A/N: An old drabble revised. Originally written for Lanselle on LiveJournal.

Warnings: Mild shounen-ai.

Disclaimer: Sai Yukino and Kairi Yura own the plot and the characters. I'm just borrowing it for non-profit means and entertainment of other Saiunkoku Monogatari fans. No copyright infringement intended.

Doing the Job

The emperor was straying again. Chin propped on his interlaced fingers, eyes half-lidded, gaze distant and unfocused: Shi Ryuuki was lost in his daydreams again. There was a pile of documents in front of him, but they lay forgotten. Nearby, ink was slowly drying on a discarded brush.

Ran Shuuei could easily guess that it was Shuurei occupying the emperor's mind at the moment. Whenever the emperor's thoughts turned to her, his expression tended to turn rather dreamy.

"Emperor," Shuuei drawled in his usual teasing manner, "the work won't do itself."

There was no response and no reaction. Waiting for a moment longer than necessary, Shuuei opted to walk up to Ryuuki, thinking that maybe speaking from a closer distance would work better.

"Emperor," he tried again. "Should I do it instead?"

Again, there was silence. A soft, wistful sigh escaped Ryuuki's lips and it made Shuuei raise an eyebrow in amused wonder. Just what exactly was his emperor thinking about?


Abruptly, Ryuuki snapped out of his daydreams. The small jump he gave caused Shueei to snicker silently. Ryuuki blinked rapidly and unwound his hands, letting them down onto the table. He cast a quick glance at Shuuei before reaching for the discarded brush and some unfinished document. "What? Oh, yes. Yes."

"Very well." Shuuei hid his smirk and then crossed the remaining distance between the two of them. He leaned down, exhaling against the emperor's ear, swiped his hair aside and pressed a kiss to his neck.

"Shuuei, what--" Ryuuki started, but Shuuei silenced him with another kiss below his ear.

"Just doing the job, Majesty."

And if Shuuei could help it any, this would not be the last time, either.