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Sakura's clothes were in shambles, miserable rags that didn't have a sliver of hope to be worn on her body ever again.

At her request, Sai faced away from the pink kunoichi, wiping blood away as he stared at the wall silently and she figured out what to do.

Well, the first thing was obvious.

Her shoulder was bleeding like no other, her body coated in a sickening red, and if that wasn't fixed soon she'd be too dizzy with blood loss to function.

But she didn't want to fix it. All she wanted to do was to lie down, close her eyes, and pretend it was all a bad dream, that a perverse, sadistic, pedophilic man had not stripped her, violently abused her and nearly raped her.

That was evidently an impossible desire.

There was no way she could forget the unbridled terror that had devoured her body, no way she could forget his malevolent, bloodshot crimson eyes boring hungrily into her as if she were a piece of delicious meat, no way she could forget the scarring, carnal way he gripped and clawed at her bared body, his coarse, raucous voice uttering pedophilic words into her ear.

The terrifying remembrances were of such unbelievably horrendous clarity in her scarred memory that she could not even begin to speculate her emotions if Sai had not saved her, if Michio had managed to go through with his twisted plan and raped her.

She was forever in Sai's debt.

Sai, sweet Sai, who had kept her company when she needed it most, who had filled a hole in her heart where loneliness had rampaged freely, who had made her laugh, who had held her and hugged her and made her feel whole in a way she had never felt before. Who had managed to stop a sadistic rapist from robbing her of her innocence in the worst way humanly possible.

Her heart rushed with gratitude for her pale mission partner.

Her head spun with excessive blood loss.

Damn. There could be no more delaying it. Her finger-punctured shoulders needed healing now.

Weakly, she grasped her right shoulder with her left hand and began to focus her chakra on the deep wounds. The injury appeared gruesome, but since it didn't strike a vital organ, shouldn't be much of a challenge for a medical ninja of her caliber.

But for some baffling reason, Sakura could not heal it.

It was as if the chakra reservoir in her body was covered by a film of darkness, an impregnable miasma of black which prevented her from drawing the energy out, prevented her from healing herself.

She cursed silently.

It was the blood loss that made her head spin, that made her unable to manipulate the chakra which she normally had superior control over.

What to do now? she wondered, panic beginning to bubble within her frail body, If I can't heal this wound within the next few minutes, I will probably die.

She needed chakra, and she needed it now. Any longer postponement and she wouldn't be able to operate chakra in any form, let alone draw out her own.

She needed Sai, needed his help, needed him to lend her some of his chakra...

But that would require him to hold her hand, to stoop directly over her unprotected, nude body.

Oh what the hell, this was a life and death situation. Besides, it was not like he hadn't already seen it.

"Sai" she called to him, voice alarmingly faint, "Can you come here for a moment?"

The pale jounin turned hastily, nearly pouncing to get by her side.

Sakura smiled weakly.

"Could you put your hands on top of mine and hold them to my shoulder?" she asked feebly.

Why was her voice so soft, so faint? Sai's heart raced as he nodded urgently and clasped her hands with his.

Her brow furrowed in concentration, a bead of sweat rolling down the side of her face, and a sphere of shimmering green encompassed the deep scratch marks in her shoulder.

He held his breath anxiously as the deathly pale skin sizzled, hissing smoke, and closed itself at an insufferably sluggish rate. It did not help his skyrocketing heart rate that her labored breathing grew fainter and more arduous with each inhalation.

"Okay" she whispered, no longer summoning the energy even to speak, "Switch hands…"

Sai's hands shook as he took her right hand and held it gingerly to her left shoulder.

Was it just his imagination that the emerald light glowed less brightly this time?

Sakura had trouble breathing. She made a mental note never to wait until she was nearly dead before healing herself as her eyes scrunched tightly in concentration. It was increasingly difficult to focus on the wound, to center her curative chakra evenly on the deep abrasion. It seemed so much easier to give up, to surrender herself to death, which lurked at the precipice of her soul, lingering eagerly, waiting.

No, no, she was only seventeen. She had so much left to do in this world. Eventually, there would be an ideal time to die, but that time was still far in coming.

Thank god Sai was holding her hand where it needed to be, furnishing her warmth, maintaining her strength where it was necessary. Without him, she would already be at the brink of heaven. Or of hell. She couldn't be sure which.

Sai was sweating, Sakura's pallid hand nearly slipping out of his as the slick perspiration coated his skin.

Come on Sakura, focus. Live live live!

He gripped her hand more tightly, holding it in place. If he let it fall, he knew she would be gone.

The thought made cold fear chill his body, but he forcibly held it at bay, holding onto her hand even more firmly with the ominous prospect of her death looming before him.

