Eye For An Eye

Chapter 14

Final Fight

Jason's eyes fluttered open as he began to smell smoke. His back and throat ached as he turned over painfully. He looked and saw Lana and the Kent's trying to break free from the barn wall they were tied to. Lana turned her head and looked at him with tears in her eyes. He stood up and stumbled toward them coughing heavily his throat aching with every cough.

One of the barn walls exploded and the remainder of it landed on the stairs. Jason looked at the stairs wide eyed as he made his way to Lana. Once he got there he began to untie her. "Are you ok Lana?" Jason asked looking at her in the eyes.

"Yeah I am ok," She said relieved that Jason was ok and able to untie them. She coughed and looked at Clark's unmoving body at the far end of the barn.

"Who the hell are these people that did this?" Jason asked as he finally finished untying Lana. He now was untying Mr. Kent, while Lana was untying Mrs. Kent.

Lana coughed again and moved a strand of hair from her forehead, "I don't know exactly." Lana stood up and helped Mrs. Kent to her feet.

They turned abruptly and ran for the barn exit. Lana looked at Lizzy with disgust as she exited. Lizzy was sprawled against the barn wall wide eyed, with blood covering her face. She had a huge board engorged in her stomach, that had come apart from the barn wall. Mrs. Kent held on to her husband tightly as they walked to the fence that separated the farm to their driveway. She looked at the barn tear eyed. Suddenly her eyes grew wide and she turned to her husband. "What about Clark?" She asked in a low tone so only her husband was able to hear, "He is still in there."

"Don't worry sweetheart," Jonathan said in a low tone as he looked at his wife briefly before looking at the burning barn. He heard a police siren in back round and felt a hint of relief, "Clark could take care of himself."

"Mr. Kent," Jason asked stepping toward him as Lana stood by his side silently, "What the hell happened here tonight?"

Jonathan wasn't able to answer, because Sheriff Adams car pulled up. She stepped out pf her car as she reached for her walkie-talkie, "We have an emergency at the Kent farm. Get a fire squad out here immediately."

At the moment she clipped her walkie-talkie on to her belt the barn exploded. A section of the barn shot in the air and landed on top of the Sheriff's car crushing the windshield and the front part of the car. "Whoa!" Jason said in shock and a bit of amazement.

Sheriff Adam's looked at her crushed car briefly before stepping up to the Kent's. "Are you ok guys?" She asked looking at everyone, "I have more help coming along. What happened here exactly?"

"It was the Belreeve escapees," Jonathan said as a shocked look over came Jason, "They came here and did this."

"Why would they come here to attack you like this?" Sheriff Adams asked looking at the barn briefly and then at Jonathan.


Clark opened his eyes and stood up quickly. He watched Jason, Lana, and his parents walk out of the burning barn. Brett and Greg approached Clark ready to finish the fight once and for all. Brett's hands had a green glow and Greg pointed at Clark. Brett shot three bursts at Clark, while Greg separated each of the three bursts into smaller bursts.

Clark's grew wide and he sped out of the way as the bursts shot passed him, striking the barn wall. It disintegrated into nothing upon contact. "You got lucky there, Clark," Brett said taking a step toward Clark his hands still glowing green.

Greg looked at Jenny unconscious at the far end of the barn as part of the barn ceiling fell landing close to her. Clark felt a pang of nervousness and then made up his mind. He sped toward her and lifted her up gently. He looked at her as he sped out of the barn, setting her on a stack of hay next to the grass field. He returned to the barn and struck Brett hard in the back. The force sent him into the barn wall, but Greg using his abilities prevented Brett from hitting the barn. As he did that, with the wave of the hand he flung Clark into the barn wall.

Clark got to his feet surprised at Greg's speed. Greg smiled mischievously as he sent pieces of the barn at Clark. Brett shot a burst of green energy at Clark. It hit him while the pieces of the board stuck him moments after. Clark grunted in pain as he fell to the floor. He shook his head ignoring the moments of pain. When the pain subsided he got to his feet and glared at Greg and Brett. "Ooh Clark, that one looked like it hurt a bit," Greg sneered sending another barn fragment at Clark, "I am sorry if we are stronger than you."

Brett laughed and shot another green burst at Clark. Clark shot fire at the same time. The fire and the green burst struck each other in between Clark and Brett. It exploded sending Brett and Greg to the floor. They quickly got back to their feet and were surprised when Clark was not where he previously stood. Instead he stood in back of Brett and Greg. He shoved both of them to the floor and at that same moment the barn exploded. Sarah frowned unhappily and walked through the burning barn invisible.


Jenny opened her eyes and moaned feeling pain pulsing all over. It lasted only a few moments and when she felt a little better she stood up confused. The last thing she remembered was fighting Brett and then being hit by one of his energy bursts. She assumed that Clark was still in the barn fighting, but she didn't know why she was out here.

Suddenly the barn exploded and Jenny gasped feeling the heat from the fire. She looked at the burning barn fear growing inside her. "Clark!" She shouted wanting to run in to see if he was okay.

For a few moments she stood there waiting and hoping Clark would walk out of the barn okay. But he didn't which scared the hell out of her. She took a few steps back from the hot barn her heart beating fast. Suddenly she walked into something hard and when she looked she saw it was Clark. She smiled and jumped into his strong arms happily kissing him anxiously.

