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This story is still going. I think I have the momentum again. At least until work starts to pick up...

Bella had been right about one thing- Peregrine Harper was an excellent flyer. He resembled his namesake as he swooped amongst the clouds, looping and diving with carefree abandon.

"Pathetic show-off."

Narcissa turned to see Lucius standing behind her, casually clutching his new Cleansweep 4, the model only three weeks old. He was sneering at the swooping speck that was her betrothed with intense dislike, and Narcissa privately wondered if he was afraid to compete against him. A whistle sounded and

The prospective players converged around Toronas Selwyn, the bulky sixth-year Slytherin captain. Narcissa settled back in the stands to watch the trials, pulling her cloak around her against the chill wind. Beside her Tessie Parkinson and Sharna MacMillan, her fellow first-years, whispered excitedly. The trials commenced with much bellowing on Selwyn's part as he attempted to find two chasers, and a keeper of a worthy standard. Behind him, Rodo leaned on his club and exchanged amused glances with the rangy Otto Bagman, who was absently tossing a spare quaffle from hand to hand. Finally, they got around to the seeker trials, with Lucius, Perry and a fourth year, Lleyton lined up against one-another. Lleyton went first, and appeared to have little above average skills, catching only half of the charmed rocks that were flung his way, and taking nearly four minutes to get hold of the greatly slowed snitch when it was released. Narcissa could hear Lucius's snide laughter at the ineptness, and rewarded him with a smile as he glanced in her direction.

"Ooh, does Lucius Malfoy like you Narcissa?"

With a roll of her eyes, she snapped "No, Tessie, he's a friend of my family, and betrothed to my older sister."

"Who, Bella?"

She could hear Sharna's groan at her friend's stupidity, and pointed to where Rodo was standing, now with his arm protectively around Bella, shielding her from the wind.

The sound of a whistle blast dragged their attention back to the pitch, and Narcissa cheered with the rest as Lucius caught all but two of the projectiles, and captured the snitch in less that half the time it had taken Lleyton. He landed with a smirk and a flourish, certain that he had the position. His hair, now grown to his shoulders had come loose while he was airborne, and the silver tendrils whipped about his face and shoulders. Entranced, Narcissa missed Perry's takeoff, but it soon became clear that he was up to the challenge. He snatched every rock that went past cleanly, occasionally alternating hands, and when the snitch was released he went into a spectacular dive and had it captured ten seconds later. Anticipating the argument to come, and not wishing to have to take a side, Narcissa suggested that the three girls start making their way back to the castle before the rain set in.

Three-quarters of an hour later, as the trio warmed themselves by the common-room fire, the entrance slid open to reveal Perry and Lucius still snarling at each other, and Selwyn shaking his head as Lucius demanded repeatedly that his better broom and respectable family name were more important than a scrawny runt's apparent ability, and Perry replying that he, as the proven better flyer, was rightfully the new Seeker. Finally, Bella stepped in, hitting the pair with a powerful silencing charm that she informed them would last a full twelve hours, and to go elsewhere before she did worse. As the pair scurried down the hall to the second-year dorm, Dromeda glanced up from her essay and asked innocently "So which one of them got Seeker?"