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Elliot stood at the nurses station. All was quiet at Sacred Heart Hospital in this late night. She looked around for any sign of life. Only the occasional nurse or late night doctor roaming the halls. She set her pen down. Private practice, she thought, would have kept her from late nights, but even paper work needed to be done at the hospital. Some patients even demanded her attention at night.

She often insisted on staying late to work on them.

Elliot turned around to make her way for the lounge when she bumped into the Janitor. He looked down at her and in one swift motion picked her up over his shoulder. Elliot squealed at this display.

"I have been looking for you all night. You said you were working late," he told her as he carried her.

"Well, here I am," she told him and made a show of the obviously staged kidnapping. "You could have paged me."

"Nah, that would have ruined the surprising throwing you over the shoulder alpha male attitude that I feel I need to acquire," he said and then set her down in one fluid movement. Elliot looked at him. They stood looking at each other for a moment, then she took him by his lapels and brought him down to her level.

They kissed and then Elliot opened the door to the room they stood before. The on call room was amazingly empty. Elliot entered and the Janitor checked the halls before disappearing into the room as well.

When they reappeared later, they shared another kiss.

"See you," Elliot said.

"My place or yours?"


And they turned and made their ways down the hall in the opposite direction of each other.