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Parasol & dress robes

She remembers the first time she met him; four years old, on her best behaviour at her Auntie's Christmas party, her new silver parasol held daintily before her. He was standing behind his father, attempting not to look bored by the adult conversation. He's so handsome, like that handsome prince from Bella's story yesterday, she thought silently, admiring his deep green dress robes and silvery hair, so like her own. Despite mother's warning not to speak unless spoken to, she whispered to her sister "Dromey, who is that boy?"

"Lucius Malfoy," her sister hissed back, adding a second later "That's who mother and father have picked for me to marry."

Narcissa was horrified. Her plain ugly sister marrying her handsome prince? That wasn't fair!

Distracted, she didn't see the swaggering five-year-old approach until he snatched her favourite present out of her hands. "What's this stupid thing?" he sneered, waving in out of her reach as she tried to snatch it back.

"It's a parasol, stupid. Ladies carry them," she snapped back, glaring at him, hand on her hips.

He laughed mockingly. "You're not a lady, you're a stupid girl. Have your silly toy back then."

He jabbed the pointy end into her stomach and sauntered back to his father, still laughing.

Holding back tears, Narcissa clutched the parasol to her chest, and thought he's not a very nice handsome prince. Maybe Drommy can have him after all.