Third drabble of tonight...this one, because I love Aerrow and I love Finn, and from the first time I ever saw Storm Hawks I was like 'ohmygawd, OTP.' So.



"You're stupid."

"No, you're stupid."

Aerrow rolled his eyes, flicking his foot disinterestedly in Finn's general direction. Both pilots were sprawled on the floor of the ship, arguing about...well, Aerrow couldn't remember quite what, exactly, they were arguing about any more. But that didn't matter, because Finn was going to lose.

"Do you even remember what we're arguing about?" Finn asked him, grinning like a lunatic beside him. Aerrow frowned; damn, Finn was psychic. How do you win an argument against a psychic?

"Does it matter?" Aerrow asked instead of admitting he had no clue. Finn just grinned, those blue eyes boring into his own. God, Finn was so crazy sometimes; but Aerrow loved him for it all the same. Depite the blond's weirdness and ADHD-ness and his occasional crazy mood swings, Aerrow loved him. It wasn't so hard to admit that.

"Maybe," Finn replied, shrugging. "Will you kiss me if I can remember?"

Aerrow shrugged. "Sure, why not." It's not like that was an abnormal question or anything; not like Finn could actually remember, anyway. Knowing him, he'd probably guess wrong on purpose.

Finn grinned. "We're arguing because I stole your apple like an hour ago, and you told me I was fat and we argued about that, and then I punched you so we ran around for a while until you tackled me and punched me and then we rolled around, and then we argued about who was stupider."

"..." Well, it's not like he could remember anyway. Finn may as well be right. "Okay."

"So come here." Finn beckoned, and Aerrow sighed.

"Do I have to come to you?" he asked. Finn nodded. "Yep."

"Okay, then." Aerrow rolled over once, and then pushed himself onto his side.

"Took you long enough," Finn said, grinning, and pulled him forward just a little more to kiss him.

When they broke away, Aerrow let his head fall back onto Finn's chest. He could hear Finn's heartbeat, feel the blood pulsing under his skin; God, he was so in love.

"I love you," Finn said.

"You're stupid."

"I'm being serious." Aerrow raised his head to look at Finn. The blond was grinning earnestly, blue eyes honest, and Aerrow couldn't help but smile.

"Then I love you too."

"Finally." He could feel Finn's satisfaction as he laid his head back down and, some time later, fell asleep.


All Piper could do was stare at her two friends, lying tangled together on the floor, watching as they traded a few words and then a kiss.

And then she simply walked off to tell Junko she'd won the bet, thinking all the while, "Well, it took them long enough."


Aww, they're so cute together.