I wrote this because I was thinking 'what is doctor feeling right now.' I mean he just lost his daughter people! So in inspiration I write.

The Doctor was on day walking around on an Earth beach when he saw someone he hasn't seen for 3 months. He runs over

to her "Jenny it's me you dad!" he said with much happiness in his voice. The girl he was talking to turned to look at him. The

Doctor gasped. it was his daughter alright but she still had the bullet in her neck. "NOOOO!" the doctor screamed when she

started to fall on the ground. The Doctor sits right by her side and tears form in his eyes. "No, don't leave me. Not

Jenny, not again." Suddenly a giant wave came upon him and swept him into the see waking him up from his


the Doctor woke up with a start. He looked around and saw Donna with a glass that (he guessed) used to be full of water.

"Doctor are you all right?" the doctor was about to respond when Donna cut him off "stupid question of course you arn't."

The Doctor then calmly raised a finger at her and by adding a stern look in his eye got Donna to stop talking. "I'm fine Donna

I just had a bad dream. That's all." Donna was going to say something when all of a sudden the TARDUS made a sound that

could only mean one thing. Caption Jack...was back.

yaaaaa I got threw this chapter. tell me if you like it. if no one does I'll still write it.