Ok well here is another Edward/Bella story but hopefully mine will stand out a bit more than some. Yes they are all human; I wanted to try a story like that. I hope that you enjoy this, its short because I have no idea if people will like it, if I get at least three reviews then I will try another chapter. Enjoy!

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Chapter One

I was staring across the street at the yellow house next door. I watched as a tall, figure ran down the front steps and into his silver Volvo. It was safe to leave now. I had lived next to Edward Cullen for my entire life. He was the reason I was who I was today. I did not want to be like him, at all. That is the reason I go to extremes to stay away from him. I walked across the small circular room, it was my hideaway, and I loved it. It was bright thanks to the two large windows to the right. I had hung pictures of my friends, my mission trips. The children I meet in Mexico, and Peru. The one I missed the most was Guadalupe, from Mexico. She had given me three bracelets made out of beads she found. She gave me something when she had nothing. She was a sweetheart.

I grabbed the railing and started down backward on the steep stairway. I pushed on the wall at the bottom, and entered my room. It was big, with a huge bed, drapes across the high backboards. The room was a bright red, almost maroon. I grabbed my back pack of my chair and turned back to where I had come in. Surprisingly I was the only one that knew that you could get up to the tower. I smiled as I pushed the bookshelf back into place. If you just slid it to the right and pulled toward you the bookshelf opened like a door. I loved it, my own secrete attic. I had found it when I was about ten. I was leaning against the book shelf, trying to find a good scripture when the book case slide a little I grabbed it trying to balance myself only for it to swing toward me suddenly. I fell staring up at a staircase! I had never told anyone before. Not even my best friend, Kristin.

I ran out of my room and down the narrow hallway, littered with pictures of my parents "perfect only child." otherwise known as me, just regular Bella. I wasn't anything special, and most definitely was not perfect in any way. I ran and slide down the banister and hit the floor on my heels, I fell on my butt and laughed at myself, first but most definitely not the last fall I was going to have today. I walked out of the house into my car; it was simple enough, a Toyota Avalon. I stopped two house's down and Kristin came running out of the house stomping her feet, her mom following yelling about something. She jumped in and slammed her door.

"Drive!" she almost screamed. I gave a small wave to Ms. Mongel, Kristin's mother and hit the gas pedal, pulling away from the curb.

"What was it this time?" I asked.

"Spanish grades."

"I could help you know." I smiled.

"No what I need to do is stop staring at Eric for just two seconds and listen to what that teacher rambles on about."

I sighed and looked at her, "That's most likely a good idea."

We both laughed and I pulled into my usual spot. We both got out and made are way to first period. School was almost out and that meant that we would be Senior's. Then finally be out of high school, the one thing I wanted more than anything, to be out of rules and guidelines, to live my own life. Making my own money, my own rules it was my dream.

The warning bell jolted me out of my thoughts and I hurried to class. I had never been late before and I wasn't about to start now. I ran around the corner and smacked into a large, hard body. I fell to the ground with a frightened gasp. I looked up into the face if the person I demised the most, Edward Cullen.

"Sorry… oh it's you. Got to watch where you're going sweetheart." He smiled at me.

"Sure I will." I said flustered. He extended his hand and I took it. He heaved me up without a strain.

"Thank you now I have to get to class." I said, waiting for him to let go of my hand.

"It's sad isn't it that we are neighbors and I haven't seen you in almost two years, have you been hiding?" He teased, if he only knew.

"Now Edward I am sure you have seen me driving on the street or even walking."

"Of course, but never up close and talking like we are now." He smiled.

"Two years?" I asked.

"Yes, time fly's doesn't it. When my family invites your family over for dinner, you always seem to be busy."

"Edward, I am a very busy person, I don't have time for chit chat, now or then."

"Well Miss Isabella, I will let you get to class before you are tardy but do expect to see me more." He used my full name just to annoy me and grinned that idiotic crooked smile. I pasted by him without a second glance and ran up to my classroom, moments before the bell rang.

The day went by and no sign of Edward. I smiled, as I walked up to my car and a voice stopped me.

"Hello Bella told you would be seeing me around." I turned to see Edward walking towards me. I walked to greet him politely but tripped over a crack in the pavement. Next thing I knew I was hanging in midair. Edward had caught me,

"Wow, still as clumsy as always." He smiled.

"First time you have caught me and didn't laugh when I not the ground." I said smirking, I was losing patience. I took a deep breath and calmed myself.

"I need to get home Edward, I have lots of homework and finals are coming up."

"Right, you are in all upper level courses, forgot you were real smart, guess what? I finally got bored with on-level and took some test, next year all my classes are going to be upper level too. Maybe we will get some class's together."

