail figures, and sky blue eyes with the only difference being their bangs. One girl had her right bang shorter than the left with the other girl having the opposite bang in the same fashion with her left bang shorter than her right, "Miu!" said a concern Ukon.

"So it's true. You are releasing the Kunoichi", said one of the Shinobi.

"You traitors take another step, and we'll slice their pretty little throats open!" warn the second Shinobi pressing their kunai closer drawing some blood.

"Brother isn't this…" whispered Ukon.

"I think you're right. Tsubasa! Miu! Smear some blood on the walls quickly!" yelled Sakon.

The twin girls did as they were told when several seals started to glow on the wall behind the two Shinobi.

"What the-"


The walls behind them exploded launching the four Sound ninja with Sakon and Ukon catching the twin girls with Tenten launching a barrage of kunai and shuriken at the two Shinobi.

"Head to the exit, there's a group of Leaf ninja that will tell you what to do! Go!" ordered Sakon as the twin girls nodded their head and ran towards the entrance.


"This way quickly!" ordered Kurenai directing some of the escaped Kunoichi into a group.

"Kunoichi scum!" yelled a Sound Shinobi coming out of the exit. Kurenai quickly performed several hand seals trapping the Shinobi in her Genjutsu where he was trapped by a tree with its roots binding him when Kurenai materialize from the tree bark with a kunai instantly killing him, Humph "Fool. Never underestimate the power of Genjutsu."

"You're dead!" yelled another Shinobi.

"You first!" yelled Anko appearing in front of him cutting him in half with her claws.

"Thanks for having my back", said Kurenai.

"Any time, Kurenai-chan", said Anko.

Sound Village

"Hey look, we lucked out! We got all girls!" said a Shinobi with five other Shinobi behind him.

"Maybe we can hold then for hostage as well as for other things", said a second Shinobi with the others chuckling in amusement as they looked at Hana Inuzuka with her three companions, Kin, Yugao Uzuki, and their leader Katsumi.

"Seems like these morons want to play. What do you think Katsumi-chan?" asked Hana.

"I think, they just met their end", said Katsumi with eyes glowing red as her tails shot out grabbing one of the Shinobi and pulled him apart without any effort when Yugao charged forwards cutting a second Shinobi in half when Hana placed a hand on Yugao's back performing a roundabout kick knocking the others back. Katsumi threw a bright blue fireball at the rest of the Shinobi as it grew in size incinerating them to ashes, "That'll show them", said Yugao.

"Dynamic Entry!"


"That's the power of youth!" yelled Guy after kicking another Shinobi through a wall.

"Is he always like this?" asked Ukon.

"You don't want to know", groaned Tenten.

"Nice timing Guy! Any luck on your end?" asked Katsumi.

"Lady Katsumi, we just finish rescuing three more girls!" said Guy giving her his thumbs up as they all sweat drop, "I swear I'm never gonna get use to that", muttered Katsumi.

"Join the club", sighed Yugao.

"We just finish clearing the West Wing", reported Sakon.

"Good then you can follow us", ordered Katsumi as they continued down the hall when they reached a large circular room with a large columns surrounding it, and cells with prisoners looking like they were severely malnourished, "This is…inhumane", said Kin.


"Where's Orochimaru? Where is he?" yelled Kidomaru crashing through a door with a beaten Shinobi when he started laughing, "You think I would tell you traitor?"

"Fine have it your way", growled Kidomaru producing several kunai from his arms and piercing them into the Shinobi, "Where is he?"

"K-Kidomaru-kun", said a soft voice that hardly anyone could hear, but Kidomaru heard it clear. He looked around and saw a girl with white hair, pale skin, and pink eyes. The girl looked weak from malnutrition, "Hotaru! Hang on!"


"Start talking you bastard! Where is he? Where is that snake and Sasuke?" yelled Naruto diving down as he pinned another Sound Shinobi under him, "Start talking!"


"Let me handle this", said Tayuya as Naruto stood out of the way. Tayuya stepped on crotch instantly adding pressure causing him to groan in pain, "Now, are we going to cooperate, are do you want to say good-bye to manhood."


"I was hoping you would say that", said Tayuya as she stomped on his crotch once again as he screamed in pain with his face turning red until a sickening pop was heard, "There's one", said Tayuya pressing more and more, "I'll talk! I'll talk!"

Tayuya released him as he panted, "Lord Orochimaru isn't here! He was only here to recuperate, when he suddenly left with his head wrapped in bandages! He made all of the prisoner fight to the death before that! That's all I know I swear!"

"Then that's all you're good for", said Tayuya throwing a kunai at the Shinobi's throat with Kidomaru freeing Hotaru unaware that the Shinobi Kidomaru left took out a kunai and was aiming it at his back when Naruto suddenly stabbed him in the back, "Cowards", spat Naruto.

"Seems like Orochimaru cut his loses here. Let's have a squad come in here to scavenge everything that we could find. In the meantime, let's go tend to our new guests", said Tsunade.


Tsunade arrived outside to a small clearing with the rescued Kunoichi each hugging each other in comfort while still eyeing some of the Leaf Shinobi, "Quite a large group."

"It looks like we were able to rescue almost all of them", said Tayuya.

"'Almost'?" asked Asuma.

"There's one person I-"

"Everyone is accounted for", interrupted Kimimaro carrying a girl named Aria bridal style, "I made sure to check every nook and cranny."

"Kimimaro-niisan! Aria-chan!" said an excited Kin as all of the other Kunoichi were happy to see the Sound Five.

"Everyone please listen", called Tsunade getting the Kunoichi's attention, "The Sound Five has defected from the Sound Village as of three days ago. They've defected towards the Hidden Leaf Village, and I'm extending that invitation to all of you. You don't have to stay in the Leaf Village if you wish to leave. Should you decide to stay, you are more than welcome to be a Kunoichi of the Leaf, or a regular civilian. Once you're recovered you are free to go anywhere you want. The choice is yours", said Tsunade to all of the Kunoichi.

All of the Kunoichi mumbled against each other when Tsunade interrupted once again, "You don't have to decide now. You have all the time-"

"W-We…" interrupted a Kunoichi, "…if the Sound Five went to the Leaf Village, then we want to go as well. The Sound Five have always been there for us, and I speak for all of us when I say that we would be honored to be with someone who they respect Lady Tsunade of the Sannin."

"We have a small section of the village that will serve as your living quarters. Let's escort these ladies to their new homes", ordered Tsunade smiling as they walked back towards the Hidden Leaf Village.

If you're having trouble picturing Luna's outfit, picture the outfit of Suì-Fēng from Bleach without her captain's haori, along with the Black Wing Armor from Erza Scarlet from the anime/manga Fairy Tail. Tayuya's new outfit is Yoruichi's outfit without her orange sweater on.