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Hokage Tower

"YOU WANT TO WHAT?" yelled two voices coming from the Hokage Tower

"I swear Shizune, either Iruka is rubbing off on you, or Sakura is", said Tsunade rubbing her sore ears with a bug-eyed Shizune and Iruka staring at her at disbelief, "Lady Tsunade, you can't seriously be thinking about this!" said a disbelief Shizune.

"Why not?"

"Lady Tsunade why would you ever want to restart the Root Program?" asked Iruka.

"It's not what you think Iruka. I want to start it to help our new arrivals from last week", said Tsunade intertwining her fingers.

"For what exactly?" asked a baffled Iruka.

"To help them develop their own 'roots' you could say", smirked Tsunade with Iruka and Shizune looking at her with a deadpan look.

"Wouldn't a medical ninja be more suited to handle this?" asked Iruka.

"Possibly, but from what Naruto tells me, you're the most experienced and well organized teacher there is in the Academy, so that's why I'm putting you in charge of the new Root Program that will help our new Kunoichi in recovering and reeducating them to blend in with normal society again. Of course Shizune will also be your partner in this since you want a medical ninja with you", explained Tsunade.


"You and Shizune will also set up a Medical Ninjutsu program as sort of an experiment for me. If it works well we just might use it on the Academy as well. Well since there's nothing else to discuss I believe you two have some planning to do. Have fun", said Tsunade practically shoving Shizune and Iruka out of her office and slamming the door, leaving them with no room to argue with her.

"What just happened?" asked a dumbfounded Iruka.

Sigh "I think Lady Tsunade found a way to get rid of me so I can stop taking away her sake", sighed Shizune.

Hidden Leaf Village

The villagers were getting ready for the day setting up their shops when a loud scream suddenly got their attention.

AHH "I'M LATE!" yelled a feminine voice as a black blur suddenly ran past them leaving a dust cloud trail in its wake.

"What was that?" asked a male villager

"Probably just that damn man-stealing, soul-sucking, whore", grumbled his wife.

"And yet ironically she doesn't do any of that", said a feminine voice when the villagers saw Kurenai and Katsumi walking towards them.

"Oh, Katsumi-san, how are you?"

"How do you think after you just insulted one of my friends?" asked Katsumi glaring at the woman making her sweat nervously, "Luna may be a succubus, but she's no man-stealing whore, nor does she suck any souls. Luna hates stealing souls without regurgitating at the sheer thought of it. Luna may also be use to some guys, but she still has androphobia."


"It means 'fear of men'. Believe it or not, Luna is also a rape victim like those Kunoichi we rescued. Just because she's a succubus doesn't mean she's a sex-crazed demon", said Kurenai, "Although she is giving Anko a run for her money in Amaguriama."

Sigh "I'll say", sighed Katsumi, "Just give me the usual supply. I want both of you to deliver them to the new Kunoichi District. I want to make some of the Kunoichi interact with some of the men here."

"Right away."

"I'll make sure he behaves."

"I just want you to behave around Luna and her daughter", said Katsumi looking at the villager's wife making her flinch, "Remember, you took a chance with me. All I'm asking is to give that same chance to her. Deep down she's actually a very nice person…a bit of a klutz, but still one of the nicest people you'll ever meet."

Random Street

Luna was in her usual wardrobe of a sleeveless, backless, kimono with a silver obi, long black arm bands that stopped below her shoulders, martial arts shoes, and two katanas at each of her sides. The armor that usually goes on top of her wardrobe is sealed inside the jewel on her neck guard.

"I'm late! I'm late! I can't believe I'm late!" chanted Luna running at high speed towards her destination. Luna saw a small shack-like building with a large sign that read 'Amaguriama', "Almost there!"


Luna came into a sudden halt after she head-butted into another woman with long purple hair tied in a messy knot, long white wings with a matching white spade-tipped tail, a tight v-neck shirt that hugged her figure and showed a generous amount of cleavage with a transparent mesh shirt underneath, a small orange miniskirt, shin guards, and regular ninja sandals, "Anko", grunted Luna trying to push Anko back.

"Nice to see you again Luna", grunted Anko trying to push Luna back as well. After making love the same night of her transformation, Anko had decided to wear a shirt on top of her usual mesh shirt to try and cover up more since she only wanted Naruto to see her naked, and also in case if she ever lost her trench coat she wouldn't need to cover up.

