The Proposal- Sven and Romelle's Part

Pidge stops at a door leading to the gardens. "This is where I leave you Princess, but they'll take good care of you," he said opening the door to reveal Sven and Romelle.

"Thank you Pidge," Allura said smiling at him before turning around to look around the gardens. Everything is just as it normally was with the exception of the pink satin path with white rose petal leading to the bench, where Sven and Romelle were waiting for her.

Slowly Allura walks towards the smiling couple, taking in the moment and still in awe the depths of Keith's love for her. When she reaches them, Romelle reaches out and quickly pulls Allura into a hug.

"Oh Romelle, I still can't believe that Keith did all of this for me," Tears freely flowing from her eyes again.

"Allura, Keith loves you unconditionally. And I must admit, I didn't think he had all of this in him, "She said gesturing around her.

"He's an old romantic softy. Keith remembered the engagement video broadcasted online years ago on Earth and used that as an inspiration for today," Sven said stepping forward to give Allura a hug. "You have no idea how your love has saved Keith. He was content with just traveling the universe fighting evil and protecting the weak from people like Zarkon. The only time I ever saw light in his eyes was when he saved people. Keith would intentionally put himself in harm's way just to fill some sort of happiness. It was your love that showed him a new kind of happiness. And for that, I thank you."

"Sounds familiar cousin?" Romelle asked. "It should because that was your life until Keith crash landed into it. You thought of nothing but your people and their happiness. Never a thought to your own happiness because you felt guilty for living when so many people were killed at the hands of Zarkon. It's time to let those guilty feelings go, embrace the love that you and Keith share, and move toward your destiny of a long life of happiness."

"Oh Romelle thank you, " She said embracing her again.

"Well, it's time to move on to the next room on the Kullara love express, "Sven said with a grin.

Quickly jumping to her feet and wiping away tears of joy, "Well that's one train I don't want to miss. "

"Shall we ladies?" Sven asked offering his arms to Allura and Romelle.

"By all means," Allura said happily taking Sven's arm.