How to die Anime style

How to die Anime style!!

1.Steal all of Winry's wrenches.

2. Tie lees weights to a rock

3. Then throw them into that bottomless pit in the forest

4. Pray Guy does not find out

5. Steal all the fl;owers form the Yamanaka flower shop and 'fork' them in her fron yard!

6. Sing 'Life is a boat' thirty-six in a higfh pitched voice into Ikkaku's ear

7. Repeat every day till he relieases bankai

8. Then run……

9. Illegally buy some of jiryia's books.

10. Then burn them while hes watching along with your trash

11. Avoid Toad Flame Bomb's from his direction.

12. Ask Kisame if hes related to the shark from 'Jaws'

13. Pants Sai then look amazed at his boxers, saying you were a amazed he is a guy.

14. Pants Ino and look surprised shes a girl.

15. Pants sakura, after you transform into Naruto. Then run….

16. Give Tonton a sedative then stick an apple in his mouth and a little tanning lotion onto him,

17. Proceed to serve to Tsunade

18. Make sure you have transformed into naruto then run.

19. (if you're a girl) Kiss Gaara on New Years, then slink away with an evil laugh as Kankorou snaps a picture of his face.

20. Post picture on internet

21. 'Dognap' pakkun and treat him like a stuffed animal

22. Use a duplication technique to add to tsunades workload.

23. Stare at Sasuke for a couple days straight

24. On the ninth day say "Itachi was hotter"

25. Avoid chidori and/or eye contact.

26. Start speaking to 'ghosts' that seem to hang around Kakashi, make sure he doesn't kow you know how he got the sharingan, then look aty him in amazement after a conversation as you relay the story.

27. Take a picture of his face.

28. Then rip mask out and take another picture.