"Last time was a draw, but this time victory will be mine!" grunted Luna.

"Heh, In your dreams rookie! The first dango of the day has always been mine before you came along, and it will be again!" grunted Anko.

"Who're you calling 'rookie' amateur? You may be my student in learning how to control you're succubus powers, but I've been the Queen of Sweets long before you were even in diapers!" grunted Luna.

"That's a pretty generous title you've given yourself 'your highness', but it looks like there's going to be a new Queen of Sweets!" grunted Anko.

"You're on!" yelled Luna as they both tried to squeeze themselves through the doorway each trying to gain the upper hand from the other, Grunt "Retract your wings Anko! There in the way!"

Grunt "I keep forgetting how! Besides you said I needed to practice flying more, and my hung stud of an angel doesn't seem to mind it in bed", said Anko with a dreamy expression on her face.

"Yeah, rub it in why don't you?" grumbled Luna with Anko knowing full well about her crush on Naruto.

"Aw come on, if you want to date him all you have to do is…surrender the first dango to me!" said Anko taking advantage of the momentary pause to get inside when she was suddenly yanked from behind by her tail, "The first dango is mine Anko!" yelled Luna rushing past her.

"That was a cheap shot Luna!" yelled Anko tackling Luna as they both started wrestling on the ground with the waitress behind the counter sweat dropping the scene in front of her, Sigh 'They're at it again.'


"Oh good there done", said the waitress pulling out four huge dumplings the same size as a mame daifuku with a skewer in the middle. The smell alone caused the two sweet addicted succubuses to stop after smelling the intoxicating aroma of the dumplings when they suddenly raced towards the counter, "I was here first! I want the first dango! No I do! Stop that!" yelled Anko and Luna at the same time while growling at each other.

"Actually I manage to combine Luna's favorite mame daifuku with Anko's favorite dumpling to make my newest creation: the first ever dango/mame daifuku fusion", said the waitress.

"That's nice Azuki, but only one of these was created first and that's the one I want", said Anko.

"Says you Anko", said Luna shoving Anko out of the way, "I was here first so I want the first dango daifuku!"

"That's a stupid name! I've been coming here for years so technically I was here first! Give me the first mame dango!" said Anko shoving Luna out of the way.

"That's just the opposite of what I said!" said Luna trying to shove Anko.

"Beauty before age!" said Anko shoving Luna back.

"That's low even for you!"

"For the first mame dango it's worth it!"

"I told you its dango daifuku!"

"A-Actually, I made them both at the same time. I'm ambidextrous remember?" nervously said the waitress Azuki while waving both her hands, "It was a bit of a challenge but I managed to pull it off somehow."

Groan "Guess that means it's a tie…again. Seriously stop that!" groaned Luna and Anko at the same time.

Naruto's House

A small black fox kit with white tip paws let out a small yawn as she stretched herself on her bed. Midnight jumped down from her bed as she walked towards the kitchen where she saw Kin making breakfast while humming happily.

"You seem to be in a good mood."

"Oh, Morning Midnight, hope you had a good night sleep. I'm making your favorite breakfast", said Kin smiling.

Midnight's ears perked up with her tail wagging excitedly, "Really?"

Kin couldn't help but giggle at the little kit's excitement as she nodded her head causing Midnight to yip excitedly.

Yawn "Well I guess that means Kin's making Midnight's favorite breakfast again", yawned Tayuya picking up Midnight and placing her on Tayuya's lap.

"Morning Oneechan!" happily yipped Midnight.

"Aw Midnight, I just can't help at how cute and fluffy you are", said Tayuya rubbing her face against Midnight's soft fur.

"I'm not cute! I'm a dangerous vixen like my mother!"

"That's after you finish training. Until then, you're just cute and fluffy like Tayuya says", said Katsumi walking in after finishing her groceries.


"Aw! She even says 'mama' like a little girl", said Kin hugging her with Tayuya.

"By the way", said Katsumi interrupting the three girls, "Where's Naruto?"

"He said he had to meet with Master Jiraiya this morning", said Kin.

"I see…and did they work?" said Katsumi with a sinister smirk.

"Like a charm", said Kin with an equal sinister smirk, "That pervert never stood a chance against your seals."

