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Chapter 6. A Mate.

Sesshomaru looked at the little female in his grasp, his little female. He had not seen her in far too long, and now that he had her, he would not let her go again. The wind whipped easily through their hair, their mokomoko's twined around them and their small brood, scents of his family drifted effortlessly to his nose, and breathing deeply did he take in the beautiful aroma of them.

The season of spring was upon him, and his new family, it was the time of youth, the time of plenty, and yet all he wanted to do was seclude himself with his pups and his bitch, he would too, there would be no stopping him. Such an oddity was their mating, their bonds had never been strengthened as they should have been, he had not been there for his pups first kicks against the lining of their mothers swollen belly. Nor had he heard their faint fluttering growls from within in an answer to his own calls. He'd missed everything until now and it was possible that their bonds would never be so strong with him as they would have with their mother, this pained him.

He'd missed so much, and yet his mate, this tiny female was so very strong, so many others would not have made it the lengthy time alone, let alone with the survival of the pups. He felt shamed as he looked down to the twin bundles in his mates arms from his height advantage. Had he been there with and for them, the pups would not have died at all, their mother would have stayed there while he went hunting for her. His eyes darkened knowing that for only Tensaigas great power did he have his family, his own pack, for surely his mate would have been too lost in her grief to survive for him, for a male she barely knew as mate.

But now that he had them, he was not going to allow anything to take them from him again. To the Western den hidden by magics far older and deeper into the world than any he knew of he would take them, and begin the relationship they should have had all along.

Kagome for her part was really not at all concerned for her males issues, she had her twins back and that pleased her. As pleasing as this was though, she had her own issues with her male, but at the same time she could not truly hate him. When she found out she was pupped, she knew that she should have gone back to her male, but at the same time, she was afraid. What would he have done, was it possible that he would have killed her, taking in his actions now, the answers was obvious, but she hadn't known that.

Not paying attention to how long it was taking or where they were going they arrived at the Western hidden den. It was really a cave in the side of a cliff that was accessible to only those who could fly, as well as those who bore the signature jyaki of the Western Line. Entering Sesshomaru kept his arms around his mate and pups as he brought them to a chamber that had furs lining everything, it wasn't horribly large but it was made obviously to sleep them in their human forms. Setting his mate down easily, and gathering more furs for comfort, he told her he'd be hunting and to 'stay.'

Normally Kagome would have been aggravated to be told to stay, but for once she couldn't find it in herself to fight with him when her instincts screamed so much so that she should just submit to the situation at hand. Nodding her head, her male with a gentleness that she was not aware he possessed, kissed her brow, and ran his clawed fingers over the tuffs of hair on their twins heads, then he was gone. In the time he was away Kagome had situated the pups close to her yet bundled all the same in the silver and onyx mokomoko's, a beautiful sight it did make upon his arrival back.

She couldn't help but look about, she was aware that this was a birthing and bonding den, the old stale scents of previous births ingrained into the very aura this place seemed to have. The walls were lined with furs in this small den, and though the den was dark, there were crystals that hung from the ceiling of the sleeping den that gave off a faint teal glow, just enough to see by. She hadn't had time to look at the rest, nor did she feel like it when her mate arrived back with a deer carcass to dine on. Eating was a quiet affair, one where she found herself subject to the prying eyes of her mate. Agitating, it was.

He couldn't help himself, despite the fact that this was all new to him, instinct had forced him to make sure she ate it all. A well fed mate, meant well fed pups, and he was completely about the well being of his brood. Though he could sense the agitation coming from his mate, and more than most of him wanted to put her in her place, but he did not. Logic told him that his mate was never going to willingly submit, or follow normal protocol, and as much as it might make him crazy in the end, it more than truly turned him on in a way that he was not even willing to understand.

Defiance should really not be something that turned him on.

Kagome had finished her meal, eyes roving her body, and the scent of her males growing arousal in the air but she was in no mood for it. Right as she had thought to finally put a stop to his attention to her person, one of the twins woke and began to softly whine to be fed, without thought, and mostly on instinct she reached for the tiny being, and held him to her body. Moving silk and her long hair out of the way she easily latched the pup on to the teat and soon found herself positioned in her mates lap, wondering when he'd moved.

