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Play dates.

A horrible word if you asked Hiko. Irritating and boring. A complete waste of time really. But what did it matter? No one truly cared for his opinion at this point, but that didn't stop him from complaining, though.

He was driving to some park that he was forced to go to. Not for him. But for the runt in the back.
Hiko looked back thought his review-mirror to catch a glimpse at his 'adopted' kid. Adopted isn't really the word. His parents were alive and kicking just nicely, but...sigh...his parents were busy…and decided that Hiko will be his babysitter.


Another word that he didn't enjoy too much.

He looked again at the kid, who was staring at the passing of trees and cars. He looked deep in thought for a sever year-old, but then again the runt wasn't exactly a normal seven year old...

Not to say he isn't mean or anything, he's just not good with people his own age since he is forced to hang out with older children. Therefore making the loser smarter and sarcastic. Not good for the parents of five to six year olds.

The kid's red hair was pulled back into a pony tail, a small one, but his mother didn't want to cut his hair. Said he looked too precious. Hiko shivered that word was demeaning to the kid's masculinity; already he looked like a girl.

The kid looked up to see Hiko staring, "Hey, you gonna stare at me or the road?" he bluntly said giving a certain glare toward his 'babysitter'.

"Hmph," Hiko replied, "what's got your panties in a twist?" Only the brat could get away with this, it was their 'special' relationship.

He made a face, "I don't wear panties! I'm a boy!" he huffed, crossing his thin, small arms across his tiny frame. "And I don't want to go to this 'play date'. Most of these kids are younger then me, and I don't know a single one of them, so I don't want to go!"

He was being stubborn, a usual trait in him. 'Got it from his father' Hiko thought to himself, 'maybe from me know one of those rub off traits...'

"Too bad kid, you're going," Hiko looked up to the review mirror, "I didn't drive all this way just to turn around."

He began to pout, "But why? What's the point? Why can't we just go to the park? Or Book-A-Million? That's where I can spend hours reading books and you could go to those places where those bikini ladies are!" Hiko felt a sweat drop, as long as the idiot doesn't spill that to his parents…

"Kid, get over it, your mother will know if you don't go. Besides your parents want you to meet someone there." He replied looking up again and into the mirror. Kenshin sighed, in defeat, if his mother would know he was there or not, he would get in trouble in he didn't show. Hiko sighed; he hated seeing the look, that pathetic look that makes even him, Seijuro Hiko, melt with defeat.

"How about this, we go there, meet the people we have to meet, and then leave in under a hour but no less then 45 minutes?" Hiko looked up to see a happy red-head and took that as a yes.
They drove in silence for sometime; he looked up to see what the kid was doing, noticing that he looked like he wanted to ask something. So Hiko broke the silence.


"Who am I suppose to meet?"

Hiko looked forward, wondering the same thing. He wasn't told so he had no idea.

"I don't know, a kid I think."

"Well obviously." The runt paused, "They didn't tell you?"

"Nope." Hiko turning left, finally arriving to their destination. He parked along side of a large oak tree, shading them from the hot sun. Kenshin hopped out of the car, shading his eyes from the brightness that surrounded him. He looked around; noticing a lot of kids were here, hoping he could find someone of intelligence.

"Come on." Hiko called, "the sooner we get here, the faster we can leave." Kenshin nodded, pulling up his cargo shorts so that they won't fall down, they were a bit big for him, and ran after his mentor.

They walked toward the playground, well Kenshin was partially jogging, seeing as Hiko was taller than him, and arrived to a picnic table where there was a young woman and a young girl sitting on the table as if waiting for them.

"Oh looks like they're here." The young woman smiled, Hiko noted that she has a sweet smile.

"You two are the ones we're meeting?" he asked, the older female nodded.

"Do I have to hang out with her, Tae-san? She looks snobby." The younger girl whined. Hiko looked over, noticing she was wearing khaki shorts, a blue-plaid tank-top, and sandals. Her black hair was pulled into a tight pony-tail, and that she just called Kenshin a girl.