Seconds protracted into hours, each one passing painfully slowly in the terse silence broken only by labored breaths.

If Sai's heart could thump out of his chest, the pulsating mass of his left ventricle would probably be pounding out of his left pectoral.

"Okay…" came Sakura's soft whisper, "Sai…thank you…"

He looked into her eyes, his terrified expression reflecting off her dark pupils.

She smiled, the corners of her mouth barely raising.

"Don't worry…" she told him, barely audible, "I'll…be fine…just…need some…rest…"

Her eyes closed and her head would have fallen had Sai not reacted and held it up with his hands.

"Sakura!" he cried, the all-too-familiar rise of panic overtaking him.

He checked her pulse. Beating.

He held a finger to her nose. Breathing.

The pale jounin sighed in relief, allowing a portion of relaxation to calm his body. Like the pink-haired kunoichi had said, she probably just needed to sleep for a bit.

With Sakura's immediate safety secured, Sai's mind immediately switched gears to consider the next course of action. All that anguished screaming would undoubtedly have alerted everyone within a half mile radius to their location, and frankly, it was a miracle that a squadron of ANBU members had not yet surrounded them with swords drawn.

He needed to locate the pendant and evacuate them out right away.

Even under severe emotional trauma, a stress the pale jounin had never dealt with given his newly-discovered feelings, Sai moved with the characteristic efficiency and haste of a highly skilled shinobi.

His brush and paper were out in a second, hundreds of ink mice flowing like a river across the floor. Every crevice, every box, under, over, beneath, would be thoroughly searched. There was no possible way the pendant could be missed.

And then there was the issue of Sakura's exposed body. Now that his nerves had ceased with their sharp spasms, he became acutely aware of how close her bare skin was to his. He could see every part of her body, every private area, and it made him blush severely as he realized.

It would need to be covered.

He quickly painted a small vest and skirt on his scroll of parchment, slamming his palm down to convert the crude lines into material substance.

His face was flushed with embarrassment as he clumsily slid the clothes over her naked form, pulling and tugging the fabric over her shoulders and thighs, painfully aware of how close he was to her sex, how close he was to her breasts.

There was no time for humiliation.

A formidable assemblage of chakra signatures was perilously close. He had maybe five seconds before escape from the Hidden Village of Rain would become a thousand times more difficult.

The mice swarmed to him, a lustrous gold-chain necklace with a sapphire jewel encrusted at one end sailing amidst their gleaming dark backs.

Sai hoisted Sakura up with one hand and snatched the precious heirloom in one fluid motion, heart pounding as he felt the enemies close in on their location.

Three seconds.

He threw the pendant over his neck.

Two seconds.

The brush flashed, the portrait of a bird swept across paper.

One second.

Fingers jutted into the air. A massive falcon burst into life, gusts of wind rolling across the room, rustling the shutters of the window.

The door burst open, and masked shinobi poured like quicksilver through the narrow entryway into the building.

Sai exhaled in disgust.


He glanced around the room, surveying the crowded mass of Amegakure ANBU, briefly studying the white animal masks bound to their faces.

"And what do you all want?" he inquired, his tone reverting to its original, long-unused apathetic indifference.

"Don't move" commanded the hooded ninja standing directly in front of the pale jounin.

He was undoubtedly the leader of this group. Only leaders gave instructions.

When Sai stood motionless in apparent acquiesce to the order, the ANBU moved forward, swords drawn, the sharp tips trained on the pale jounin's face.

Sai smiled frostily.

The giant falcon screeched, its shrill call piercing the silence. Massive wings unfurled with a blast, a vortex of colossal wind exploding from the dazzling black plumage. The ANBU ranks stumbled backwards, the circle of space around Sai widening.

He wasted no time.

Placing Sakura gently in the talons of the enormous bird, he grasped a handful of its dark feathers and leapt, wrapping his arms around the great neck.

It screeched again, and the sheer volume in such close proximity stunned the still-recoiling ninja for the brief moment that Sai needed.

With a triumphant cry, the falcon exploded through the roof of Michio's one-time residence, red tiles falling like hail on the ground contiguous to the building. It swerved sharply, once, twice, to avoid consecutive barrages of flying senbon. Then, as it shot out of range from the pursuing needles, the great bird veered slightly north, Sai clinging impressively to its neck, and headed for the sunlit lands beyond the Hidden Village of Rain's ever-present storm clouds.

It was only a matter of moments before a final echo of triumph rang throughout the flat land.

And with that call, the falcon, Sai and Sakura disappeared over the horizon, away from the dismally dreary village they were nearly imprisoned in, away from the nightmarish experiences they had encountered there, and towards the convivial atmosphere of their thoroughly-missed home.


