116 Days in the Life of Albus Dumbledore

Author's Notes: SPOILERS for Deathly Hallows! This is the only warning you will get! It has come to my attention that Albus Dumbledore would have died in 1997, going by the dates provided in the books. J.K. Rowling said Albus was 150, but she wrote his birthdate around 1881, which means that he only lived to 116. Therefore, going off of the canon information, I have changed this story to "116 days in the life of Albus Dumbledore".

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, the characters you recognize belong to J.K. Rowling and tons of other people. The characters you don't recognize ARE MINE.

116 Days in the Life of Albus Dumbledore

Age One:

The woman holding me is very nice. She has a soft quality to her; her voice sings me to sleep. The man next to her, he is fun. He makes silly faces and plays games. I love them both and they love me. They keep me fed, warm, rested, and happy. This is my family.

Age Two:

I am learning to recognize the warmth that flows inside of me: it is Magic. It is playful, like I am; happy, like I am; and right now, it is hungry, like I am. My Mum and Dad are talking amongst themselves, but I'm hungry. My crying isn't getting their attention. I can't speak very well; all that is coming out is whimpers.


A tall, wiggly thing falls to the floor, the pretty flowers that were in it scatter across the floor, weeping silently. My Mum and Dad look over in shock, which turns into happy smiles and praise. I get my lunch.

Age Three:

"Papa, Papa, where's Mum?" I tug at my dad's robes to get his attention. He smiles down at me, carding his hand through my hair.

"Mum is getting the baby." Papa's voice is tired and quiet.

I furrow my brow as I go over what he told me. Mum is getting my baby brother, but why is it taking so long? This place is boring, there isn't anything to do.

"Papa, can we go home and wait for them there?" I ask looking up at him. I hope he says yes, after all, why should it matter where we wait? He laughs loudly; a few other people look over with small smiles. Did I say something funny?

"No, Albus, we have to wait here for them. That way we can see them quicker." I pout.

A long time later, after I've had a nap, mum and the baby are at home with us. My younger brother's name is Aberforth. I call him Abe for short. He is my brother and I love him.

Age Four:

Aberforth is heavy. Papa and the other lady ran into the room that Mum is in, so I have to watch Abe. I am frightened; Mum sounds like she is in pain. The Magic in the room isn't very happy or playful; it is just hungry. Like it has never eaten before and now it wants to eat everything. It is a scary feeling, and I hold Abe a little closer.

"Albus… come and meet your new sister." Papa sounds tired. If my sister is the one who has the scary Magic, I'll never like her.

Mum holds a bundle of blankets as she sleeps. The scary Magic is coming from her, I'll never like her.

Tiny azure eyes peek out of the blankets to look at me and Abe. I hold him closer. A pudgy hand closes around my finger, the other hand clasping Abe's hand. A gurgle from the blankets causes Abe to laugh and shake the hand holding his. Warmth spreads through my body; the scary Magic isn't so scary once you get to know it.

"Meet your sister Ariana." I smile at her. This is my baby sister, she is not scary, and I love her; just like I love Abe and Mum and Dad.

Age Five:

Abe is annoying. He never stops crying! And he steals mum and dad's attention away from Ariana and me. He's hungry, he cries, he's sleepy, he cries, he's lonely, he cries, his stuffed goat is missing, he cries; it is ridiculous! Right now, he's crying because he wants attention, but Mum thinks he's hungry and is trying to feed him. Dad is at work right now, so it is just Mum, and Abe is hogging all the attention!

Intense heat suddenly flares up from behind me and as I turn I see the cause. Ariana has set the curtains on fire… again. I rush forward to pull the giggling baby away from the danger as Mum lets out a startled scream. The fire is put out and mum is looking at Ariana funny.

"Albus… take your sister outside to play." I blink. Mum normally doesn't like us playing outside, but I nod and carry Ariana outside. The wind makes her giggle as it messes with what little hair she has.

Outside there is a sandbox, so I carry Ariana over to it, in hopes that we can play there. Ariana makes the sand twist into different shapes for a long time before Mum calls us for dinner.

Age Six:

"Albus, where papa?" Abe asks me for the tenth time, I swear he is doing it just to annoy me…

"Dad is with Mum at that party thing. That's why Mum told us not to unlock any of the doors." (1) I got back to feeding Ariana her dinner. She seems to eat the slowest out of all of us.

The Grandfather clock in the hall chimes seven times; that means it is our bedtime. I finish feeding Ariana and decide that we should all bathe. Mum and Dad said they would be back at eight, and they expect us to be in bed, sound asleep.

