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Sam paced the floor. He had a problem on his hands, something he hadn't even mentioned to Jacob yet. Something he was afraid to mention, afraid of hurting Jacob.

How could he tell Jacob to let her go?

The boy was obviously in love with Bella, very much so. Not imprinting, no, but much like the way Sam had loved Leah. Even though his imprint overshadowed his love for her, it was still there. And it still hurt to see her, to see the look of betrayal and pain in her eyes, knowing that she would never understand.

Would this hurt Bella in the same way? Sam had found her in the forest, caught glimpses of her when she came to La Push with Jacob. If she were to fall back into that depression again, it might kill her.

Sam sighed. But this wasn't just about Bella, or her mental or emotional health. This was about the pack. How long before Jacob let something slip, or Bella figured it out? How long before Jacob lost control? What if he hurt Bella like Sam had hurt Emily?

Jacob would hurt her one way or another. But if he physically hurt her, how could they keep the pack safe? The secrets would come out, then- another bear attack in the middle of Forks? It just wasn't plausible. And no matter how much Jacob loved her, he could never repair the damage. And he hadn't imprinted on her, either. Without that imprint, he was leaving the door open to leaving her, even if it was only a small door. And then he would destroy her anyway.

What if it had been Leah that he had scarred before he imprinted on Emily?

The thought made him stop his pacing. Sam would never have been able to live with himself. He would have destroyed Leah, in more ways than one. And he couldn't let that happen to Jacob and Bella.

There was a knock on the door. "Sam? Emily said you were here. You wanted to see me?"

"Come in, Jacob."

Jacob opened the door and peeked over the edge before stepping inside and closing the door behind him. "So... What exactly did you want to talk to me about?"


Jacob stiffened. "What about her?"

"You can't see her anymore." The words burned Sam's mouth, but he refused to let that show.

"What? Sam, you can't do that." Jacob's eyes narrowed in anger, and he began to shake.

"Calm yourself, Jacob."

He did as Sam told him, pinching his eyes shut and breathing slowly.

"Listen. You could hurt her, Jacob. You know how dangerous werewolves can be."

"You can't keep me from her. I'm the only friend she has."

"I can and I will. Stay away from Bella. That's an order."

Jacob stepped back, as though he couldn't believe what Sam was telling him. But then the trembling started again, starting with his body and moving out to his limbs.

"I hate you," Jacob said, his eyes incensed, his voice trembling with the effort of trying to keep in human form. And then he ran out the door, before he lost control.

"I'm sorry," Sam said quietly to the open door, knowing that Jacob couldn't hear him.

"Sam?" Emily came in. "Is something wrong?" She rested her hand on his shoulder, looking up at him.

"I told Jacob to stay away from Bella. He's not happy about it. But Emily, there wasn't anything else I could do."

She leaned into his chest, and he wrapped his arms around her. "I'm sure you did the right thing," she said.

"I wish I knew," Sam said softly. "I wish I knew."

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