The earth was a blur of myriad greens as Sai soared over the endless forest.

At the incredible speed which they flew, the wind tore past him ridiculously fast, howling insanely vociferously, his already-tight clothing pressing tighter still to his muscular chest. The pale jounin could not physically open his dark eyes any more than the slits they were currently straining to maintain.

Yet, despite the discomfort and considerable jeopardy of flying at such celerity, the thought had not dared to cross his frantically urgent mind to slow the pace, to settle for anything less than full speed.

Sakura's body needed blood.

While she was temporarily okay, and might possibly be completely okay, the slim possibility that the pink-haired jounin would need medical attention was enough to evoke an exigency in Sai's journey that could not be compromised.

He craned his neck forward, muscles straining against the force of the wind, and made an attempt to peer over the wide expanse of green to the area ahead. Through his squinted eyes, dots of red, yellows and browns could be perceived in the hazy distance.

Konoha was in sight.

Hold on Sakura, almost there, hold on!

Sai urged the falcon faster, digging his fingers into the magnificent creature's thick neck.

Just a few more minutes, Sakura, be strong!

Several minutes passed before the welcoming red gates of Konoha approached frighteningly swiftly, but for Sai no speed could have been fast enough. The falcon soared through the broad entrance without the slightest hint of slowing, passing the two dazed gatekeepers so rapidly they registered the brief presence of the massive bird seconds after it had already shot away from view.

Four turns to the hospital.

Even with the chaos of the sharp rights and lefts, Sai steered the falcon with an expert adroitness, leaning hard into the abrupt changes in direction while simultaneously yelling out hasty apologies to the screaming villagers below.

The white walls of the public hospital greeted them upon rounding the last bend, filling their vision dangerously quickly.

Sai jerked the bird's neck backwards, pulling with all his strength as his destination roared into view. The falcon shrieked a high-pitched cry of protest, and the pale jounin's eyes watered at the stabbing screech.

"Sorry!" he apologized hastily, patting his enormous creation's feathered head as it halted before the building amidst a cloud of airborne dust.

"Wait here for a moment" he instructed the bird.

He leapt off the wide plane of its back and rolled Sakura gently out of its loose talons, grasping her limp body as he rushed into the hospital.

Konoha's infirmary was enjoying a tranquil day free of excitement. Nurses treaded leisurely in between rooms, walking in only to insure that their quiescent patients were faring well and taking steps toward recovery. The secretary swiveled back and forth in her chair, twirling her pen absently, face rested against the crook of her arm.

The automatic doors burst open with a sickening screech of metal against metal, the normally-unhurried parting of glass panes urged apart with the considerable addition of force from Sai's muscular legs.

Nurses screamed, stumbling frenetically over wheeled trolleys. The secretary was awake in an instant, her eyes open and wide in a flash.

"Help her, now!" Sai told her frantically, indicating the frighteningly pallid kunoichi in his arms.

For a moment, the poor woman opened her mouth, torn between giving the pale teen a piece of her disapproving mind and rushing the unconscious girl to an emergency room.

Then her professional senses prevailed.

"Get this young woman to an ER room immediately!" she barked at the frantic nurses tripping over each other's legs.

"Y-yes m'am!" they responded in unison. A petite, dark-haired woman trotted forwards, hands outstretched, and Sai passed Sakura to her.

"Don't worry" she informed him reassuringly.

Sai worried anyway.

The medic bearing the pink-haired kunoichi turned, orders flowing swiftly out of her mouth.

"Two of you get me a stretcher, you, and you, ready the sheets in room 16, make sure the blood bags are replenished and set to go, get those carts out of the way, clear the hall, get moving!"

The disoriented nurses rushed to comply, running in all different directions as they scrambled to complete her instructions. Nurses appeared with a stretcher, and Sakura was placed gently onto the cloth before she was hurried down the hall, Sai running hot on the nurses' heels.

"Room 16, right side!" reminded one of the medics breathlessly, and the entire entourage swerved to the right as the end of the hallway neared.

Two doors down, the room was already open, scrub-clad nurses running in and out to finish the preparations that had been requested. Sakura, Sai, and the medics surged through the narrow doorframe. The bed was cleared and straightened, and the unconscious jounin lain onto the soft mattress.

"Clear away, clear away!" said the black-haired medic, and the crowd of nurses backed off, exiting the room until only one remained.

"Hisako, tend to the patient, run tests, stabilize her blood pressure, provide oxygen if necessary, you know what to do" she told the nurse standing behind her.

Said medic nodded, springing to work.

The diminutive, dark-haired woman turned back to Sai.

