The Proposal

Nanny quietly pressed the entrance code to Allura's room and the doors opened without the notification beep. She locked the door again and walked over to Allura's bed and silently watched her sleep. "This evening my baby is going to embark on the beginning of a new beautiful life with a wonderful man who truly loves her, " Nanny said to herself as she smiled down upon the princess who stirred a little before moving to the closet.

While retrieving the dress Keith requested Allura wear, Nanny couldn't help but wipe away tears of joy as she thought about what her baby would experience on the day that the love of her life would ask her to marry him. Keith had not planned an ordinary proposal, but one that his future wife would never forget and one that would become legendary.

Hanging the exquisite blue strapless beaded gown with a knee length flowing bottom on the hook and the matching shoes on the floor, Nanny stood back and marveled at how her baby would look simply gorgeous. The dress was the exact color of her eyes and the style of the dress would go along with Keith's plans.

"Allura... Allura... My sweet girl it's time for you to get up," Nanny said gently waking her up.

Stretching her arms to the side, "Allura glanced at the clock and became alarmed when she noticed the time. "Nanny, it's almost 6:00 in the afternoon. Why did you let me nap that long?" she said hurriedly getting out of bed and running into her walk in closet, " You know I have a meeting scheduled with the planet Datera's Prime Minster of Defense at 6:00 before dinner begins at 7:00. "Coran and Keith are going to kill..." her voice trailing off at the sight of the beautiful dress. "Nanny, this dress is absolutely gorgeous, but it's not appropriate."

"Allura," Nanny said closing the door to the dressing area, hugged her, and then stepped back and held the hands of the confused princess, " There is no defense meeting tonight, but this is the beginning of the rest of your life my precious baby. Put the dress on so you can finally have what you have waited so long for."

"Nanny what are you talking about," Allura asked as Nanny zipped up the dressed for her and began to brush her hair and then pulled it up on her head and allowed small amounts of to gently hang down. "There. I don't think I've ever seen you look this beautiful." She said stepping back and looking at her.

"Oh you forgot my royal tiara," Allura said reaching for it.

"No child," Nanny said taking the tiara out of her hands "Tonight is about you and Keith, Allura not Arus, or the responsibilities that come along with it."

Sensing her confusion, Nanny quickly tried to calm Allura who looked her with alarm, "Shhhhhhhh child. Just enjoy yourself. All will be revealed soon enough," Hearing the piano music signaling the beginning of Keith's plan, "Come child," she said leading Allura back into her bedroom."

"What is that wonderful m..." Allura said stopping mid-sentence at the sight of her room. Lit candles were lit and arranged in a wide row on the floor to lead Allura to a seating area on the other side of the room. Pink rose petals were placed on the floor in between the two rows of candles.

"Come on Allura," she said gently leading her to the area and sitting her down, " Allura, I have watched you grow from a child. You are a very beautiful caring woman who has a heart of gold. Always putting the needs of millions of people ahead of your own. I've never met anyone who is determined as you. That's your strength my beautiful baby, making the impossible happen," She said wiping her tears away from her eyes before continuing on, "As you begin this new chapter in your life with Keith, the man who loves you more than his own life and more that any prince could. He is a man of substance, morals, and ambitions. Keith will make a wonderful husband and father to your children. Congratulations my baby," Nanny said rising out of her seat and holding Allura's hands, " May God continue to bless and keep both of you."

The enormity of what was going on began to sink in as Allura looked around her room. Tears quickly began to fall from her eyes, "Thank you Nanny, that means so much tome," She said hugging her. "Keith did all of this for me."

"Yes, Allura," She said leading her out of the bedroom and down the hallway, which still played the instrumental chorus to the song Keith pick out. Finally she reached the doorway of Pidge's room and pressed the code. "I love you Allura," She said hugging her before the door opened to Pidge's room.