Sesshomaru was amazed at the sight, never before had he seen such a thing, a being like himself was more suited to the ways of ending a life, not sustaining it, and her breasts, such wonderful play things, took on a whole new life in feeding their young. It was astounding, and so it was more than difficult to not take part in it some way, easily deciding that he could not keep himself away his mate was moved into his own lap and the small bundle held in both their arms. Gazing down from her other shoulder he was entranced when she laid her head back on his shoulder and sighed in contentment. 'Perhaps,' he thought, '…it might not be so hard after all.' he was thinking of their bonding, if she seemed to trust him fully enough to close her eyes at a moment like this, it meant she felt safe. And he really liked that.

Watching her feed one pup and then the other, he noticed his little mate hadn't even commented about her change in position to his lap, this made him pleased. And though he was somewhat aroused he quelled it, realizing that his mate had only recently given birth. No, he wouldn't need to truly wait very long afterwards, three weeks at best until the pups could be sustained without their presence for a few hours. Sesshomaru was even reluctant to try anything as of yet. By looking he couldn't tell exactly how old their pups were but he knew they were not yet three weeks. 'There would still be some time before he could take her. It would probably work out better that he got to know her first,' was the thought that crossed his mind.

Admittedly, his only time of rut with his female had started of as a rape of sorts, though it hadn't ended that way, he felt shame once more brought upon him by himself for how their mating had taken place. 'No he shouldn't feel that way,' he told himself, as it had been within his rights to do so as the Captain of his father's army, not to mention, that she had lied to gain entry into the war, it wasn't even that most males didn't like female fighters, it was more so that his father held females in a sense that they should not have to. But, she had also saved his life the day he'd taken her recklessly, then shunned her , even if she had her life, she was dishonored for no longer being pure, something that the inu's looked for in a mate. True, it didn't seem either had known at the time that they were mates and thus really he was more dishonored for casting his mate aside, but still he had let her leave him in the well assumed idea that she had dishonored her clan, her pack.

He had much to make up to the female he held in his arms. Still there were many things he wanted to know, like why she hadn't returned when she realized what was going on? Granted, he hadn't known whom she really was, either female, or Higurashi, but still… They were his pups, heir's to the western throne. He felt angry that she had placed herself in this situation to begin with, not to mention she could have been hurt or killed while at large. Clenching his jaw a bit, he quelled his anger at her, not allowing it to show in his scent, aura, or body how he was reacting to all the facts his mind was taking in all at once.

His musings were cut short when he noticed her shifting the small weight in her arms, and as she finally got herself up to place the pup next to the other, both of which were quickly bundled in the self moving coiling mokomoko's. Sesshomaru watched as she stretched her body out, reminding him of more cat than dog, but knew he needed answers to the questions that had plagued him since finding out everything. Looking into the fire he'd set up earlier as he watched his mate take a seat on the other side, obviously not fully comfortable in his presence, or possible sensing his unease.

"Why did you not come back?" his voice was soft spoken, but still hard. He watched as Kagome inhaled and sighed, looking at the pups, moments passed and when it seemed as though she might not answer, he found himself getting annoyed, then she finally spoke, just as softly as to not wake the pups.

"My instincts told me to come back as soon as I realized what was happening to my body. I didn't understand at first. Admittedly, my grandmother, was the one that taught me about what happens when mating, and I don't think I was paying full attention to her." she kind of trailed off a bit, before ordering her thoughts more and speaking again, Sesshomaru staying silent as he watched her. "I didn't understand what was happening to my body and so it did take some time to figure out I was with pup. Still when I did, as I said, instinct told me to come back, but honestly I didn't logically think it would be the wisest thing." she stated. He frowned.

"I am your mate, your alpha, your place is with me, our pups place is with me." he stated rather more coldly then he would have liked and watched as she bristled, her hissing, yet still quiet voice spoke back just as accusingly.

"Yes I supposed I would go back to my rapist willingly, and give myself and pups up to someone I wasn't even sure had a mate, let alone a possible intended. In my eyes at the time it was rape, and though it may not have ended that way, I couldn't say that you wouldn't kill me, or the pups, or simply take the pups and do away with me! I didn't know what your father would think, let alone what someone might do to pups of the West! We were in a war for kami sakes, I'm sure the 'North' would have loved to have found out about your breeding bitch and pups! Its no secret that they live a hard life and assassins are never far. Yes, I would have come back to that oh great one!" she ranted her aura angry and livid around her.

