Chapter one:

Chapter one:

Written by Kaitlin Krebs

Edited by Mary Enwall

The Host's Lost Chapters

Chapter one

Ian's POV


My arms searched for her next to me. Wanda….. My arms found no warmth. Wanda?

My arms jerked my body forward and away from the bed as I groped the air next to me for her. Then my heart stopped once my eyes adjusted and I realized that I was alone.

No, No, NO! Please God No!

I kicked the door aside and raced down the tunnel. I've followed this path so many times that my body knew where to go without any help from my mind at all, which was quite useful as my mind was only preoccupied with her. Please let her just be checking on Jodi, or using the latrine. No she couldn't have left without saying goodbye... or would she?

My body slammed into a dark figure just outside the final turn into Doc's "hospital". By the sound of his grunt I instantly knew who it was.

"Jared! What are you doing here" I said. He tried to help me to my feet, but I pushed his hand away.

"I….I…I was waiting for doc to finish" Lies. Jared was never a good liar.

"To finish what!?" I felt the rage build up in me. I didn't need an answer because the look on his face told me everything.

"NOO!" I raced for the room. His hands tried to restrain me, but I was quicker than he was. I saw the light coming up, I might still be able to stop her. She wouldn't have left...not without telling me goodbye. I have to believe...Wanda...

The feeling hit me like a punch in the gut. I saw the shining cryotank, and then I knew it was too late. She was gone. left me...

Doc looked at me with sad eyes, but he didn't dare try to approach me. Just as I didn't dare approach the body on the cot because it was no longer hers, now it was Melanie's.

I walked over to Doc's desk and curled my arms around the cold glass that was now Wanda's prison. As carefully as I could I walked Wanda in her prison over to a corner and sank down with her in my lap.

I love you Wanda. With all my heart I love you.

I sat for what seemed to be hours while I whispered my thoughts about how much I loved her to her soul wishing she could hear me.

"Ian…." Jared voice was sincere, but joyous. He had already sat beside Melanie's body whispering her awake. "Ian, she wanted this…. We'll think of something. I miss her too."

"Same as I." It was Doc's voice to break the silence this time. I didn't even realize that Kyle was just feet from me. He was still clutching Sunny's tank. Clutching it the same way I was clutching Wanda's.

"Just leave me alone" I said in a whisper. "Just Leave!"

The only one I want is the one who left...