Clark held her and slowly walked to the front of the barn where everyone else stood watching the barn burn. Sheriff Adams looked at Clark and Jenny approach as sirens were again heard in the distance.

"We were on the other side of the barn," Clark answered looking at his mother briefly before returning his gaze at the Sheriff.

"Do you know why this attack happened?" She asked looking as the barn and then at Clark.

"No I don't Sheriff," Clark said bluntly.

"Well Mr. and Mrs. Kent," Sheriff Adams said tuning to face his parents as a fire truck and an ambulance drove up to the Kent barn. "I intend to find out."

2 Days Later

Clark held Jenny's hand as they walked through the park that was two miles from the farm. After the fire was put out and Sheriff Adams left to study the attack, Clark quickly began to rebuild the barn. He started building the foundations before taking a break to eat dinner before continuing. It took him a few hours to finish the rest of the barn, but now it was rebuilt.

Clark watched as Jenny gazed at a duck swimming toward them. He frowned and then asked, "Jenny are you okay, you have been awfully quiet?"

"Yeah I am okay," Jenny said smiling at Clark, "It is just this whole incident just got me thinking about how crazy Smallville really is."

"Has it taken you this long to realize that Smallville is a crazy place?" Clark asked.

Jenny laughed and hugged Clark's arm. "Do you think Sheriff Adams will find out anything from her investigation?"

"I doubt it," Clark said as Jenny stopped walking. She looked at him in the eye and Clark added, "It will be added to her files of the Smallville's unknown."

"Well that's good," Jenny, said thinking about what just recently occurred. "So did they ever find Sarah?"

Clark shook his head, "No, they found Brett, Lizzy, and Greg's bodies but not Sarah's."

"I wonder where she is now?" Jenny asked watching the duck swim away fro them.

"Wherever she is," Clark said, "She won't bother us for a while, or at least I hope so."

"I just can't stop thinking about how in the beginning I was part of this plan," Jenny said sadly, "I can't believe I wanted to hurt you and use you."

Clark shook his head and said giving her a smile as Jenny looked at her lovingly, "But you didn't, you stepped away and that is what counts. Your past is your past and all that really matters now is the present."

Jenny leaned forward and kissed Clark passionately on the lips. She pushed him to a bench slowly taking of his shirt. When they broke apart, Clark looked at her strangely but hungrily. "Come on Clark," She said removing her shirt and tossing it to the ground, "There is no one else around for miles, let us heave a little bit of fun."

"You are such a naughty girl," Clark teased kissing her on the lips.


Later That Evening

Lex took a sip of his scotch and then walked to his pool table. He took the pool stick and looked at which ball he should hit first. He hit the number 4 ball, but it missed the intended pocket. Lex looked and began to take his next shot when Clark walked in saying, "So what will be now Lex?"

"What are you talking about?" Lex asked perplexed standing up straight.

"Oh you know exactly," Clark said sternly, "Tell me you had nothing with these recent activities."

"You think I was part of it?" Lex asked looking at Clark surprised as he set down his pool stick, "I had nothing to do with. It was all my dad," Lex said walking to his scotch table. He took a sip and continued, "My dad had me kidnapped and planted in horrific memories about my mom. He knew that I would be able to stop his quest and he couldn't have that happen."

"Where is your dad now?" Clark asked crossing his arms over his chest.

"He is under arrests right now," Lex said, "And I will make sure he stays there for his crimes." Lex paused and took a few steps toward Clark, "I am glad you are here, because there is something I want to talk to you about."

"And what would that be?" Clark asked looking at Lex nervously.

"Why did you hide it from me?" Lex asked feeling a little annoyed. "I am your friend and you couldn't tell you friend about your abilities?"

"Lex…" Clark began stumbling as he tried to fiend the right words.

"Don't lie to me now, please," Lex said his eyes pleading for someone to believe him once. "I overheard your parents talking about your powers and you shouldn't be ashamed about it. Those meteor rocks affect everything they come in contact with."

Clark smiled at Lex nervously, "Yeah I have abilities from those rocks." He didn't want to tell Lex the complete truth, or at least until he could trust him, "I didn't tell you because I feared you would just want to throw me in a lab."

"You are my friend Clark," Lex said placing a friendly hand on Clark's shoulder. Clark felt extremely uneasy despite what Lex was saying, "Listen Clark, because of recent activities, I will shut down all of Luther Corps testing on people and even more so I want you to be a partner with me about that process. I want you to believe that I will stop everything for the means of friendship and what better way to do so if you and I do it side by side."

Clark smiled and agreed with Lex when his cell phone rang ad he found out it was Chloe calling to tell Clark about how Lionel was released from jail. Clark glared at Lex and asked, "Did you know about you dad's release?"

"What?!" Lex asked raising his voice, "Who was that on the phone?"

"It was Chloe," Clark answered, "So answer me."

"My dad should me in custody now," Lex said pulling out his cell phone and calling his personal lawyer, "Tell me something, what is the deal about my dad?"

"Your dad," The his lawyer said, "I was just about to call you and tell you the news. Your dad was released today."

"And what about the money I was putting in to keep him there," Lex said sternly, "He is a dangerous man."

"Apparently there is someone out there with more money than you do," The lawyer answered hanging up the phone as Lex stared at Clark shocked.

The End

I hope you enjoyed my story. I ended it with a shocker and a little bit of a wonder.... just like the episodes.. Thank you to those who stuck by and for any of the reviews.