The pups wailed at their mother's distress, and she got up to tend them leaving Sesshomaru to think over what she'd said. He had hoped she hadn't thought of their coupling as rape but it was apparent that she had at least to some degree. That upset him, yet before she had held their pup in her arms, while sitting in his lap, resting her head against his shoulder, knowingly baring her throat to her alpha in submission. So on some level she was aware of her place, and had accepted it, she just might not want to admit it yet, this was a good thing for him.

He then noted that she was correct, as Kengomo, she had only know him as a superior, as Kagome she had only known him as, --loathe as he was to think it--, a rapist, even if only in the beginning. She knew nothing about him other than he was heir to the West, and his military background. She knew nothing of palace life, nor that he did not allow bitches near him, let alone fawn over him. He took what he wanted or needed, and they were cast aside. More times then not, he had denied a need for a mate, and had flat out refused many offers, that most called him foolish for, yet she didn't know this.

More so, if he had an intended, there would have been a great chance that her pups would not only have to fear assassin's from the 'North,' but from those who had daughters that had been passed over for what she assumed were illegitimate pups. Logically he could understand it, even if his beast was still pissed about it, he could understand her thinking on all of it. Still he had questions that needed answers. "Why didn't you return to your family?" he asked watching as she still soothed the one pup who wasn't willing to sleep after its mother had been so thoroughly upset. She sighed again rocking the pup and not looking up at him as she spoke softly.

"At first, before I found out I was pupped, it was simply because I knew no matter what, I had dishonored my family by even placing myself in this situation. It wouldn't matter that I had saved your life, or that I had learned so much, competed with, and beat some of the males. It would only be that I had over stepped my bounds. My grandmother and father wouldn't have killed me, as I was the keeper of our packs secrets, but I would have been beaten within an inch of my life. I was resolved to go back but I wanted to do it on my own terms." She sighed again, finally noticing that the small pup she held was now fast asleep before placing him next to his brother, in the ever coiling mokomoko's.

Silence sat between them only broken by the wilds cracks and pops of the fire licking the wood as it burned. She shifted more comfortably laying her self down facing the flames and him alike. When she spoke once more she had nearly startled him, having thought she was done speaking he hadn't thought to listen more and had become lost in his own thoughts. "I had wanted some freedom before I went back. I knew when I went back I would be a used, dishonored female, and despite my packs standing as the True North, I would still be nothing more. It was my burden to bear, and I accepted that, but I wanted just one more season to myself before I went back again." her eyes were closed at this point, and though he did not see a tear he had smelt it.

He wondered, to be the True North, keeper of the packs secrets, what had her life been like before this all began? What made her so foolishly go off to war in her father's place? There were so many questions, but looking at her, feeling it, seeing it, knowing she was tired, and that pressing wouldn't get him anywhere, he resolved to find out another day, they had forever after all. Watching his mate as her breath evened out he let his mind lull, and eventually, quietly, got up and placed himself behind her, encircling her with his far larger size. Snuggling a bit into her, the pups curled up in their shared mokomoko's, he found himself at peace for the first time since he'd taken her. Unconsciously he knew he'd never let her go again.

The next day was a bit strained but worked out well and soon, there did seem to be some type of bond forming between them all. Days passed this way, the pair getting to know one another slowly, finding out about one another, to say he was impressed when he truly thought of her was an understatement. She was not only royalty but an elite kuro inu capable of masking not only herself but the aura's of two others. Being able to do this while learning the Western style of fighting, acting as if she weren't good at it, and male, had floored him. Add to this fact that she had given him two heirs, one for both the North and the West, was amazing. He wasn't sure if he was up to the things she had done for their family, as she had even survived in the wilds for the duration of her pregnancy, alone. He could not say he'd be able to do the same in a similar situation.