"Abe, c'mon we got to go take a bath." Strangely, Ariana is lighter then Abe was at this age, I could never carry him with just one arm supporting him. Then again, I was younger, so maybe that's it…

"No bath! No bath!" Abe ran around the kitchen chanting this, arms up in the air. I sighed. How did Mum manage to get him to bathe?

"Fine, but I'm taking Ariana up for a bath. Join us if you want to."

When the tub was filled, Ariana in it, bubbles applied, Abe came slinking in.

"I take bath with Ariana and Albus?" He looked really sheepish. I smiled at my younger brother.

"Yeah, c'mon. We got to hurry though, it is past our bedtime."

Age Seven:

I am reading The Incredible Fun Book and Abe is playing Exploding Snap with Dad. Ariana is sleeping and Mum is cleaning the kitchen.

"Albus, go wake your sister up for Mummy."

"I will right after this chapter…" I say distractedly.

"No. Now, please. Mummy's busy so she can't. You need to help out every once and a while, Albus." I place a bookmark in my book angrily and stomp out of the room. I help out all the time and all Abe has to do is play games. It isn't fair.

Upon opening her bedroom door, I realize that something is wrong. Ariana is on the floor, laughing and speaking in gibberish to the wall. At least it sounds like gibberish…

"Ti amo troppo, Arun." (2)

"Ariana, who are you talking to? C'mon, time to get up."

Age Eight:

I feel like I'm on fire. It is so hot and I feel horrible. Everything's always so blurry. Mum comes to see me sometimes, but Abe and Ariana aren't allowed to see me. Dad says it is because they don't want them to catch what I have.

I miss my younger siblings.

Age Nine:

Ariana is becoming difficult to handle. Just yesterday she blew up her room, all because Mum told her not to talk to her "imaginary friend." She fainted right afterwards, but it didn't change the fact that her room was utterly destroyed. Mum and Dad had to tell our neighbors that it was a potions accident; they said it was "necessary." I don't understand why they couldn't just tell the truth…

"So she has an imaginary friend. Was that really enough to scare you so badly that you forbid her from speaking to it?" I am in Abe's room, which is also temporary Ariana's room until tomorrow.

"You aren't here all the time so you don't understand how it is, Percival! That -that thing taught her Italian! Don't you understand it isn't just a figment of her imagination?"

"Dear, you're getting hysterical. Try to listen to what you say for once."

Mum and Dad don't usually argue so much.

"Albus… are you awake?" Ariana's voice sounds from the shadows; she sounds so tired lately.

"Yeah, but you should go to sleep, Ariana." She somehow made her way over to me and curled around my lap before she spoke again.

"Mum doesn't want me to talk to Arun, but I want to talk to him. He is sad when I don't talk to him." Ariana's voice, recently, had become… strange. Like the wind but also like the fire that consumes her room when she gets angry. She starts to cry against me, soft sobs that rake her whole body and steal her breath. I don't know what to do, so I just hold her.

What I wouldn't give to protect her.

Age Ten:

Father was arrested today and Mother has packed the whole house.

Father told Ariana to be careful, but her happiness won.

We're moving to a place called "Godric's Hollow," and Ariana has been silently crying in her room for two hours. At least, that's what I think she's doing.

Ariana cried out as she hit the ground.

Abe has been very quiet and confused.

"Arun, non male!" (3) Ariana screamed at the shadows encompassing the three muggles that left her hair bloody and bones broken. The shadows left the three muggles to wrap around her.

I had been screamed at by mother when I told her I didn't remember anything that had happened. (4)

Almost lovingly the shadows shifted and moved across his sister, she closed her eyes and spoke softly, as if to a lover. "Arun, ti amo... Io sono belle, non mi danno tanto quanto avrebbe potuto." (5)

My family is breaking.

Author's Notes:

(1) This is referring to the fact that Albus' parents have put up protective wards around the house. Thus the reason they have no formal babysitter.

(2) This is Italian and it means "I love you, Arun." (Or at least according to my translation engines it does.)

(3) This is Italian and it means "Arun, don't hurt them." (Or at least according to my translation engines it does.)

(4) No Albus is not lying, he has suppressed the incident and the italics are the quickly fading memories of said incident.

(5) This is Italian and it means "Arun, I love you... I am fine, they did not harm me as much as they could have."

Now you all ask "Who the Hell is Arun, did I miss something in DH?" No, you didn't miss anything; it is simply another plot element that is purely mine. I'm not going to explain exactly what my Arun plot device is right here, as it will come up in Enternity, however, if you absolutely cannot wait for that and wish to know who Arun is, PM me and I will tell you. However, I am going to say this again: The plot with Arun in it is mine, purely and completely. If you steal it, I will find out and I will not be happy.