"Good, at least that takes care of one pest problem. Now for-"


AHH "HOT!" yelled the familiar voice of Kidomaru as he ran through the entire Kunoichi District with steam being emitted from him.

"He never learns does he? You would think that after being blasted with boiling water the first time would discourage him from trying to peek at the new hot springs", sighed Katsumi.

Sigh "That's Kidomaru for you", sighed Tayuya, "Besides I think the girls consider it a complement from him sometimes."

"It's ironic that they don't mind when he, Sakon, and Ukon try to do it, but if it was any other guy they would have a total relapse", said Katsumi.

"I think it's actually a miracle that he hasn't asked Master Jiraiya for peeking lessons yet", said Kin sweat dropping.

"Let's not get our hopes up. That could still happen", said Katsumi, "But aside from that, do you think you girls could do me a favor?"

"Sure what is it?" asked Tayuya.

"Can you check up on the girls and make sure that some of the guys coming in today behave. Take Midnight with you, it'll be good exercise for her."

"Sure", said an excited Kin rubbing against Midnight's fur.

"Oneechan! Mama help me!"

"Aw, you're just so cute sometimes", said Katsumi rubbing against Midnight's fur with Tayuya and Kin.


Kunoichi District

Kin and Tayuya were walking down the street of the former Uchiha District that has been renamed as the Kunoichi District where all of the rescued Sound Kunoichi now resides in. Every so often Katsumi would arrange for several male merchants to enter the district so they could interact with the girls and would encourage them to do so. However, Katsumi would usually have her hands full with Luna who would sometimes forget her own strength and accidentally knock them through a wall.

Tayuya yawned loudly as she stretched her arms upwards that Kin couldn't help but stare, "See something you like?" asked Tayuya after noticing Kin.

"Very much so, and I think they grew bigger", giggled Kin making Tayuya blush as she knew she was referring to her breasts since she was now a C-cup.

"Yeah, well, there's a kid here so…" said Tayuya with Kin still giggling while carrying a confused Midnight.

"You're weird Oneechan", commented Midnight.

"And you're lucky you're cute and fluffy or we won't stop by that ice cream shop you like so much."

"What?! That's not fair! I swear I'll be a good!" whined Midnight.

"That's what I thought", smirked Tayuya victoriously while Kin giggled at their antics.


"You want me to what?"

"Come on brat tell me! What kind of seals did your sister put? I've never seen such complicated seals before!" said Jiraiya.

"First of all Katsumi isn't my sister anymore, she's my lover now, and second how should I know what kind of seals are up? I'm not good with that kind of thing", yelled Naruto causing Jiraiya's eye to twitch in annoyance.

'Damn brat really does take after his mother. She didn't get seals that well either in the beginning.'

"Is that all you brought me out here for Pervy Sage?"

"Stop calling me that! Actually there's something I want to talk to you about", said Jiraiya in a serious tone shocking Naruto. Naruto knew that despite his master's perverted nature, he was still a powerful ninja, and when he was serious about something he shouldn't be taken lightly.

"What is it Pervy Sage?"

"I want to talk to that dragon of yours", said Jiraiya sitting down on a stump.

"Alright I guess", said Naruto sitting in a lotus position with his wings unfurling behind him, and his tail wrapped around his waist. Naruto started to glow light blue when his eyes opened revealing sapphire reptilian eyes, "I've been wondering when we would meet Sage of the Toads."

Random Street

Azuki, Anko, and Luna were walking side by side while both succubus silently grumbling at each other as they ate their respective sweet in silence while carrying some supplies towards the Kunoichi District.

"Damn it, there has to be a way to break this tie!" said a frustrated Anko.

"I'm open to ideas, or you could just surrender", said Luna.

"Like that's gonna happen."

"Same here Anko."

"Are we really gonna be like this the whole way?" asked Azuki.

"Not until she gives up", yelled Anko and Luna at the same time causing Azuki to sweat drop.

Once the three women reached the Kunoichi District they saw Tayuya and Kin trying to encourage some of the girls to interact with some of the male venders with only a few brave volunteers.

"Azuki, I see you've got your hands full again today huh?" asked a buff male vendor when he saw the three women enter.

"You have no idea", groaned Azuki.

Laugh "Well in any case might I interest you ladies in restocking on some kunai?"

"I'm good thanks."

"I prefer my swords thank you."