How had her life gone before they'd met…, he wondered one night again as he watched his mate bathe with the pups in her arms, wading through the lukewarm waters of a shallow pool that was fed from both a hot spring and a mountain spring as well. She was comfortable enough to show her body to him, enough times having seen it while feeding the pups had put her at ease over this, and yet he couldn't help but notice every inch of her. His mate was glorious, her raven hair and now pale skin glowed with life. He hadn't wanted a mate ever before her, and now that he had her, he never wanted another.

Sesshomaru knew soon when weeks of solitude would be over, he would not want to go back. He'd just found her, them, and soon he would have to share her once again with the rest of the world. He was not yet ready for this. Sighing inwardly, Kagome saw him staring again, something she was now used to, but still sometimes it irked her a bit. She somewhat thought it both unnerving and yet cute.

Life had changed so drastically for her in a little over a year, so many things could have happened to her while away from the safety of her family, and ending up bound and mated to Sesshomaru was not at all the worst of possibilities. She knew instinctively her beast wanted their mate, and a part of her could not deny she did as well. But still there were times she didn't know if she'd be able to handle it all. The Sesshomaru she'd first known, while the most handsome male she'd ever met, was nearly cruel. Her mate, the one she now spent her days and nights with, was kind, so either he had two faces, a private one and a public one, or his duality was maddening.

There were so many nights she had felt him come behind her, and at first she had stiffened just a bit, now she felt relaxed around him didn't mind his heat next to her, in fact she craved it. On more than one morning she'd woken up to his peaceful face sleeping next to her, and his hazy solar lamps opening upon her in the morning. It was deliciously wonderful. But she couldn't help but wonder what face would be the face of her mate when they left these dens was her question. Could she give into her desires, her beast? Looking back at him as she held the pup to her washing it, seeing the concern and care in his eyes, she knew she could.

Logic while still reluctant, deciding she needed to see this through, they were mates, there was no going back, no other, and honestly, she'd kill any bitch that thought she could have him either way, she grinned at that. Noticing that her mate had seen it she blushed prettily and handed him a pup, while asking, "Would you put him up?" she questioned. He took his yawning pup, growling low in a thrum, watching as it blinked slowly a few times before falling into a calm sleep. Coming back to the waters edge, he saw her smiling softly at him.

Kagome was sometimes confusing to him, and being honest with himself he might never figure her out really, but that was okay with him. Looking at her again once he got back to her, she asked again, "Would you mind putting him to sleep as well?" she asked handing him the next pup, he complied, watching as this pup too yawned, showing off a gummy mouth, a small pink curled tongue and blinking much. He grinned down at the pup before again thrumming low and soothing, and this pup was also asleep. Smiling down at the pair of them as the mokomoko's once again took the pups in curling around them, securing them he came back over to his mate.

Kagome was watching him, and unlike most times where she turned her back to him to finish her bathing in peace she was actually watching him as her hands moved all over her body. Her delicate fingers slowly pulled over the flush skin, a demoness' normal lean body still slightly heavy with the slow to recede weight of having to feed her pups. As she pulled her hands over the skin it flushed up, the water, making it glisten in radiance, as she brushed against her breast while looking intently at him. She smirked as she playfully backed up, an instinctual tease of inu.

Sesshomaru hadn't known when to try anything, he couldn't lie, having a mate he wanted her, from the moment he found about her, his libido for her had been there. But he respected her too much to force it, not many would, but theirs was already an unusual mating, and he didn't want her to hate him. So when she called out to him silently to chase her, even if she had no intention of running, but only backing away from him, he wasted no time. Not even bothering to remove his hamaka as they were the only things he wore right then he was in the warm springs with her.

For every step he took, she took one back, and he could see that she fought the urge to squeal and run from him, quelling it but could not get rid of the spicy enticing scent of her excitement and slight arousal in the air, even dissipated by the moist air it was heady. He reached her easily, and pulled her into passionate kiss, his hand snaking around her waist and into her raven tresses to lock her to him. She was not timid, her tongue brushed against his lips and sought entry, so new and open she was as he felt her hips grind into his own powerful erection sending heat through his body.

She moaned into the kiss as their tongues battled for will over the other, and long minutes later, he won. Breaking in a pant of desperate need for air, his mouth found its way down her neck and to his mating mark, making quick work of loving it, he lavished it with attention, knowing that it turned her on to have the sensitive skin manipulated by his touch. She moaned out low and wanton in need for her male, and he needed no more proof of her need for him.