"Now that everything is under control, what exactly happened?" she asked.

Sai hesitated. Did people usually inform the hospital that the patient was nearly raped?

He decided that they didn't.

"We were on a mission. She was injured and knocked out. She lost too much blood" he told her.

"I see" was the reply, "And where were you at this time?"

"I was unconscious" he answered shamefully.


She glanced down at the pink-haired kunoichi, and then turned to converse briefly with the nurse Sai now knew as Hisako.

The short medic faced the pale jounin once more.

"Well, sir, I'm afraid I must ask you to leave this room for a moment as we figure out if there is anything seriously amiss with her body. There are benches in the hall where you can wait, and we will come out to inform you of her condition in a few minutes"

Sai nodded, stealing one last glimpse at his mission partner's limp form before striding out of the room and shutting the door softly behind him.

The wait for Sakura's results was the longest wait he had ever experienced. The seconds passed by agonizingly slowly, each one punctuated by a distinctive tick that resonated through the length of the resounding corridor, his anxiety mounting incessantly with each one.

After a torturous eternity, the door finally swung open and the dark-haired nurse beckoned the pale jounin into the room. Sai's heartbeat accelerated tenfold as he made his way towards the door, towards Sakura, towards the fateful information that would make or break his fragile reality.

He entered cautiously, closing the door as he stepped in. His dark eyes flitted from Sakura to the nurse, then back to Sakura again.

"Well, young man…" began the petite woman.

Sai's breath caught in his chest. Was she safe? She had to be, he wouldn't forgive her if she wasn't.

"…it seems like your companion is perfectly safe" she finished.

His chest decompressed visibly as the pale jounin sighed, relief coursing through his anxiety-stressed body.

"Thank you, thank you so much" he told the dark-haired nurse, shaking her hand so madly with gratitude that she had to yank it away in order to escape his excited grasp.

"It was nothing really" she responded, clearly flustered by his enthusiastic outburst, "Sakura is an exceptionally brilliant medical ninja. It seems like she tarried too long before healing her shoulder wounds and lost too much blood to remain conscious in the process"

Sai nodded his comprehension.

"Her body is currently working overdrive to produce all those missing red blood cells, so we're going to keep her here for the night. Tomorrow, she should be out and about"

Sai smiled warmly, a mixture of happiness and relief radiating from his face.

"Okay, thanks" he said gratefully.

His gaze lingered longingly on Sakura's smooth face before turning towards the door.

Then, with a small wave to the nurses, Sai headed out of the room.

He was almost at the lobby when hectic commotion barreled his way. Frantic scrub-clad nurses sprinted with stretchers towards him, and he only narrowly managed to sidestep them as they charged down the hall. Sai caught glimpses of battered ninja with bloody gashes scored across their bodies, but could not recognize their faces as the horde of medical staff raced by.

"Rooms 13-16 should all be free!" one of them called out as they rushed past him.

Sai blinked.

Room 16 was not free. Sakura was in that room.

He spun and sprinted after the crowd.

Just as the pale jounin rounded the corner, a medic was running the exact opposite direction. She screamed and he let out a surprised oomph of pain as they crashed full speed into each other and collapsed unceremoniously to the ground.

"Watch where you're going, numbskull!" she shouted furiously, as she grasped the side of her head and rubbed it piteously.

Sai opened his mouth to mumble an apology. The black-haired nurse did not give him a chance.

"I need to catch that pale gentleman who just left room 16! I need him to come back right now!"

She glared at him with fuming dark eyes, and Sai was surprised his clothes did not flare alight with the smoldering heat that emanated from her livid gaze.

The realization that the pale jounin sprawled on the floor before her was the boy she sought was late in coming. She was all set to deck him in the face and continue her pursuit before she recognized who he was.

"Oh!" she laughed, her voice softening to a light, lilting quality so disturbingly quickly that Sai had trouble believing she was the same person, "It's you!"

Sai tilted his head uncertainly.

"Anyway, we received some fatally wounded shinobi that need immediate attention, and unfortunately our hospital lacks available rooms. Is it okay if you take care of your pink-haired friend for the day?" she asked.

Sai blinked, processing what she had just said, and the desperate nurse took his moment of contemplation as a moment of uneasy trepidation.

"Don't worry!" she assured him, "She should be fine anyway, and if she really needs help you can just bring her back in and we'll be able to treat her!"

Sai nodded his agreement.


The smile that lit her face radiated a thousand joys.

"Thanks so much!" she told him. "Wait right here. She'll be right out"

The petite woman bolted back to room 16, leaving a dazed Sai scratching his head in her wake.

Sakura, stay with him?

In his room?

On his bed?