Laugh "Well I'm happy to give any ninja a good discount on my weapons. Oh, speaking of which, Lady Luna since you're a master swordswoman would you mind taking a look at some of the swords I got from my shipment. I'm only a vender not a weapons expert so I can't really put a price on them until I know for sure."

"Most venders don't usually ask for help", said a surprised Luna at the vender's request.

"Most venders don't sell to ninja, and just because a weapon looks nice doesn't mean it's efficient. I'm an honest vender, and I want my customers to know that as well", said the man as he presented Luna with several swords for her to check.

Luna checked each sword that appeared to sparkle in the sunlight while glimmering with a golden handle. Luna looked more distraught with each sword she checked until she reached the last sword, "These are garbage! There nothing more than decoration, they'd be useless in a fight! Heck a kitchen knife would be a better weapon than these giant paperweights!"

Humph "I knew that blacksmith look shady, now I'm glad I decided to wait on putting a price on them. I'll teach him a lesson the next time he tries to sell me faulty merchandise. Thanks Lady Luna", said the vendor extending his hand.

"Y-You're welcome", said a nervous Luna as she extended a shaking hand.

"Luna you don't-"

"I-I can do it", said Luna interrupting Anko who knew about Luna's androphobia.

"Oh, forgive me Lady Luna, it was rude of me-"

"I-Its f-fine I can conquer my fear", said Luna still reaching towards the vender's hand when she finally grabbed hold of it.

"S-See I c-can do it."




"Release the grip! Release the grip!" said Anko after Luna accidentally broke the vender's hand.

"I'm so sorry!" quickly apologized Luna.

"It's f-fine Lady Luna, I've b-broken this hand p-plenty of times. Still a merchant's work is never done", said the vender as he cradled his hand as he started to pack up his ware with his good hand.

"Well…on the bright side at least you didn't send him flying. That's progress in my book", said Anko trying to cheer up her friend and rival.

Groan "If I can't conquer my fear, how am I supposed to confess to Naruto?" said Luna with Azuki and Anko comforting her.

"Just give it some time mom, I'm sure you'll have this conquered soon", said Tayuya after hearing the vender scream from Luna's handshake.

"In the mean time I better set up shop as well", said Azuki.

"Azuki! There you are!"

Everyone turned their attention towards the oncoming voice to see a man with a giant backpack, "Dad! You came back!" yelled Azuki as she went to hug her father.

"I saw the shop close and was worried about you until I saw a large group entering the Uchiha District."

"It's a long story", said Azuki, "Everyone this is my father. He's been traveling around looking for more recipes."

"More recipes? What's wrong with the old ones?" asked Anko.

"Anko…you look different somehow, and you're wearing a shirt" asked Azuki's father making everyone sweat drop.

"It's a long story", said Anko, "So what's this about new recipes?"

"Our little shop has actually been suffering ever since the new big named candy stores opened up. They've been taking all of our customers with their promotions."

"Oh yeah, I've tried some of those. They taste terrible even if they are cheaper. I'll take quality over quantity", said Tayuya.

"Believe it or not, Anko is actually our main source of funds", said Azuki making Anko blush in embarrassment while scratching the back of her head.

"Well aren't you special", said Kin giggling softly.

"Anko-Oneechan has good taste in sweets. She lets me have some of her Dango", yipped Midnight.

"I'd prefer Amaguriama as well. I could care less about price as long as it taste good", said Luna.

Azuki's father gasped loudly as he pointed at Luna, "Y-You…"

"Me?" asked Luna with everyone now curious as to why Mr. Amaguriama was pointing at Luna.

"It is you! We're saved! The great Ruby of Profit has come to give us its profitable blessings!" yelled Mr. Amaguriama as he jumped to hug Luna only for Luna to simply side step causing the man to crash land on the ground with everyone looking at Luna.


"Mom…what did he mean by 'Ruby of Profit'?" asked Tayuya.

"I don't know, I've never heard of it. Sounds expensive though", said an oblivious Luna.

"The Ruby of Profit is more than that! The Ruby has a radiant glow that outshines any precious stone or metal with two of the most enticing emeralds anyone has ever seen! They say that a blessing from the Ruby can increase the profit of any business beyond any dream!" said Mr. Amaguriama

"Yep, sounds like you mom", sweat drop Tayuya.