Pulling her to him more so, his rouge hand sliding down her wet body and below her ass to pull her leg up around his hip, the other followed and locked around him of its own accord, setting her heat against his own need for her. His mouth made love to her neck as he jumped out of the hot spring, making sure to avoid going near the boys and heading for the pallet on the farther side away from their sleeping pups. It didn't matter to him that her hair was wet, and clinging to both of them, or that his was as well, it didn't matter that his silk was heavy and weighted with water, or that they might be ruined. He needed her, and that was all that he cared for, enough time had passed and he couldn't resist her anymore.

Sesshomaru gently laid his lover, mother of his pups, and mate down before him, her legs unclasping, only moving to allow his wet hamaka to be pulled off before he seated himself lovingly between her heated thighs. She groaned feeling the bulbous tip press against her swollen and sopping folds, against more specifically the engorged pleasure bud of her clit. Every bit of him wanted nothing more than to push in, to bury himself deep within her yet again, and yet he held back. The first time they had been together there was no real pleasure for her. He had taken her, and had his way with her, true she had received some either way, but it was not what a mating should have been. He did not want that to be the only kind of memory his mate had of him and their rutting.

Leaning over her, her flushed wet breasts pressing into and smashing against his own hard and muscle ripped chest, the youkai lord began to kiss delicately against his mate's chin. His tongue coming out to play gently against her skin as he slowly worked his way down her throat, groaning against her as she lifted her chin and bared her throat to him, her submission, making his own eyes tint just a bit scarlet in reply. He grunted a bit using his hands to rub slowly, lightly, against her body, the rough surface of his hands from years of sword working usage making her skin seem so very smooth and supple. They were demons and it was true that they might not often be delicate with one another while rutting, in fact more often than not most of their ruts would be hard, hot, heavy, and possibly painful. But there would always be pleasure, but not always gentleness. He wanted to give that to her right now.

Continuing lower with his mouth, he came down her neck and to his mark, the one he didn't remember giving her, the one he hadn't really seen very much of until he'd gotten her back. He could see four scars where his fangs had gone into her skin and marked her as his own. He wanted very much to do that again, and he planned to, but for now he simply licked and nipped her there tenderly, scenting out as her arousal grew in tandem with his actions, he couldn't help but smirk into her skin, knowing they could both scent what the other did to them. Moving down more his tongue lapped over her collar bone and he hushed her just a bit as she moaned out his name. He wouldn't lie it sounded great, more than great, fantastic even, but he did not wish for the pups to awaken, and possibly ruin their coming together again.

Sesshomaru's mind went on a small journey at the thought of the pups, he knew at some time in the near future the pups would become possessive of their mother, and that he would have to rut her before them, claim her as his before them, and make them realize his dominance over his bitch, their mother, but today was not that day, and they were far to young to realize what it would mean. He inwardly sighed, the pups didn't even really know him yet, their bond was fragile, and he didn't want to upset the balance of what they already had but, circumstances were not in his, or Kagome's favor when this mating happened, so they would all have to flow with it. Not wanting to think about it any more the youkai heir went back to pleasuring his mate, taking this into consideration he wanted to hear her yes, but he didn't want her to wake them, he continued on undaunted.

The silver dominant male was still perched over his bitch, Sesshomaru could feel her hardened nipples pressed against him as his larger body moved lower over her own. His torrid length brushing against her crying heat as he moved his whole body down her own. Soon he came into sight of those wonderful bulbs of supple succulent flesh that fed his pups and teased him with their hardened engorged nipples. He took one into his mouth and began to suckle, rolling the nub with his tongue and nibbling ever so slightly against it. Again he wanted to be gentle but he couldn't help when he bit into the tip of her nipple, he was overwhelmed by the lactation as well as her blood, not to mention the sweet aromatic scent of her arousal, he knew if he could he would continue to suckle her long after the pups no longer needed to be nursed. She was a delicacy as far as he was concerned and he'd be willing to pup her and keep her pupped so that he never lost it.