The pale jounin's musing was interrupted by the sight of a groggy Sakura ushered towards him by the dark-haired nurse. Sai had to bite back a laugh at the sight of his mission partner's facial expression, a face that shouted a thousand outraged things at once, predominantly phrases along the lines of Who dared to interrupt my peaceful slumber and I'm going to kill the bitch pushing me forwards with her short arms.

"Sai!" she exclaimed, death glares erasing off her face the instant she observed her pale mission partner's smiling face.

"Sakura!" he responded, equally cheerful, cheerful to see her face, to see her back (though shakily) on her feet.

He extended a hand toward her.

She laughed, pried the petite nurse's fingers off her waist and took his invitation, her fingers clasping over the smooth back of his hand.

"She's all yours" the black-haired medic told Sai, then rushed back to bark orders at the nurses scurrying in and out of the rooms.

The two stared at each other.

"So, what's going on?" the pink-haired kunoichi asked Sai, breaking the silence. The last she had seen of the waking world was the fuzzy view of a cramped, dark room reeking of the blood smeared around it.

"Well" Sai replied, "You healed your shoulder and fainted, leaving me to deal with the Rain ANBU alone, and I had to fly you out of the place on a massive falcon, cross miles and miles of land alone, rush you into the hospital and make sure you were safe"

"Oh really?" she questioned mischievously, "Quite the charming hero, aren't you?"

"Indeed" agreed Sai.

She laughed, and his heart soared as she did.

"You're so cute" she informed him. Even in her weakened condition, she managed to pull him into a hug. Sai's arms closed reflexively around her waist.

"Nice clothes you gave me, by the way" she said as she glanced down at the crudely-illustrated attire adorning her body.

Sai pouted.

"I drew them just before a snarling horde of Rain ninja surrounded me" he informed her defensively.

"You must've been really scared" she guessed teasingly.

"I was" he admitted, not entirely dishonestly.

"Well, thank you for saving me and making sure I wasn't naked as you did so" she said, laughing.


They stared at each other for a moment, sea green eyes holding dark brown ones.

"So how come I'm not sleeping in a hospital bed right now?" whispered the pink-haired kunoichi.

"They said you were too much trouble and told me that I needed to take you away because they couldn't stand you" the pale jounin responded, his face solemn.


"Yea" was the serious reply.

"I hate you!" she pouted, pushing him away in mock dislike.

"I love you"

Sakura stopped in her tracks.

Was she imagining things? Did Sai just say what she thought he had said?

She could actually hear her heartbeat thumping out of her chest.

This could not be true. Her ears deceived her.

All the guys she had ever liked did not return her affection.

Guy, she corrected herself. The only guy she had ever liked, Sasuke-kun, did not return her feelings. And not only had he not returned them, but he had coldly passed off her advances without even a glance acknowledging her presence.

She had lived the blossoming love years of her youth bound to the impossibly stoic Uchiha, her obsessed heart unable to settle for any other person. She had suffered the ultimate form of unrequited love, her lifelong crush glacially passing her off as just another negligible fangirl. When he left Konoha in search of greater power, power great enough to avenge his clan and murder his brother, he had not even bothered to say goodbye.

Needless to say, she had been utterly and completely heartbroken.

But now, this boy, this wonderful boy Sai, this boy she could no longer live without, had told her he loved her.

As much as she had trouble believing it, the portion of her heart yearning for it to be true yelled over her pessimistic conscience.

"Really?" she asked softly, and her heart trembled for him to say yes, to confirm what he had said. It would be unspeakably cruel, it wouldn't be fair, if he told her he was just joking now. Not after hope had spiraled out of her body like shooting fireworks.

Sai was silent for a moment. Sakura swore she could die from anticipation.

"I'm pretty sure, yea" he told her.

Sakura melted.

There was no other way to describe her reaction. Her entire body quivered, limbs shaking despite her brain's repeated commands not to, and her heart was a gooey mess of hot, fluid syrup. Her muscles betrayed her, buckling uselessly, and she felt Sai's strong arms hold her upright, squeezing with just enough pressure to keep her standing.

"Are you okay?" came his worried voice from above her.

She buried her head in his chest.

"Yea" was her muffled reply, "Just…a little overwhelmed…that's all"

She thought over what he had said once more.

"Are you sure?" she asked again, accentuating the key word with a slight crescendo.

It still seemed such an impossible concept. There was no way someone would like her back. No one had liked her back, ever.

Sai was silent for a moment.

The next thought that came to his mind made him feel slightly dirty, and he debated wheher or not to say it.

But hey, they were seventeen year olds, it was nothing out of the norm. If anything, it was lamentably overdue.

