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That's how many hours Kaoru had until she is no longer Kamiya Kaoru, but Himura Kaoru. Shocker to a lot of people but for some reason Kaoru didn't find it that shocking.

At first she thought it was because denial or something. Then she thought that maybe it just hasn't hit her yet, and still waiting for the moment when she starts to hyperventilate.

But really, it's because Kaoru has always known that she was to marry Kenshin, not because fate but because when Kaoru was twelve her mother told her she would marry Kenshin even if she didn't want to, and who basically had Kaoru in a corner making her say over and over again that she would marry Kenshin as if her life depended on it. And at that point Kaoru felt like it did.

Kaoru sighed, she was lying on the family trampoline, around 5 o'clock in the evening, the summer air seemed to not affect the night, autumn was coming, slowly but you could feel it approaching. It certainly was a nice night; the sun was setting nicely surrounded by the coming storm clouds.

Kaoru allowed her music play softly, but enough to clear other noises out. Except for that squeaking. The squeaking that came only from the trampoline that told the other that someone was getting on. Kaoru didn't even need to know how it was, but she didn't brace herself for the sudden jumping.

"Damnit Kenshin," as Kaoru went flying in the air and the iPod flying off and landing in some patch of grass, "that iPod isn't mine, its Misao's."

"Misao can survive…plus she has crappy music, one hit wonders and poor artists who only have albums because they know people or they are just good-looking." Kenshin jumped towards her, landing and somewhat colliding into Kaoru.

"So are you excited? Eh, I know you're excited I can see it in your face." Kenshin teased, rolling over to her side and sitting up, poking Kaoru in the side making her jump a little.

"Well…not really, I've been expecting it for a while now." Kaoru said simply.

"Well, that's nice."

"Hey Kenshin," Kaoru looked over at her soon-to-be husband, "can I ask you a question?"

"Shoot it woman." She smacked his arm.

"Do you think our relationship will change after we get married?" she asked.

"Not really, I mean the only thing that will change is that people will call you Himura-san and they'll be expecting children." Kenshin said shrugging.

"Oh." Kaoru paused, "Well I knew that, Gran told me if I was to have children at a young age make sure that you're the father." Kaoru looked over at Kenshin to see his face, she wasn't disappointed.

"I've been scared ever since."

"What do you mean?" Kaoru raised an eyebrow.

"I was there when Gran told you that, I was like what twelve? Anyway, I had to ask Hiko what/how did that work" Kenshin said, Kaoru stared at him for a solid minute. It got on Kenshin's nerves.

"What?" He asked impatiently, "Why are you looking at me like that?" She kept staring.

"I didn't know what sex was, give me a break!" he shouted, Kaoru burst out in laughter.

"I knew what sex was when I was ten." Kaoru said after her laughing fit. Kenshin gave her a glare, not his scary one, but the one that just says 'Hey that's not funny'.

"Well I didn't" he huffed.

"And you asked Hiko?"

"Yes, and the way he described it to me, I thought if I stood to close to you, you'd get pregnant in nine minutes."

Kaoru snorted, "Wow, that's amazing. Hey Kenshin, news flash, that's not how you get pregnant."

"I don't get pregnant, I'm not a woman, therefore I don't have uterus, and that's your job little missy."

Kaoru clicked her tongue, and look at the setting sun. Kenshin laid down on the trampoline, letting his legs fall over the side. It was getting darker and it was getting cooler. Kaoru spotted the iPod, but felt too lazy to get it. Kenshin sighed, and stared up at the darkening sky, spotting the stars as they slowly came out of their hiding spot.

"It's a nice night," Kenshin remarked, breaking the silence, sat up and scooted closer to Kaoru. Kaoru looked over at him, putting her chin slightly on her shoulder. After a moment, she smiled.

"Yes, it's a very nice," she replied, and leaned in. Her lips were caught by Kenshin, and she moved to an angle to make it easier for both of them. Kenshin moved his hands up to Kaoru's neck, and pushed her closer to him. Lately this what Kenshin did, finding some way to kiss Kaoru, and Kaoru didn't mind one bit.

Kaoru broke off the kiss so she could breathe. Kenshin smirked at her, and kissed her cheek and right before her kissed her again there was a light coming from the right, and voice came out from that light, which sounded a lot like Sano, "Aw this will be a great shot for the reception slide show tomorrow."

Kenshin froze, and slowly turned his head toward where Sano, grinning like he had won the lottery, stood with a camera in hand. Kaoru didn't even need to look to know Kenshin was giving his glare. "That really was a cute picture, but I told you not to put it on flash, now we can't take anymore." Misao, who was standing right next to Sano, huffed. She felt her spine tingling but didn't dare look over at Kaoru.

"Kenshin won't kill you since you're a woman." Sano whispered, shifting his eyes over to the glaring couple.

"But Kaoru will have no mercy."

"You want five minutes?" Kenshin snarled

"Or three seconds?" Kaoru finished for him, slowly getting into position to attack at any moment.

"I don't see why you guys still get embarrassed, I mean everyone knows you guys do more then kiss." Sano replied, backing up slowly. Kenshin moved slightly but not enough to attack him, but was waiting like a predator, for the right moment.

"Can you hurry up and attack him?" called a voice, everyone looked up to see Hiko with a video camera, smiling like a wild man, "I wanna see the outcome and get this on tape and send it to America's Funny Home Videos"

"Oh fuck you!" Kenshin screamed and lunged at Sano, who was running and laughing like a mad man.

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So I'll be writing other pieces soon, but I need to catch up on