His mouth flooded with the warm mix of her life essence and the thick warm gush of mothers milk, his eyes glazed over at the taste. His mate hissed and then moaned out like a wanton bitch as his rough tongue brushed over the sensitive nipple again. He would not be able to bite her here often he knew, for the pups would pick up on the bad habit and her teats would be too sensitive, but for now, for once he didn't care. He could feel Kagome tightening her legs around his body, a sad attempt to get rid of the pressure building that he'd caused, but he would have none of it, and she knew this. Instead the demoness found herself grinding against his abs, the rock hard muscles giving her more pleasure then an she had thought to attain by doing so. His abs were soaked with her wetness and Sesshomaru found it hard not to growl out at the even headier scent of her pleasure.

Taking his time the male moved to the other breast, licking in a large circular motion from the swell beneath her breast to the tip, like a small whirlpool motion. He caused her to growl out low as he once again bit into her nipple and drank from her, his other hand still tweaking the other still slightly abused nipple. Kagome could only gasp a bit and still moan out, her hands finding purchase in his tresses trying to hold him to her, and force him to her pleasure points. His tongue was a sin, she decided, and she didn't know what to do, this was not like the last time at all. But still she couldn't help but love the feelings that he was bringing out in her. And when he finally left her breast, still kissing, nibble, suckling, and nipping down her body she didn't know what to do when he suddenly grabbed a hold of her person by the hips from below, locking her to him.

She was breathing heavily as he shushed her once more, his breath pushing against her core as she panted, and got enough nerve to raise herself up on her elbows to looked down her body at him. He was ravishing upon sight, but still he looked like a starved man that had just been presented his first meal in forever. The look nearly scared her. Sesshomaru on the other hand was beyond joy. She smelled divine, in all ways the word could be thought of. Her pussy was not only wet but dripping, it was shiny in the low light, and he could not help but smell not only her in her pure essence but himself. No other had ever or would ever touch this, and he would keep it this way for always. Making sure his mate was watching he gave her a devious glace as his long tongue arched out and dipped into her weeping core. The sensation for her was great, as he watched her eyes roll back into her head.

Sesshomaru groaned at the taste, it was perfect, and nothing could ever make him say other wise. Pulling her core to his mouth he fed, as if he'd never eaten before a day in his life, as if he needed to drown within her. The thick muscle moved up and down tracing his name on her folds in kanji and then again against the bud of her desire. She bucked and was wild, but he held her firm, knowing that she could and would take any and all pleasure he gave her, the sight was most erotic to see such a response to what he was doing. But more so he slowed himself making sure that she would not be too loud again to wake the pups. Such a thing would not be a problem in the future, his chambers at home would have a sound proof barrier that he could get set up for them, so she wouldn't have to hold her wails in, and in all honestly he didn't want her to.

Slowing down enough he could clearly see that no matter what was said she did not want to wait any longer, in truth nor did he. His dick was long hard, and felt as if his heart had been sucked into it, it pulsed as if alive of its own free will and accord, and bobbed every now and then as if it had a tick. He grinned as he slowly set her beneath him. He wanted to see her face as he slid into her, to watch the pleasure in her eyes as she lost herself to the pleasure he was sure to give her. He wanted to watch unabashed as he sank in time and time again into her hot dripping sheath, he was eager and so was she. Climbing back up her body she pulled him into a kiss, tasting herself on his tongue and lips, she lapped at him for it, needed him now, could wait no longer. He didn't bother with words to tell her it might hurt, she'd just given birth not long before and hadn't been intimate since months before. She was bound to be a small bit sore, and possible as tight as she'd been before hand.

Sesshomaru leaned down to her throat, and bared his fangs into his mark, sinking both his fangs and his body into her own, he listened to the seductive hiss she made an she pushed herself up, arching into him, pressing her body to mold into his. Slowly he slid both fangs and dick in until he was at the hilt in both places. He stayed. Breathing deeply in through his nose and slowly out of his mouth as if he'd been running for a while he knew he needed to wait, fuck if not for her, then certainly so he wouldn't rip into her willing body as if he were an animal. His thoughts on tight were an understatement. He knew right then that any chance he got from here on until death he would be buried dick to the hilt into his mates heat. There were no words to express how her body felt. The heat made him want to howl, the tight muscles gripping his member as if to squeeze it off made him want to growl, and the sloshing wetness of her readiness made him want to cry out her name, kami if heaven didn't have her in this position, he'd never go.