"I'm not a girl, just because I have long hair doesn't mean I'm a girl!" Kenshin yelled. He's sensitive about that…

"So, you still look like one." She looked bored at her reply, Hiko likes this girl, she has the right spunk to make Kenshin question himself.

Kenshin was steaming, "Shut up."

"Now Kaoru, be nice." The woman named, Tae-san warned weakly. Kaoru sighed and hopped off the bench and walked towards Kenshin. She looked him up and down, with a disapproving look before she turned and walked off.

Kenshin glared at her every step, before walking behind her. All Hiko could was watch the magic.

"So, you're that little girl's babysitter?" Hiko asked trying to make small talk.

Tae nodded, "Yes, little Miss Kaoru has trouble with other people thanks to her boyish-ness. She a bit ruff, but she's a sweet girl."

Hiko chuckled; he could tell Kaoru had a good heart even though she was a bit mean toward Kenshin. But then again it was the runt's taste of his medicine.

"What's the boy's name?" Tae asked.

"Himura Kenshin."

"Oh the Himuras," Tae replied watching Kaoru walk over to the slides, "Well I guess Kaoru will have a little trouble with first impressions now."

Hiko was puzzled, "What makes you say that?" Watching Kaoru was amusing as she pushed Kenshin away from the stairs that led to the slide; Kenshin fell onto the ground, and yelled something at the girl and getting back up.

"Well, Kamiya Kaoru is known to be a little aggressive…" Tae cringed as she watched Kaoru make a face at Kenshin.

Hiko's eyes let up, "Kamiya…" Now he knew why Kenshin's mother was excited to get Kenshin out and meet his playmate. The Kamiya's were a growing business family, a good alley in the marketing world. When Kenshin and Kaoru get older…

Hiko knows the rest of the story.

"Oh I see now, I know why this is going on." Hiko smiled, "I like this plan, and anyway to make the runt suffer is fun, so I'll play along." This part of the conversation was to himself.

Tae looked confused, but looked backed to watch the children, when she saw an older child walking suspicious toward the two. "Oh no…" she whispered.

The kid must have been in his early teens, and looked like a small gorilla. He was scowling and hunched over a bit like he had a bad back or something. He seemed to be walking with his arms, not graceful at that either. But you could tell that he finds pleasure into torturing unsuspecting kids. A bully no less. And his current target: happen to be the two bickering brats.

Unfortunately neither of the two was noticing the big brute as he headed their way, as they were in a childish argument over a swing. Hiko knows that Kenshin can't exactly defend himself perfectly yet, but he also knows that if he doesn't let him try, Kenshin will scowl for weeks. He'll back off until he knows it's time to move in.

Tae, of course was getting worried, and was inching herself to the bickering younglings, but Hiko held his arm out to stop her, "It's best not to interfere, Himuras have a bit of a pride problem, and if my sources are correct so do the Kamiyas."

Tae nodded, but still wasn't sure.

Kenshin finally noticed the bully as he was getting closer, and as expected he was trying to calm down Kaoru, and put her into safety. But Kaoru would be a difficult damsel. Hiko couldn't hear everything, but was certain it wasn't very nice, for a six year old to say, as Kenshin went into defense mood. Kenshin pointed toward the gorilla-boy, and it seemed to hit Kaoru in the head. Hiko could see Kaoru form the word "Oh." …before making another complaint.

Hiko really liking this girl, he must compliment the choice to the runt's parents.

The older boy finally reached the smaller kids, Kenshin stood in front of Kaoru with his arm stretched out in front of her. Kaoru leaned away from the taller boy as he towered over them. Again Hiko couldn't hear what was being said, but he figured it had to be a peace-making.

Kenshin was talking his way out of a fight or trying to, which he could do quite well, he talks his way out of grounding all the time…

Kaoru couldn't keep her eyes off the guy, it made Hiko wonder what she was thinking…

Kenshin stopped talking, and there was tension in the air. For a moment it looked like Kenshin stopped a fight before it could happen.

But that was only for a moment.

The giant punched Kenshin right in the stomach, making him fly back a few feet. Kaoru was furious. She yelled at the boy, Hiko picked up a few words, "stupid retard" "giant gorilla-face". But that seem to do the trick, as he push Kaoru down on to the ground.

