"Don't you ever run away like that again!" Aden mumbled as he scooped the boy into his arms. Tears streaked down his face as he buried his head into his father's shoulder.

"I'm sorry Daddy I was so scared, and…"

"Sh… it's ok I'm not mad." Aden cooed as Izzy stood to her feet. "Izzy can you hold Emidio for a moment please." Izzy nodded and took the child.

"Come on Emid let's walk this way." As soon as they both were out of view Aden turned his attention to the other two vampires. They tried to run, but Adne caught them by the throat and pinned them against at tree.

"You dare mess with my son." He growled as the vampire's struggled underneath his grasp.

"It-it wasn't us!" Aden raised his eye brows and scoffed at the man. They both coward in fear beneath him.

"Oh really? Then who was it?!" His golden eyes bore into the man's red ones.

"It was the Boss!" The woman squeaked.

"Who is the boss?" Aden inquired.

"He-he is the leader of the rebels he told us to take the child." She rambled on as fast as she could trying to spare her life. "He said it was the only way to bring down the Storm." Aden's eyes grew wide and his grip tightened.

"You filthy excuse for flesh if I ever see you around my son or my wife again I swear I will rip your bones from your body!" He threw them both on the ground. "That is if your boss doesn't kill you first." The vampires hurried to their feet and fled. Aden knew they wouldn't return to the rebels because if they did they would be killed. He watched them flee before going to find Izzy. A few yards away Izzy was holding a struggling Emidio.

"Aunt Izzy! I want to see my daddy!" He yelled trying to shake free.

"Relax Emid I'm right here." Aden laughed. Izzy set the boy down and he raced over.

"Daddy!" He cried as Aden scooped him up once more. "Where's Mommy?"

"Mommy is back home, but she sends her love."

"Aden Riley I believe you have some explaining to do!" Izzy walked over to her brother-in-law and hugged him. Aden laughed and looked down at Izzy.

"Wouldn't this be easier if everyone was around that way I will only have to explain this once?" Izzy nodded and smiled.

"I'll race you!" Izzy took off into the trees. Aden put Emidio on his back and took off after her. The whole time the boy giggled with excitement as the wind swept threw his hair. When they finally arrived at the house everyone was already gathered. Alice.

"Aden." He was greeted with hugs.

"I promise you all I have a good explanation!" He said as they all took a seat. He set Emidio on the ground and motioned for him to go play. When he was gone he began to speak.

"First where is Storm really?" Izzy asked as Aden took a seat at the kitchen table.

"Italy; they told her she couldn't leave the never said I couldn't." He shrugged. "She sends her love."

"Bro, how did you lose the kid in the first place?" Emmett asked him, and in one hour Aden had explain all the problems that had occurred since the rebels attacked and since Emidio's birth.

"….I left two days ago to come here. I still can't believe he found his way here by himself." At six years old he had came across the world to the exact location where his family lived. It was utterly amazing.

"You have a smart child, Aden." Esme smiled and Aden sighed.

"Too smart sometimes."

"Emidio also a sweet power." Jasper commented, and Aden laughed.

"Yes, with his mothers temper bed times are always fun." Edwards scoffed.

"No kidding! Your kid it out to get me."

"So it's safe to say the boy takes after his mother then?" Leann smiled and Aden nodded.

"Oh god yes. He looks like me, but he and Storm act so much a like." Aden eyes looked longingly at the mention of his wife. Two days and he already missed her.

"How is Storm by the way?" Vic asked.

"Aged." The vampires stared at him surprised just the reaction Aden was expecting.

"What did she completely go human?" Rosalie stared at him in amazement and jealousy.

"No, she only looks like she aged two years. She looks exactly like Izzy now. I'm pretty sure her getting pregnant and aging a little was a side effect from the accident. I mean she still has the scar."

"Yes, Emidio told me about that. I swear the child has the strangest things happen to her." Leann shook her head. It wasn't a family reunion without Storm…..

Meanwhile back in Italy Storm sat in a window of one of the castle towers looking out across the horizon. She was lonely; she was so used to her son and husband being around constantly that there absent made silence unbearable.

"I'm I disturbing you?" Storm turned to see Marcus walk next to her.

"No not at all." She said motioning to the seat beside her. Marcus was never one to strike up conversation and in all the years she had been at the castle she had only spoke to him a few times.

"You miss your family." He didn't ask he stated and Storm sighed and looked back across the sky.

"Deeply, everything is so empty without them." Marcus let the silence fall again before another thought crossed his mind.

"Do you know if Aden has found the boy?"

"No and I wont until he returns. He went to see if by some miracle my sister saw him. Which is unlikely considering she doesn't know about him." Storm closed her eyes to try to put her worried thoughts at ease. The communications were down causing her to be left in the dark.

"Go." Strom looked at Marcus in shock at his sudden burst of energy.

"Go what do you mean?"

"Go to them. Go to your family."

"I don't understand I thought…"

"Forget what you thought we said and listen to what I am saying now. Aro and Caius don't understand the bond between a vampire and its mate. A connection stronger then life it's self and I can not bear to imagine that bond when the pair share a child. Go to them they need you more then we do." Storm jumped up and embraced the zombie vampire.

"Oh thank you Marcus!" Marcus smiled at the girl as she pulled back.

"It is best if you leave on the fourth night." She smiled and nodded.

"On the fourth night." She repeated before leaving the vampire to his thoughts. In four days she would see her family again.

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