Trying hard to wait but not being able to he surged forth and began a dance far older than any other, she felt so good, and he loved that. Looking down at her he took in her eyes, watching as they were already clouded over by lust, desire, and what he thought was possibly love. She bit into her lower lip, making the plump appendage suffer for her abuse, and he leaned in kissing her, taking it and suckling on it. She moaned the sound sounding as if it had the power to send heat to his length, he felt harder just by the small vocalization. He really couldn't wait to get her back to a place where he could easily have her bellow out her pleasures, but for now the submissive and tiny mews were more then enough to have him ready to spill his seed into her once again, yet he held back counting in his head to counter the effect of her wet, tight, hot sheath.

Kagome for her part was not doing much better, most of her slight conscious thought was keeping her from screaming out her pleasure, the first time there had been a gag, now there was not, and for all that he was doing to her body, kami she wanted to call out to the gods themselves and thank them for giving him to her. She didn't know if she wanted to give up her heart to him but she found herself with every soft touch every thoughtful and meaningful look that she wanted him, and would never have another. Perhaps it was love, perhaps it was loyalty, but she was his as much as he was hers. Kagome knew she wouldn't share and kami help the idiot female that thought other wise. She was brought out of her thoughts as her mate began to get rougher, the feel of his body, his hips slapping to her own, was intoxicating.

The feel of her organs and they were forced to bare open and take in that which was massive, into her, spreading her, making her know every inch of him intimately was so very appealing, she wanted to be connected to him always. She needed him and she felt she didn't need anything else. Kagome moaned out low as he went fast, and Sesshomaru only picked up his pace as he kept going, eventually giving up on holding himself up and wanting nothing more then to bring himself closer to her. Taking a moment, and not breaking his pace or his stride the youkai heir wrapped his arms around her shoulder blades, and locking her to him, their connection at this hips becoming damn near forces full as he jack hammered into her, the sensation madding, she couldn't slow the tremors of her torrid core and before she could even understand what was happening she was cumming. Hard, clenching, angry almost, she felt like she had just met nirvana. Sesshomaru did not stop his relentless fucking for a thing, only pounding through, lengthening her orgasm until he had his own.

Nearly snarling into her neck, sounding so muffled and angry, but it was full of passion, possessiveness, and claim, he pumped until he felt his body stop, but it was
long before he pulled from her own core. He could tell she was tired and they did have some time before they would be going back to his palace home. He pulled his tiny mate to his body, not bothering to slide from her heat, and managed to turn her while still connected, her back to his chest, he was content for the first time in months. Even having her back had soothed him yes, but not even to this level, this connection whatever it was they had, was far stronger than he had given it credit for. He was happy with that, content. Pulling her flush against him, and placing a large heavy leg over her own they both fell asleep happy since they had last had one another. She had her mate, and he had his.



It had been nearly three months since his pup had taken off with his mate, and Taishou was eager for them to return, he was not the only one either. He was the only one that was acting like a pup about it. He couldn't help it, really he was a force of nature nearly as much as Kengomaru, besides it was well known that inu's loved pups especially males. There was just something about them that made them slightly crazy and kami help you if you tried to hurt one of them. Both older males were sulking and pouting, waiting for their pups to come back with their grandpups, while of course the females just shook their heads at the silliness of it all. While the time had passed, Hatsumomo and Toga, the Inutaishou had rekindled their passions, something about family had brought them together, and the palaces staff was alive as it hadn't been since the days Izayoi had come to live there.

It was not really that the youkai hated the human, in truth it was just that no matter how you looked at it, she was in fact a bit of a home wrecker; to break up what had once been a happy union, even if arranged, it was just wrong. She, the human had thought they hated her for her race, but the truth was they had all just held a deep loyalty to the true Lady of the West. Now though, Hatsumomo was once again residing there, her place at her mates side and things were as if she'd never left. The Lady had even made a point to get along with her mate's second son, which shocked many, but then again, few knew what it was like to truly love your mate so much that you would do anything for them, even if it meant taking a step back so that they could love another.

