Title: While You Loved Me

By: twstofate (twstofate@hotmail.com)

Archive: As long as I know where it is

Rating: I'm thinking PG-13 should be okay

Disclaimer: I do not own WWFE and I do not know any of the characters in this story. It's a work of fiction and it has never happened.

Summary: A bump allows Stephanie to meet someone who shows her what her fate is.

Stephanie tried to ignore the prickling sensation behind her eyes. She refused to let that miserable cretin know exactly how much he had hurt her. He didn't deserve to know how deeply his insults wounded her. She wiped her mouth again, remembering his lips assaulting hers.

"Hey Skank!" he called to her.

She glared up at him. She wished she could slap that grin off of his face. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley simply turned and walked away from the ring. Test and Rhyno had failed to avenge her pride this time. Maybe it was time to turn someone else loose on Chris Jericho.

How she wished Triple H wasn't injured. He hated the remarks Jericho made. It's not that he gave a damn what Stephanie did in her spare time, it was that he didn't want to look like a fool in front of millions of people. Hunter would have used a sledgehammer to destroy that cocky grin.

Stephanie turned back to the ring and saw Jericho leaning on the rope, leering at her. He looked at her more than her own husband did anymore. Not that the marriage had ever been real. It was a business arrangement, with benefits. But the benefits had been few and far between recently. Stephanie couldn't imagine the deal lasting much longer. She didn't really care. She knew she would be fine without Hunter. She was a McMahon, a survivor.

"What's wrong slut?" Jericho called. Stephanie realized she had stopped walking and was staring at Chris Jericho. She shuddered when she thought of all the other nice things she could be looking at.

Stephanie wasn't sure what made her walk back toward the ring and climb onto the apron in front of Jericho. It was as if some supernatural force led her. She was about to slap him when she felt a strong snap of pain. She was falling and everything went black.


Stephanie shook her head to clear out the cobwebs. "What the hell happened?"

"You took quite a fall Stephanie," a dark voice said. The voice was oddly familiar.

"How?" Stephanie asked. "I was about to slap Jericho and then I fell for some reason."

"Rhyno gored Jericho from behind which made him run into you," the voice said. "You fell off the apron and hit your head pretty hard."

"Who are you?" Stephanie asked, trying to sit up.

"I'm hurt," the voice said. A large figure stepped into her line of vision. It was a figure from her nightmares. "How could you not recognize me?"

"Stay away from me," Stephanie said, trying to move away from the man. She was dismayed to find she was unable to move.

"It's no use trying to move Stephanie," he said.

"What do you want with me this time?" Stephanie asked. "I know you have a wife now and you seem to have left that whole dead thing behind you. What do you want?"

"That `dead thing' as you call it was my job," The Undertaker asked. Stephanie noted that he was not in his biker gear. He was dressed in those robes that haunted her nightmares. "I don't want anything from you Stephanie. The...powers that be if you will want me to help you out a little."

"Powers that be?" Stephanie asked in disbelief.

"Yes," The Undertaker sighed. "They want me to lead you to your fate."

"That sounds ominous," Stephanie muttered.

"I'm to show you your past so that you may be happy in the future," The Undertaker said. "I can't force you to do anything, but I can help you on your way."

"What in my past is going to help me find happiness?" Stephanie asked. "It was a pretty standard childhood."

"Not that past," The Undertaker said.

"What other past is there?" Stephanie asked.

"I'm going to take you to one of your past lives Stephanie," The Undertaker said. "You will meet your soul mate there."

"What good is meeting my soul mate in a past life when it's the present life I'm living?" Stephanie asked.

The Undertaker sighed. He had thought Stephanie was semi-intelligent. Maybe he had been mistaken. "A soul has only one soul mate throughout all of its reincarnations. When you realize who your soul mate is in your past life, you will know who your soul mate is in this life."

"I don't believe this is happening to me," Stephanie muttered. "Well, do your worst."

"You have a week to figure out who it is Stephanie," The Undertaker warned. "Don't take your time. Time is of the essence."


Stephanie yawned as she opened her eyes. The sunlight was bright. She felt incredibly rested. She had had the strangest dream the night before. She didn't even know how the whole soul mate thing had gotten into her head.

Stephanie sat up in her bed and stretched her arms above her head. "Wait a second," Stephanie said to herself. Her bedspread was not light blue. Her bed had green covers. "Where in God's name am I?"

She looked around the room. There was no TV or radio. There wasn't even a phone. The room was decorated nicely. She imagined the furniture was fairly expensive. She got out of the bed and stepped onto the cold wood floor. She slipped her feet into a pair of dainty slippers lying next to the bed. There was also a robe made of some heavy material. She slipped it on. She spied a vanity table and went and sat down.

"Lord in heaven," she whispered. Her hair was a deep auburn and it curled wildly. Her eyes were green. Her skin was very pale. She was pretty, but she was different. "Well, I can wake up any time now."

Stephanie had a sinking feeling she wasn't dreaming. She was in a past life as incredible as that sounded. She looked down at her hands and saw a simple gold band. So she was married.

On instinct she went to the bell cord near the door and pulled it. Within minutes a girl with curling blonde hair escaping from underneath her white cap came through the door.

"Good morning Madam," the girl said.

"Good morning-" Stephanie racked her brain hoping maybe the `powers that be' had allowed her some knowledge the body she inhabited would need to get through the week. "Nancy."

"Lord Harrington is waiting for you in the morning room," Nancy said as she got a blue muslin dress from a huge wardrobe. "He is starting to show signs of temper. You know how he hates to miss his breakfast."

"Of course," Stephanie said as she turned so Nancy could button up the dress. It was actually quite nice. Nancy indicated she should sit and she brushed out her hair and swept it up deftly. "Thank you."

Stephanie followed the maid out of the room and stepped into the hall. The house did indeed seem familiar which was good. She had no wish to be asking servants how to get around her own house. So, this woman, Lady Harrington she assumed, had a husband. That must be Stephanie's soul mate. Why she needed a whole week to figure out this puzzle she didn't know.

She wondered what year she was living in. She knew that Nancy's accent had been English, so she could assume she was living in England. Two people in, what were those silly suits called? Livery. That's right. Her husband must be pretty important if his servants wore livery. The two servants opened a door for her and she sailed in.

Her husband was sitting at the head of the table reading a paper. "Could you wake up at a decent hour occasionally Daphne?" he asked. His voice had an edge to it. She could hear no tenderness in the voice. Of course, Hunter rarely spoke to her with tenderness in his voice.

"I'm sorry your grace," Stephanie said meekly. Your grace? Only dukes were called your grace. Her husband was a duke?

He folded his paper and Stephanie stared in horror at her husband. "Chris?"

"How dare you mention his name?" her husband asked. He sounded calm but she saw the rage flash in his cold blue eyes. He had the same blue eyes. His hair was dark, nearly black. But she could easily tell that this man was Chris Jericho.

Stephanie felt a force take over her. The powers that be must not want her to ruin this poor woman's life. "I apologize James. I must have left my head on my pillow."

Stephanie could feel the tension between the two. Maybe the husband wasn't the soul mate. Maybe there was indeed a reason she had a week.