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Despite Duke Baird's words, it took a week before Kel could get up and move around on her own and it took another week before she could leave. Only then did she trust her body enough to eat solid food.

But, the first thing that she indulged herself with was a bath. A nice, long, steaming hot bath.

As Kel sat in the pool sized bath along with servants and some other nobles, only then did she notice how skinny she had truly become. Her eyes filled with determination as she scrubbed herself vigorously.

I am going to get my muscle back, Kel repeated in her head, a mantra of sorts.

When she was squeaky clean, she motioned to one of the servants and she arrived with a towel that Kel gratefully grabbed and pat dried herself with and bent down and flipped her now long hair repeatedly so that it would dry faster. She then changed into a white kimono-time for a change-with red fire designs at the edges of the cloth.

Kel smiled and walked out to trek to the mess hall. When she made it to the table that her friends were seated at, she was short of breath and annoyed with this weak version of her old muscled body.

She sat and immediately began to eat, not realizing that her friends were staring at her.

"Kel…?" Said girl looked up, her fork halfway to her mouth and gently put it down.

"Yes?" Kel wasn't sure who had addressed her since everyone at her table was staring openly. "What? Is there something on my face?" She joked, but no one responded, just kept looking on.

"Kel, you look…different." Faleron finally said, coughing soon after. Kel just nodded and sighed.

"Yes, I know. Since I've lost all my muscle, everyone's been looking at me quite strangely. I don't blame them though. They aren't used to seeing me like this." She went back to eating her food slowly, so as not to upset her stomach as her friends shook their heads.

It was obvious that it hadn't crossed her mind that the people looking at her might actually think she were pretty.

When she finally finished her food, she stood and grabbed her tray and almost all eyes were transfixed upon her before they realized who she was. There were muttered curses all around and Kel turned to see what it was about but Neal distracted her and she forgot all about it.

When Kel got to her room she was thoroughly beat. She dragged herself to her bed and took off her kimono, letting it drop to the ground where she stood and crawled under her very soft covers, eyes drooping shut.

Her breathing began to even out and she began to drift…

…when the pounding on the door started. Kel jumped up and quickly walked to the door and threw it open.

I hadn't realized that she slept only in her undergarments, Dom thought as his gaze quickly trailed up and down Kel's body before landing on her face.

"Perhaps I should come back tomorrow?" Only then did she seem to realize that she was practically nude.

Kel soundly shut the door in Dom's face. As he stood there blinking in shock, he could hear shuffling and Kel reopened the door, her kimono from earlier that day hanging on her thin frame, her hair wild.

"No, it's quite alright Dom. Care to come in?" She stepped away from the door and Dom walked in, noticing the rumpled slept-in bed, imagining Kel asleep with the covers covering her breasts, stomach, and high thighs…imagining her hair spread out on her pillow…the feel of her silky skin…

Dom blushed uncharacteristically and Kel sent him a questioning look before sitting on her bed, leaving Dom the only chair.

"So what was it that brought on this unexpected visit?" Kel grabbed her brush and pulled it through her hair and Dom watched, entranced.

"I just wanted to check that you were okay with how everyone was staring…you didn't notice did you?" Dom shook his head in amusement and wonderment. She could be so observant of some things, and so not observant of other things.

"Not particularly," Kel said evasively. Kel yawned again and a look of annoyance crossed her face. "Dom, turn around and face the wall for a bit." Dom did so and turned around to face her again when she said it was alright.

Kel was under the covers, the kimono gone, not on the floor but also not on her. Dom's eyebrows raised.

"Tired are we?"

"Mm." Her eyes closed but she still could carry a conversation, listening intently to his replies. She was still a bit cold, but other than that, they had pleasant talks.

"Kel?" Dom said since she hadn't yet responded to his last comment. Only then did he realize that she was asleep.

Dom looked at this as a chance of opportunity. He wandered around the room, taking in how organized everything was, the condition they were in.

Dom picked up Kel's glaive and swung it around a bit, shook his head at how heavy it was. There was no way she would be able to pick it up now in her condition. Dom sent a look to the sleeping woman, smiling softly before putting the glaive down to resume his seat.

He sat there for a very long time, watching over Kel as she slept peacefully. Although she didn't know it, Dom was torturing himself.

He wanted to be in that bed with her too.