Tae gasp and tried to go forward to Kaoru, but stopped when Kenshin suddenly slammed himself into the older boy.

"That's gonna leave a bruise…"Hiko muttered to himself. The moron was being reckless, big surprise there.

The body slam seemed to work only slightly, but enough to make the human gorilla fall over Kenshin was panting heavily and Kaoru, for the time, showed concerned. For a minute, before she started critiquing Kenshin approach.

Hiko could see the vein in Kenshin forehead all the way from where he was. He chuckled, "Oh this is going to be fun."

The older boy got back up and pushed Kaoru into Kenshin. She didn't like that very much. She turned around and kicked the retard in the shin. It seemed to have hurt her more them him.

The bully pushed her backed down, harsher than before, and went for Kenshin. Kenshin went in defense mood and held his ground, punching the kid in the face. The bully staggered back and clutched his nose.

He gave a big yelp, and hit Kenshin in the face, making Kenshin fall back into the swings. He towered over Kenshin about to make another move, when Kaoru threw a rock at him; he turned around and hit her.

Kenshin didn't like that, and kicked him where it hurts. The giant crumpled down in pain huddled there for a moment.

Kenshin stood there, knowing that it wasn't over. Kaoru was holding her arm, and ran over to Kenshin to check if he was alright.

The teen picked himself up, and looked pissed. Hiko decided enough was enough, and stepped in.

"Okay I think were down here, or do I have to get in touch with your parents? Let alone the police" Hiko asked the kid as he walked up behind him.

Hiko got a good look at the two 'heroes'. Kenshin had a cut on his forehead, and bruise forming on his right cheek, he was slumped over a bit and breathing heavily. Kaoru had a couple of scratches on her legs and face, and her arm looked like it was going to have a mighty nice bruise. Hiko sighed; oh it was going to be fun explaining this one…

The swine looked as if was going to attack Hiko, not caring that he was an adult. But was sadly mistaken when looked up at Hiko's face.

He slightly pissed his pants…and ran away with his tail between his legs.

Hiko sighed again, "Although you're still standing, kid, you still lost." Hiko crossed his arms in disapproval.

Kenshin shrugged, "I still lasted though."

Tae, coming out of no where, ran over to Kaoru, "Oh when your parents see you…" she exclaimed, not happy that Hiko made her stop from stopping the fight.

"What? It would be no news to them. I come home dirty and scratched up all the time." Kaoru said matter-of-factly.

"Well let's get you cleaned up a little bit." Tae ordered.

They walked the two over to the picnic, and Tae rushed over to the car to get a First-Aid Kit. She apparently was very prepared when it came to Kaoru.

Hiko smirked at the sight, although they would deny this for a very long time, Kenshin was holding Kaoru's hand as they sat and waiting for Tae to return.

They were quiet while being patched up. But when it was all over, Kaoru hopped off the bench and demanded to be taken somewhere that had chicken nuggets. After all she had just gone through a dramatic experience.

Kenshin stated she'll get fat if she ate that. Kaoru threw a pinecone at him.

They had another fight, before Hiko pulled Kenshin out and told him that they had to go. Kenshin stuck his tongue out, "Good-bye loser."

"Good-bye girly-boy."

Kenshin steamed at his new nickname and had to be dragged to the Kaoru so he wouldn't pounce the young girl. Kaoru was laughing all the way to the car.

As Hiko pushed Kenshin into the car, he looked over at Kamiya; she was looking over at him, but looked away when she saw Hiko. Hiko might have imaged it, but he could have sworn she had blushed when she got caught trying steal a peak at the rascal.

Hiko smirked before walking to the driver seat.

As he started the car, he looked back to see what was the idiot doing. The kid happened to be looking at Kaoru's car, thoughtfully.

Hiko felt his smirk forming on his face, he knew the kid was star struck…the way an eight year could be star struck.

"So when's my next play date?" Hiko could hear the smile in Kenshin's voice.

All he could do was laugh.

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