"You don't believe me?" he asked mischievously.

"I'm not sure" was the truthful response.

"Then let me convince you that I mean what I say" he told her.

In one flowing motion he dropped his right arm and hooked his left beneath her calves. She screamed, cursing, and had the nurses not been extremely flustered they probably would have stormed out and admonished the two heartily for making such a frightful din when patients needed their unperturbed repose.

"Let me down!" she shrieked, squirming in Sai's arms.

"That's okay" he told her, "We need to go and we won't be getting anywhere if you're on your feet in your current state"

The pink-haired kunoichi stopped wriggling around for a moment.

"Where are we going?" she asked, curiosity overriding her impulse to protest.

"Home" the pale jounin replied.

And with that, he turned, balancing Sakura so that her legs hung off his left elbow, and strode out the automatic doors of the hospital into the sunlight.


When the door swung open to Sai's apartment, Sakura wasn't surprised to see that everything was arranged neatly and orderly in a perfectly organized fashion. The walls were white, the carpet a light beige without a single stain marring its flawless expanse.

Oak shelves lined the entirety of one wall, books of all different shapes and sizes packed tidily across in an assortment of motley colors. A small table with two wooden chairs sat in the corner, a low arch leading into a tiny kitchen behind them.

But Sai paid no heed to the furniture organized around his dwelling. He had eyes only for the small hallway directly in front of them, which led to a white door opened slightly ajar.

Sakura didn't need to ask what lay beyond the doorframe.

"I get to see your room?" she asked gleefully.

Sai laughed as he nudged the door open with his knee.

"Yea, lucky you" he answered.

Sakura barely had time to glance around before she was dumped gently onto the bed. She let out a little squeal of delight as her body sunk into the downy mattress.

Who knew Sai's bed was this soft? She would never have guessed.

A slight bounce indicated that he had sat down beside her.

"I have to ask you something" the pale jounin told her.


He paused, staring at her face as if trying to piece together words. Sakura wondered if he had forgotten what he wanted to ask in a span of time that couldn't have amounted to more than two seconds.

Why was this so hard to say? It was just a few words, words like any other, but for some reason Sai needed several moments of composure before he managed to utter a sound.

"Doyouloveme?" he blurted, words babbled so incoherently it sounded like another language.

Sakura's brow furrowed in confusion.


Sai tried again.

"Do…you…" he asked, "love…do you love me?"

Sakura smiled, and the unadulterated affection which radiated from her face rendered any hope of a false answer an impossible prospect.

"Yea" she said softly, "Yea I do"

Sai broke into a playful grin.

"In that case…" he said, "I have another question for you"

"Oh?" responded the pink-haired kunoichi, intrigued.

Sai stared at her face for a second, his dark eyes traveling over every contour of her faultless face. She squirmed involuntarily under the intense scrutiny.

"Can I kiss you?" he asked.

Sakura nearly burst out laughing.

Did people ask questions like that?

She was pretty sure they just did it, or at least, that was how it happened in her romance novels. The guy just kissed the girl, without asking, when the moment was right and a mutual tacit agreement was forged.

"Nope, sorry you can't" she chuckled, covering her lips with her palm.

She couldn't help but snicker as his face fell considerably, his hopeful countenance rearranging itself into a puppy-like pout that could elicit pity from even the most stolid of men.


Sai's blissful utopia had collapsed. Sakura was on his bed, her parted lips just about begging to be kissed, and she didn't want him to kiss her.

But she said she loved him!

Perhaps his innate senses were wrong. Perhaps he had insanely misjudged human reactions. He was after all, still an amateur, a newcomer to the world of emotions.

Sai cursed silently.

He knew he should have read more books on the nature of love before carrying Sakura to his apartment. Then she would have been completely wooed by his charm, transfixed by the unshakable bond that was their love-

Soft lips covered his.

In an instant, his distressed contemplations evaporated, his eyes snapping open in astonishment at her touch. For a second, the pale jounin just sat there, emotions shooting helter-skelter through his brain like nerves firing frenzied impulses upon touching something extremely hot.

Then he let his body take over, his inherent desire taking the reins on his actions, and he kissed those immeasurably plushy lips back, kissed them with a passion so fiery he did not even know it existed within him.

Their mouths locked, lips brushing lovingly over and over, and Sai wanted to know every detail, discover everything about those lips, the slight rises and falls, the subtle wrinkles, the impossible suppleness.

In all honesty, he didn't know what he was doing. His lips just crashed over hers again and again, terribly frenzied but somehow still exquisitely sweet.

They didn't know when they started grasping each other's cheeks, when their hands had treacherously reached for each other's faces in the midst of their fervor, nor could they distinguish when lips gave way to mouths, and their tongues flicked out mischievously from behind their teeth, intertwining and interlacing in an inextricable dance.

