Drake was walking in a thorn like forest. he is searching for something important, he remembered the conversation with his future self before that battle.


"he's here father" Nega said behind him was past drake. the future one was looking at what looked like a photograph sadly before putting it away.

"Excellent, Nega you may leave us." Ebon said calmly. Nega bowed and walked out with Drake looking at Ebon curiously.

"no offense, sense i would be insulting myself but why the hell did you summon me." Ebon threw Drake a parchment "what in the world is this?"

"That is a map which leads to the Zaken siblings."

"Zaken siblings?"

"A trio of demons siblings who hunted and killed thousands of people. with there power you might be able to fight back the author fighter in case this plans fail."

"eh, i don't think i need these guys help i mean theres no way that we lose." Drake said arrogantly but Ebon grabbed him by his Trenchcoat.

"Listen to me, theres no telling the outcome for this battle for all I know this might cause time collapse on itself, thats why i'm making sure to change history while not endangering it also." Ebon snarled at Drake.

"plus you can consider this as a backup in case this fails." Ebon said dropping his past self.

"quick question, why are you giving me this if your worried about time collapsing?" Drake said dusting himself.

"I check all the computers, all the scenarios. there is little chance of damaging the timeline if you release them there even a 67 percent chance of this even improving our futures." Ebon said with him staring at drake with eyes of someone who has seen to many terrible things.

Drake turned away wondering what the hell happened to him but just shooked it off and picked up the scroll and looked at it. before rescrolling it and putting it inside his pocket. Ebon then turned to him.

"Take these too." he then threw drake three tiny orb like crystals "Trust me when i say you need these." he then turn his to listen to something.

"get ready its appears like our guest have arrived."


Drake shook his head. no time for remembering things. he left Onikagemon in charge till he find these siblings.

"Lets see if i was a seal to a deadly troup of demons where would i be" he then took out the scrool and study it a bit before putting it back and studying the scenery. he then notice a twisted looking rock and smirked.

he walked towards it waving his hand making the stone glow before sinking to the earth where the ground began to descent in a spiral like a staircase.

"Well down i go" he muttered before walking down the stair case. idly wondering how long these stairs are.


okay i know i'm not done with BCS but i had this idea after reading the 7th chapter of Authors of time inspired me to do this. i'm putting it on hiatus though till i'm done with BCS.