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A week past by on the ship with little to nothing happening on it, except the occasional trip to earth to get chocolate for everyone. Jack was working on his ship's engine in the TARDIS's ship doc when Jenny came in with a milkshake in both of her hands. Jack glanced at the treat before going back to work on the engine making Jenny wonder if he was getting anything fixed or just trying to look busy.

She walked over to him and placed the two milkshakes on a dark blue work bench three feet from where Jack was. "So Jack…. are you fixing the ship or just trying to see how you could mess it up even more?" With that little comment Jack put down his tools and sighed before turning his head to glare at Jenny.

"For your information, I'm getting all the plasma ray gun particles off the engine so it can't build up and cause a major meltdown of the ships defenses." Jenny looked away from him and tried so desperately not to laugh. When she calmed herself down his head was bent looking at the engine. Jenny quietly walked over to him and when she got close enough whispered into his ear.

"So basically your just board and trying to find something fun to do." Jack snapped his head and was very close to jenny's face. He smiled at her and then pinned her up against the ship. Jenny looked at him in with amusement in her eyes. Jack then bent his head to look down at Jenny's face.

"Well in this position I can find a lot of fun things to do." He smirked at her as she looked up at him. She was debating to either harm him or play along with the flirting. She chose the last one. "Really, what might that be?" She said with an innocent tone in her voice. Jack closed the gap a little bit more, making it so Jenny could smell him, he smelled like he was just outside, in fresh air. She blinked quickly and blushed at the close contact. "J-Jack…" She timidly stammered to him

Just then she was able to glance over at the engine and smirked slightly, getting her head back on straight. Jack looked at her with confusion before she said with a whimsical smile on her lips. "Your ships on fire" Jack let go of her quickly and turned to see that the things he were tinkering with, had caught on fire. Saying a quick explicative he ran over to the engine to fix the problem.

Jenny laughed slightly at what had happened before picking up her milkshake and drinking it. When Jack had fixed the problem, he walked over to where Jenny was and grabbed the shake that was for him. Taking a sip of it he smiled at her. "So, I was thinking." Jenny looked at him with a smirk "A dangerous pastime" Jack looked at her smugly making Jenny raze her eyebrows "I know."

Yep I'm leaving a cliff hanger!