Sakura was ensnared, trapped in a world where all logical and coherent thought could not hope to dwell, a world where all she could feel, all she could comprehend, were Sai's searing lips, was the indescribable power of his burning tongue swelling and surging against hers.

She had no cognizant awareness that soft, guttural moans were pouring forth from the carnal depths of her throat, that her litany of pleasured whimpers weaved an intricate harmony of soaring pitches which synthesized perfectly with the lower undertones of Sai's deep groans.

And it was warm, so warm, too warm, warm beyond comfort, her body retaliating, screaming for her to cool down, to do whatever she could to escape the overwhelming heat. The vest and skirt Sai had drawn for her were so suffocating, were so oppressive, and she attempted in vain to rip the offending material away, to free her flushed, gasping body of its terrible constraints.

Then she felt hot fingers at her chest fumbling clumsily with the ink-drawn zipper, fingers that wanted to rescue her, to liberate her of the binding fabric. And she brimmed with gratitude, her body returning the favor ardently, and she was vaguely conscious that her hands were on his chest as well, that they were struggling to rid him of the black jacket which kept her deprived fingers from grasping the firm pectorals trapped beneath.

Sakura was naked all too soon, her flushed skin finally free of the overwhelming heat, and as the cold encased her sweat-slicked body, she realized with a start that Sai was naked as well, that she lay on top of him, her rosy skin a sharp contrast to the pale white below her.

Suddenly, everything was crystal clear, Sakura's senses struck with a blinding clarity, and every instance of her striking situation was brought under dazzling light.

She was spread-eagled across Sai, her tongue exploring the inside of his mouth as he moaned and the delicious vibrations shook her entire body. Her breasts were pressed against his heaving muscular chest, somehow already perfidiously forgetting all the painful trauma of scarring recent contact, and her thighs were opened wide, sandwiching his bony hips, her wet crotch gleaning moisture across his burning skin.

And her stomach, her toned abdomen, was squeezed against something unbearably hot, impossibly hard, an object the entirety of her lust-consumed mind zeroed in on in an instant.

An unquenchable curiosity wracked her, and she pulled away from his succulent lips, arms straightening to hold her bared body up as her gaze traveled past his puzzled face, his strained neck, down his prominent pectorals, past his pronounced six-pack, to the rigid, elongated organ jutting from the base of his crotch.

Sakura blushed, her cheeks reddening, but the temptation was too strong, her curiousness too powerful to resist. Her romance novels often described the traits of this particular body part in detail, the rigid hardness, the way a girl could render a guy helpless and unintelligible with the slightest brush against its burning length.

Any girl with at least the fraction of a brain had the right to doubt the validity of that claim.

An object that, upon the slightest touch, would reduce all men to monosyllabic Neanderthals begging for more?

How could that be?

Sakura had always wondered how that was possible, especially when guys always claimed they were the dominant sexual beasts, but the occasion had never arisen when asking such an embarrassing question felt appropriate.

Sakura took a deep breath.

If it wasn't appropriate to ask now, it would never be appropriate.

"Sai?" she asked tentatively.

He gazed into her emerald eyes, lust obscuring his usually-sharp stare.


The pink-haired kunoichi faltered for a moment, gathering her confidence.

"Is it true that…" she began timidly, trailing off as her words clamped in her mouth.

"True that what?" he implored, tone husky with desire.


Just say it! she screamed to herself.

"…that guys go crazy when their…"

Shit, this was so embarrassing.

"…when their…um…"

How was she supposed to refer to it?

"…when their…things…are touched?"

Even with arousal clouding his comprehension, Sai chuckled softly.

"Why don't you find out for yourself?" he suggested innocently.

Sakura cringed.

Did he just extend an invitation to touch his…his…wow she couldn't even say it to herself, his penis? She looked back down to the throbbing erection between her legs.

Curiosity may not have killed the cat, but it definitely enticed it to do some rather remarkable things.

She shifted back slightly and sat down on his knees, her eyes fixed on his jutting member like a child regarding a questionable flavor of her favorite candy.

Slowly, cautiously, she extended a wary hand, fingers opened slightly, approaching the long object with such apprehension one would've thought she was reaching out to poke a sleeping lion.

Sai observed her hesitant antics with amusement.

"It's not going to bite you, you know" he informed her, visibly entertained.

Sakura scowled.

Fine. If he wanted her to hurry up, she would.

With newfound conviction, she leaned forward and grasped the organ, her slender fingers wrapping around the searing, impossibly hard length and squeezing in one swift motion.

