(A\N: Hello everyone. I know I should probably be updating my other stories but I just couldn't help it. Sorceressmyr made this wonderful fanart that has inspired me to write this fic. The link to her beautiful work is in my profile. I hope you enjoy. The prologue is written in first person but the rest of the story will be in third person like usual. This story will most likely be a SasuSaku with KakaSaku and NaruSaku on the side depending on my mood, lol. Only a little NaruSaku and it'll probably be one-sided and then mostly NaruHina of course, but probably quite a bit of KakaSaku, because I loves him XP. However...we all know how difficult it is for me NOT to fit in some ItaSaku, so look for that too, lol, even if it is one-sided...It all depends on what you guys want...and what I feel like after the manga chapters...Kishimoto is slowly making me dislike the Naruto manga with his insane plot twists and revelations. Anyway, enough of me ranting. Enjoy!)

Crimson Reign

By Lady Hanaka


One does not write these things lightly. The brush in my hand feels infinitely heavy as I place it to paper. Perchance if this tale is told such things will never happen again. I wonder even now if it will truly make a difference. It will, at least, give any reader an understanding for my actions and those of my comrades. We never meant to cause so much bloodshed, or perhaps we did and we are just denying as much.

The tale, however, begins before such things, in a land that is this land but so alien and strange to it that it is too difficult to fully comprehend. The land was alive then as it is dead now. It no longer whispers in the dead of night, nor does the soil hum and flourish in an open palm. Now it simply slips through my fingers like ash.

There is an ancient tale of a demon who murdered a high priestess of the light. The warriors and priests hunted the demon tirelessly while the demon slaughtered villagers as it ran. When finally captured, the priests locked the demon away inside of a weathered stone. They placed the stone in a shrine and it lay there for hundreds of years until it was forgotten, placed in a small rock garden in the shrine courtyard so it was out of the way. This was when the earth began changing, the land slowly dying a death that would last hundreds of years.

My clan and others, those entrusted to protect this stone and keep the demon from ever escaping again, watched and waited. I was told that when my grandfather was young, they still kept guard at the shrine itself. After that, however, the knowledge of the stone and the fear it instilled began to vanish. No one came to steal it and so many forgot its importance. The guards no longer watched it day and night. The monks moved it around carelessly, many mistaking it for just another small stone in the garden.

But that is not so now. I have been told the old ways and I can feel the darkness that is coming. It is my duty to stop it and I shall do so. But before that can happen…the truth must be told. The truth is indeed misled and stretched to fit the needs of others, but I hope here to record what has happened as concisely as possible. I make it a habit not to lie and I hope to continue such things. And so I will tell the tale from the beginning, from when the stone was shattered and darkness reigned.

It was called the Great Silence. Because in death there is no sound, only the pervading nothingness of oblivion.

(A\N: I hope you enjoyed the little prologue. :D I will leave it up to you to guess who was talking. There are two or three people that it could be so…keep that in mind throughout the rest of the story. :))