The new Lady of the North, Sayuri, and Lady Hatsumomo were getting along swimmingly, the new Northern lady had known that she was the true ruler but she had really only been the headman's wife for the most part, she'd never governed over a household such as the North, and Hatsumomo was making it far easier for her to cope with the changes that taking the rightful throne entailed. As such they got along swimmingly. Even made jokes, and told embarrassing stories of their own pups when they were tiny things, no taller than a knee. It was exciting in all reality, and they both loved every bit of it, even down to the fact that their only pups had twins and so there was already a Northern heir as well as a Western heir.

Toga and Kengomaru spent most of the time moping a bit, Toga mostly on when they would get back so that he could finally see his grandpups, and Kengomaru complaining about his daughter just up and leaving, as well as the grandpups, it seemed in some ways only Keade was a sane one. The elder inu spent most of her time at what was the false North's palace, a place she had once called home as well, getting things ready for her own son, and his wife, she was having it all renovated as her pup trained with Toga to get ready to be lord of the lands. Naraku and Onigumo had taken no care for anything, and there was much to be done. Between cleaning the locations, there was so much paper work, the old false rulers had spent most of their funds on taking care of the army, neglecting the lands and its people, there was more mess to clean up then there was time for, but the elder seemingly was managing fine.

There were many in the Northern lands that were glad to see the inu's returning to power, while the black lightening clan had been in charge of their lands there had been happiness and stability, with the tragic death of Lady Keade's mate that had all been taken from them. This time was a new start for many, and none could help but openly voice just how happy it made them to see such positive events unfold.

It was finally over three months when the couple plus pups returned, and both father's of said couple could see the protective stands both held, whatever had happened was very much cleared up, and Kagome with pups in arms nearly hiding behind Sesshomaru, they made a striking pair, and Kengomaru couldn't help but to think how odd it was to see his girl pup in a submissive roll. Part of him wanted to assume that Sesshomaru had beat her into this way, but the more he looked the more he noticed that she held the world with caution and was relying on her mate to defend them, not that she couldn't but it wasn't her job should he be there as he was. He was proud at the sight, for one of the things that had most infuriated him as a father was her overly independent nature. While he loved it honestly, he knew there were times when she would have to back down, and it was rare that she had before. It seemed having pups had made her understand better what he'd meant.

They as a couple looked so regal, so right together, so perfect, it was amazing. He didn't know all the details, no one wanted to tell him but the end result being what it was, he was sure he didn't want to know anything that would taint such an image. That being in mind he went to his mate and joined with the rest to get to know the next heirs of the lands. They all knew the future was untold, but they all had good ties, strong loyalties, not to mention there were strong males with a woman behind them that would make the world grand. That evening Sesshomaru and Kagome let the rest of the clans meet the younger pups, while they settled into mated life. They decided that for the most part the couple would stay in the Western lands, while Inuyasha, Miroku, Kohaku, and Sango went to the Northern lands to help out there were they might need it, the royal parents of all went to their respective lands, and everything seemed to work out just fine after that.

It took a little while to settle into things, into a steady flow, but when it did, again Sesshomaru found himself in bed with his naked mate pressed against his own naked body as her heartbeats slowed, and breathing evenly, he'd worn her out yet again, of course she'd worn him out as well. He was glad he had her, glad that he knew her, that she was his, she was his woman, a daughter, a pack mate, a friend, a mother and a warrior, and most important his mate. She mattered to him, and he loved her. He didn't know if he'd tell her, but she brought peace to him, both his logical and his beast, he couldn't live without her, he'd kill for her, destroy without her. He was so happily trapped just being with her, and he was content with this as well.

Though he wondered if she felt the same, he didn't need to worry much, she was just as much in love with him, happily tangled in his fates, as he was tangled in her own. Sesshomaru was glad in the end she had done the things she had, who would have ever thought that he'd be mated, and to a female that lied and cheated in a sense to get what she wanted, even if it was honorable, and even if she seemed to steal his heart. He smiled just slightly at the thought before finally joining his mate in the land of dreams. This story over for now, and wondering what their future would hold, sleep took him, and unconsciously they embraced.



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