Sai's surprised cry hitched in his throat as his hips bucked violently upwards.

Whoa. Amazing.

It appeared like the stories were true.

Her naughty mind was already whirring on hyper drive, conjuring images of what he would do, the sounds he would make, if she were to take him into her mouth, if she were to take him into her body…

Well, if he responded that ferociously from the mere touch of her hands, who could blame her for imagining the magnitude of his reaction if she were to suck on that burning member, if she were to impale herself on his immeasurably stiff arousal?

She was so wet she was dripping.

"Sakura…" pleaded the pale jounin, "Sakura please…"

Her hand still gripped his cock firmly, the blistering heat and delicious pressure from her flexed fingers driving him nearly insane with desire. If she were to move that hand now, he didn't know what he would do-

The soft fingers gripped him even more tightly, squeezing as they jerked down his needy shaft.

The moan that exploded from his mouth was throaty and saturated impossibly with arousal. He bucked up like he had been struck by lightening, and with the sudden jolt upward came an unintentional second pump as Sakura struggled to maintain her hold on his crazed erection.

Sai could not take it anymore. The scalding heat, the incredible pressure amounted to an electroshock pleasure which bolted with unbelievable speed from his cock to every organ, every tissue of his body.

He needed to be in her. Right now.

Rearing up, he grasped her shoulders and tumbled over, rolling so that he loomed above her, his eyes taking in every detail of her nudity.

Her breasts heaved mightily with the force of her desire, the thatch of pink curls ringing her sex drenched thoroughly with her juices.

But it was her eyes, her licentious, lustful eyes, the ones which shone with a need so ostensible, so unequivocally wanting, that drove Sai into an unrestrained, hopelessly uncontained frenzy.

And thank god she wanted him, for at that point he didn't know if he could stop even if she screamed for him not to. She had driven him too far over the edge, and at this point he could not physically settle for anything less than fucking her brains out.

He didn't bother to ease into her, couldn't possibly have eased into her even if he attempted to, so he just thrust the blunt end of his cock through, penetrating the most sacred area of her body, and groaned senselessly as the impossible tightness compressed his member and he drove into her again and again.

Sakura was in a mixed world of ecstatic euphoria and stabbing pain.

She had no idea she was moaning, that a litany of husky cries were flowing incessantly out of her panting mouth.

All she knew was Sai's cock, the scorching, stiff rod thrusting harshly into her with frightening animalistic abandon, the flaming spear piercing the barrier of her sanity, savagely ripping control from her body, forcing her into the bestial world of carnal, intrinsic desire.

Sakura did not know she was screaming his name.

All she knew was the white heat blazing through her body, covering her vision, her clamped eyes, with blinding light, burning her body mercilessly with a pleasure so impossibly intense, so powerfully incredible, that she was sure her soul was being torn from its bodily container.

And then she came, came with an orgasm no girl had ever come with, her body wracked with a burning series of spasms so violent she jerked up and down despite Sai's weight pressed forcefully against her jolting hips, her liquids milking his length as her vagina contracted vigorously on the hot length again and again.


Sai yelled hoarsely, his guttural shout echoing through the room as he crashed his hips against her one last time and snapped rigid, every muscle in his body flexed to their maximum as he groaned helplessly and came, his entire frame shuddering with the potent force of his orgasm.

She could feel his hot semen exploding into the depths of her body, could feel the milky liquid blast against the deep walls of her insides.

And then he fell on top of her, drained of all energy, his gasps for air resounding in her ears, matching the breathless pants escaping from her own mouth.

"Wo-ow…" she managed to whisper.

They lay there for a while, joined, connected, as the relentless tremors wracking their bodies gradually ebbed away.

Then, with a reluctant sigh, Sai pulled out of her, rolling onto his back to stare up at the white ceiling of his room.

Sakura stared at him silently, her eyes traveling slowly up his chest to his serene face.

She loved him. That was unquestionable.

He had painted an indelible mark in her heart that stated "Sakura loves me and me only, for all of eternity".

And she was happy that he did.

With a contented smile, she snuggled closer to him and gave him a small peck on the cheek.

The pale jounin turned, staring into her brilliant green eyes.

"I have a question" he announced.


Sai was quiet, as if reconsidering whether he should ask her or not. Then, in apparent decisiveness, he opened his mouth.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" he wondered softly.

Sakura's heart soared.

Yes yes yes!


Yes yes yes!


She waited, biding her time, wanting him to fidget nervously in hopeful anxiety as she considered her answer with feigned indecision.

Yes yes yes!

Then, unable to contain her own eager excitement, she wrapped her arms around his chest and hugged him tightly.

"Of course I will" she told him happily.


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