Ok I'm going to make this perfectly clear for everyone. My brother and I are not dead, sadly we've been on a long hiatus for a variety of reasons. The first is that at the beginning of our hiatus we recently lost our great grandmother, and may she forever rest in peace.

Secondly, after that we found out our grandfather was diagnosed with cancer in his lung, colon, and liver. The doctors didn't know how long he had, so we decided to stop writing, and create as many wonderful memories as we can with him. Our time with him was more precious than anything we ever had, and he passed away peacefully.

Thirdly, our graduation is coming up, and my brother and I have been looking for internships to begin our careers as engineers. Its not that we've lost our passion for continuing our stories. Its that we can't at the moment. We do tend to write when we can, but between writing lab reports and doing a huge load of projects, its taxing on a person.

One last thing, I've been bombarded with flamers lately. If you don't like it then don't read it. Even when I've told you all about what happened you have the audacity to make fun of my family and our grief. So to all flamers, you will be ignored and blocked. To my loyal fans, I'm sorry but it was all so sudden that we didn't have time to warn you all. My brother and I apologize for the long hiatus, but hopefully we can begin updating soon hereafter.