"Really?" said Luna imagining a ruby stone with two emeralds on top like eyes, "Seems kind of weird to me", said Luna causing Tayuya to face palm.

"I think what he's saying is that you are the Ruby", said Kin.

"I guess that would make more sense."

Giggle "Aunty Luna is silly", giggled Midnight.

"Midnight!" squealed Luna grabbing Midnight while cuddling her to admire her soft fur.

"Oh please beautiful Ruby of Profit, give us your blessing so our little shop can become successful", said Mr. Amaguriama kneeling before Luna.

"Uh…I'm not exactly sure what to do here", sweat drop Luna, "I've don't even remember getting that nickname."

"Ever entrepreneur knows the story of how the Ruby of Profit saved the Kirin Nectar in the Land of Water!"

"What's he talking about mom?"

"Hmm, Kirin Nectar that does sound familiar", said Luna while petting Midnight in her arms, "Ah, Now I remember, Kirin Nectar was where I had my first mame daifuku."


'So hungry!' mentally screamed a weary Luna while walking down a road, 'Maybe I should have taken up that celebratory feast from the last town. I haven't eaten in days, and I'm so hungry I could eat a whole cow.'


Luna's stomach growled loudly as she continued to walk down the road.

Kirin Nectar

Sigh "Seems like we won't be getting any customers today as well. Those damn corporate bureaucrats are gonna put us out of business at this rate. I've pulled all my blood, sweat, and tears into the Kirin Nectar", sighed the manager.

"Don't give up sir. I'm sure business will pick up soon."

Sigh "I sure hope so. I don't have any money to pay my only two faithful employees. If we don't make enough today I'll have to close the shop for good."

"I'll head out with some free samples to draw in some customers."

Village Gate

'Finally a village! I thought I was gonna die from starvation', happily cheered Luna in her mind.

"Free sample! Taste our delicious Mame Daifuku from our shop!"

'Mame Daifuku? I've never heard of it. I wonder if it's a new type of human food.'


'No time like the present to try something new I guess', thought Luna with her stomach letting out another loud growl.

"Free sample-"

"Excuse me", interrupted Luna making the employee blush at the sight of her, "I'll take one."

"O-Of course Miss by all means."

Luna took one of the Mame Daifuku and took one bite. Luna's eyes widen instantly at the rich and sweet flavor that filled her mouth, Squeal "It's so tasty! The rich flavor, the sweet taste, it's so yummy! Where can I get more?!" squealed an excited Luna with stars in her eyes.

"I-In our shop-"


Luna instantly dash inside the store behind the guy creating a large sonic boom that instantly destroyed the front portion of the store.

"W-What the-"

"Give me two orders of everything!" interrupted Luna.



"Money is no object! I want two of everything please!" squealed Luna with stars in her eyes after slamming down several gold bricks on the counter shocking the owner and his two employees.

"T-That's a lot of money!"

Several Hours Later

"Thanks for the food!" yelled Luna pulling a cart of food leaving behind slightly destroyed sweet shop.

"Sir! I think we have enough to rebuild the shop and more!"

"Who was that woman?"

"Isn't it obvious men? She's…our wonderful Ruby of Profit!" proudly proclaims the shop owner.

End Flashback

"Now that I think about it I guess I did get that nickname. Who knew" said an oblivious Luna making everyone around them sweat drop.

"Aunty Luna, you're story made me hungry! Can we get some sweets?" asked Midnight wagging her tail excitedly.

"Of course Midnight, let's get some sweets!"

"Hold it!" yelled Tayuya in disbelief at her mother, "You paid with solid gold bricks?! Where'd the heck did you even get that kind of cash?!"

"The people in the villages that I hunted succubus in gave me that as a payment even though I didn't ask for any. To be honest I only took half of everything from each village. I was a bit surprised when I found out how much my account grew in my absence."

Heh "So Red here is a ditsy rich girl. Doesn't mean I won't beat you one day in getting the first dango and mame dango", said Anko

"Is that a challenge Anko?" smirked Luna.

"You know it Luna", smirked Anko.

"Might I suggest something?" interrupted Mr. Amaguriama getting everyone's attention, "Why not have a sweet eating contest?"

Anko and Luna looked at each other until they each had a smug smirk, "Looks like we'll finally settle this once and for all."

"Yep, and the true Queen of Sweets will be crowned", said Anko as both succubus shook hands.