I smiled sweetly, "Wouldn't that be… interesting?"

"Yes it shoud be, we should study togthour, I have to take the upper level finals as my last test into upper level, you would be a big help to me."

"I study alone." I smiled.

"Right you lock yourself in that tower of yours." He said smugly.

"Excuse me?"

"I have seen you pacing the tower window before." He said innocently.

"You can't tell anyone that I go up there, no one knows you can get up there." I whispered my only secrete out.

"I will on one condition." He smiled, I groaned.

"What is it?"

"You take me into your tower." He said simply.

I gasped, no one has ever been in my sanctuary, but I was not about to let him ruin my secret. I nodded.

"Great, I will come over for our study date at five." He said walking away toward his silver Volvo.

Why the heck was he suddenly talking to me, if he saw me he usually acted as if he didn't know me, but that was two years ago. It didn't matter; he was not the kind of guy I would be friends with. His morals where unethical and vial, I would not be another girl to him, I swore it.

Five rolled around all too soon, and a sharp knock hit my front door, I sighed. I stood from the small chair I had been sitting reading The Other Boleyn Girl for the hundredth time. I set it on the arm of the chair and threw open the door, smiling like I was about to great an old friend.

"Hello Bella." He smiled.

"Hello Edward, come in please." I said gestering. I closed the door with a bam!

"You seem, upset."

"No, not at all just black mailing someone isn't always the best way to get what you want." I smiled innocently.

"Oh well I wouldn't look at it that way. I am after all just trying to get to know you."

"Look Edward, let me get this clear right now. We are two completely different people, we think differently and we act differently. Our ways of lives are different. I have no interest what so ever on being your friend, or anything else. I don't mean to be rude but your life style isn't exactly ethical, now I will show you the tower and then you can leave."

"He looked at me as if I was speaking another language. I didn't wait for a reply but marched up the stairs a silent Edward following me. I slid the shelf to the right and pulled, climbing up the steep stairs. I walked straight to the windows and stared out looking behind for an instant to make sure he had followed. He stood in the middle of the room, looking around him. I had one small armchair and a table next to it, a circle rug, black to match all the frame's that hung on the walls.

"It's very nice, who are all these children?" He asked mesmerized.

"Most are from Mexico, they all lived in one house with seven adults, and we built them two new homes, much better than what they had before." I said still staring out the window.

"I didn't want to black mail you, I meant what I said by getting to know you."

"It would be pointless Edward; you expect things from girls that I refuse to give." I said staring fixed on the yellow house next door.

"I know, but I wouldn't ask that of you."

"Eventually you will either push me into it or get bored and move on. Both paths lead to hurt and disappointment. Haven't you figured out that when two people of the opposite sex attract all that happens is one gets hurt and one gets disappointed?"

"I wouldn't do that, I wouldn't make you do anything. I wouldn't just get bored."

"Edward you have slept with almost every girl in the entire school, why all the sudden me?" I asked spinning around.

"I haven't spoken to you in two years, and when I ran onto you yesterday… something clicked. I don't understand it but for some reason I wanted to get closer." He said taking a step closer to me.

I took a step back, "That is not a good idea, I would be putting myself into a position that could easily be avoided." I stuttered

"I won't make you do anything you didn't want, just talk to me that's all I ask."

"Edward, I said no. You have seen my tower now get out. Please."

He took the hint and with a sigh his shoulders slumped and he turned his back to me and jumped down the hole, not bothering to use the stairs.

I sighed and sat back in my chair. What was I going to do?

Edward POV

I sighed and jumped down the hole, not bothering with the stairs, it was a waste of time. I glanced around her room before I let myself out. I had known this girl for my entire life, I hadn't talked to her in two years, she was right, we lived in two completely different worlds. When I ran into her earlier and she smiled, my heart melted, I couldn't think much less remember that I had four dates I had to juggle tonight. Two of which I had already gotten into their jeans. I forgot about it all. I didn't even call to cancel as I sat in my room and stared at the white house next door. She was pacing again, she seemed to do that when she was thinking, or angry or confused. I smiled as I watched her past the two windows in her tower over and over again. This was not good, I was falling for a girl, this wasn't another girl that I just wanted to get into my bed and then move on to the next. I wanted nothing more than for her to trust me, to kiss me, that's all I wanted, a peck on the lips. I was so use to getting anything I wanted from any girl I wanted. The weirdest thing I didn't want Bella in my bed. She was so innocent and kind; she deserved some one that had a clean slate like her, some one that could love her. I didn't match that criteria. I knew that, but as I sat here and watched her pace I couldn't help but love her, I couldn't believe she was right next door for the past two years, right under my nose.