This is my new series 'Son of the Storm'

This is my new series 'Son of the Storm'. If you haven't read 'So Now You've Gone and Broke My Heart' I suggested you so that first. Anyway hope you enjoy!

A garden in the court of the Volturi danced with color as the flowers blew in the breeze. The sun was setting in the sky casting the yard in a red yellow haze. A woman walked silently in the court yard; a small smile on her lips. Her six year old son followed closely behind. Stopping to gaze at butterflies and the different flowers.

"Mommy what's this flower?" He asked picking a flower off the stem and holding it to his mother. His mother smiled wider and she knelt down next to her son and picked a flower off the vine.

"Emidio don't you remember? I've showed you these before." She said sweetly. The little boy stared at his mother as she snapped the end off the flower. "It's a honeysuckle. You snap the bottom off and pull the little string and honey comes out." She explained pulling the end of the flower until a drop of honey was at the end. She held it out to Emidio who took the whole thing in his mouth.

"No dear, just taste the honey; don't put the whole thing in your mouth." His mother laughed pulling off another and showing him how it was done. Emidio was fascinated and tried to do it himself. He took the flower in his hand and did just what his mother did. He frowned when no honey came out.

"Mommy it didn't work." He cried throwing the flower on the ground then crossing his arms. A small tremor shook the earth.

"Sometimes they are just dry. How about you try again?" She told the pouting boy; whose blue eyes looked back at the bush of honeysuckles, studying each one. When he found one he liked he picked it off. This time a little trickle of honey came out. He gasped and looked at his mother wide eyed. She laughed and rubbed his hair.

"That's my boy." Emidio smiled with his lips and eyes closed causing his face to scrunch up.

"Storm?" A man called from the door to the castle. Storm turned her head before turning back to her son.

"You stay here and keep practicing while I talk to Daddy, ok?" She told him. He nodded before waving to his father.

"Hi Daddy!" He called. The man smiled and waved back as his wife came over.

"What's wrong, Aden?" She asked; she knew him well enough to know when he was worried.

"I just got done talking to Aro, and he says things may change sooner then we think." He told her keeping his voice low.

"How soon? Human time or Vampire?" Storm whispered harshly.

"It all depends how brave the rebels are feeling. He also says….." He stopped and gazed over Storm's shoulder at his son. Who was still picking honeysuckles off the bush; used flowers littered around his feet. Storm's eyes got wide. "He also says it may be best if Emidio stay out of view for a while."

"What are we suppose to do, Aden? He's six years old we can't keep him locked in the castle." Storm panicked; it was one of the hardest decisions to make. Keep her son safe or keep him happy?

"Relax, we'll think of something." Aden pulled Storm in to his arms. She sighed into his chest then turned her head. They both watched Emidio who had abandoned the honeysuckles and occupied himself with chasing a butterfly from flower to flower.

"Emid, time for bed." Storm yelled after her son. The sky had grown dark and she could tell he was beginning to tire.

"Aw! But I'm not sleepy!" The stubborn little boy yelled back.

"Come on son you can play tomorrow." Aden called to him. The boy sighed and walked over. Aden scooped him up; the boy's eyes instantly started to droop.

"I thought you said you weren't sleepy?" The boy curled his head on his father's shoulder.

"I'm not…" The boy yawned. "I'm resting my eyes." The family began walking down the corridors until they reached the rooms where the resided. Emidio was fast asleep by the time they arrived. Storm opened the door to the large living room. They lived on the third floor of the castle. There were two large windows, and a fire place. To the left was an open kitchen and dinning area for Emidio. The stairs were stone and went to the open hallway upstairs. The hall way was lined with an iron fence that connected to the stone wall. There were three rooms up stairs and past the fire place where the wall indented there was a door to another.

Aden carried Emid upstairs to his room; he laid the boy down and tucked him in. He switched on the nightlight and picked a black bear stuffed animal off the floor. Placing it in the child's arms he kissed his forehead before heading back down stairs to his wife.

Storm sat on the sofa the only light was from the glow of the fire. Aden sat down next to her and she curled into his side.

"I'm really worried Aden." Aden gave Storm a light squeeze to comfort her.

"Everything is going to be fine Audra. I promise." He tried to reassure her kissing her forehead.

"But he's human Aden! The only vampire thing about him is his powers! Which he is still too young to know how to use, and Aro keeps saying to keep him out of sight, but with the rebels trying to take over it is getting difficult." Storm voiced her concern. Aden looked into Storm's eyes the changes becoming more vivid. Since Emidio was born Storm's features had aged a bit. Even thought she was changed at sixteen she now looked to be nineteen.

"You know he is right Storm. Even though they don't take humans to be their greatest concern I believe he truly is trying to protect Emidio. They all are, I mean even Jane has taken a liking to him, and he isn't fully human. His powers make him half vampire. This means he isn't as fragile as a normal six year old." Storm's eyes still read a deep worry and concern. "But I know, baby it doesn't make it any easier."

"We weren't allowed to tell our family though." Because of the deal Storm had with Aro, Marcus, and Caius they weren't allowed to leave unless told they could do so, Which was rare because Storm could send out the storms to any where in the world from the castle, and Aro had advised not to write it down or call incase a rebel is near by and intercepts the news.

"I wanted to tell them to Storm, but…."

"But what if that is the answer! If the rebels do decide to attack the castle we could send Emidio to go stay with them."

"Storm that's exactly what we'll do." Aden told her, and she looked at him not quite understanding.

"But Izzy, and them don't know he exists."

"I will buy two plane tickets if we find the rebels are going to attack then we send Emidio with Rosa to Forks, Washington. That is where Izzy is living, right?"

"Yes." Rosa was one of the humans working in the castle. She was well aware of what they were, and was well trusted. If they were to attack they could take the tunnel under the castle out into the city, and then to the airport.

"I'll go tomorrow." Storm kissed Aden's cheek as they stared into the flames. At the top of the steps a little boy crouched clutching his bear to his chest.

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