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Galma appears like a giant emerald surrounded by glistening sapphires of the never ending ocean. The island seems to beckon to him as Caspian secures the rope to their little boat. It is the most beautiful morning to be out upon the ocean and as he loads their supplies onto the vessel, he cannot help but grin at the late coming of Susan.

The days have gone by in the blink of an eye. Even he cannot believe it has been four months since their adventure in Calormen. Humming a tuneless melody he double checks to ensure everything is set for his day out with Susan. It has been almost two weeks since they managed to spend any time together. She has been busy with the daily activities of the castle as well as assisting in the brokering of a peace treaty with the North and the Giants. Everyone is tired of the long days, hammering clauses into a contract between emissaries and he sees the fatigue in her face as the day ends.

His journey into the Golden Age has been one of the most remarkable adventures in his life. Perhaps even more than his journeys upon the Dawn Treader. Since their return, his role has changed from its inception. Gone is the distrust from Peter and the High King shares a brotherly relationship with him as does Edmund. They both have come to respect his views and enquire advice on many subject matters and most favourable of all, they have both accepted his courtship to Susan.

Edmund interrogated him for hours after he revealed his true past to the Narnian and Archenland royals. It was best decided to keep it among themselves. Yet his actions made him popular among the Narnians and he strove to assist the kingdom in any way possible.

"Where is she?" He mutters, squinting his eyes towards the downward trail from Cair Paravel to the ocean and smiles as he sees her standard bend upon the last trail.

Even now, Susan still takes his breath away. She is glorious and sun kissed in the warm light and his heart skips a beat as she dismounts expertly. She wears an emerald green gown, without the trappings and finery of her court clothes. He secretly thinks this suits her better than the heavy fabrics she endures daily. Her eyes laugh as she sees him and that smile she reserves only for him, causes a lump to his throat. The Narnians call her their Gentle Queen, but knows the layers of steel that lie beneath. He sees her in all glory and revels that such a woman has given him her heart.

"Majesty." He curtsies with a deep flourish and Oreius chuckles at his exuberance.

"You seem eager to take your leave Lord Caspian." Oreius remarks and Caspian grins at him toothily.

"On a day as beautiful as this, every moment not savoured is wasted and criminal." He returns happily as the centaur acknowledges his words.

"Very well, I shall not delay you longer. Majesty by your leave?" Oreius enquires and Susan's kind nod is all he needs to return to the castle.

"I thought he would have stayed forever." Caspian remarks and pulls Susan towards him, leaning in for a kiss. She laughs and pushes him away.

"Such impropriety." She chides gently avoiding his ardent kisses expertly and he sighs dramatically.

"Madam." He laments. "You break my heart with your words." He continues and she pushes him towards the boat.

"Shall we leave Sir, before you wear my ears down with your moaning?" Susan grins and he laughs taking her arm into his as he leads her off for their adventure.

Later they sit under the falling pink blossoms of a cherry tree, enclosed by a circle of maple trees that hide them from any intruders. A crystal clear stream gurgles happily and the birds are out in full force this morning. Their tunes crackle in the air creating cacophony of sound but they pay no attention to these failing musicians. To them this is the peace they have desired for so long.

Reclining his head on Susan's lap, he purrs in contentment as she threads her long fingers through his hair, and she rewards him with a rare, girlish giggle. Scattered around them are shoes and the remains of their lunch. One hands twirls a lock of her loose hair and the other feeds her a juicy strawberry, Susan's hums contentedly and he reaches up to thumb a line of juice running down her chin. This is pure bliss he thinks happily.

"If Mrs. Beaver saw you now, she would go off into a tangent." He remarks casually and Susan merely laughs as she bends for another fruit.

"Mrs. Beaver does not appreciate strawberries as much as I do. Nor the fact the lengthy time we wait for the season to begin." Susan rejoins and he laughs deeply. She speaks bravely here with no one watching but they both know, any smart remarks to the self proclaimed Matron of Cair Paravel is highly prohibited.

"I worry at times." Susan says suddenly and he opens his eyes to peer at her.


"Us." She replies simply. "Whether this is a dream, to have found happiness with you despite everything. That may be one day we shall awake and find it all gone." She concludes and he rises to watch her directly.

"Susan." He comforts and cups her cheek. Her skin is warm and her eyes dance with happiness. He supposes it reflects his own. "Aslan's Will for us to be reunited will stand the test of any time." Caspian continues as she leans into his touch. His heart quickens at their proximity and he knows they both remember their interrupted encounter in her tent.

"Then why do I fear that time is racing from us?" She questions and he smiles gently.

"You fear that our fate will be the same as Peter and Dhira?" He enquires and the droop of her shoulders confirm this. He takes her hand and places it upon his heart. "I promise you, I will never leave you while breath remains in this body." Caspian vows and he brushes away the solitary tear that lights upon her dark lashes.

"I vow you are my one and only love, now and forever." She replies, her fingers trace idle patterns on his tunic and he knows she feels the thumping of his heart.

Her words touch the core of his being and he momentarily loses his breath as he stares into the never ending blue depths of her eyes. He willingly wishes to be lost in her forever. "Susan…" He continues in a hushed tone and she smiles in that beautiful and heartbreaking way. "I cannot live another moment without you being by my side. You are the person who grounds and yet completes me." He clears his throat and her eyes widen as she understands the moment that is upon them. "Will you…"

"Yes!" She exclaims and he laughs at her exuberance. He knew she would never let him complete his question. Their relationship was not built like this. He fumbles in his pocket and pulls out a golden ring with a solitary sapphire on its band.

"This ring represents my devotion to you forever." He replies as he slides the ring unto her finger. She is speechless for the first time but her eyes are shiny with unshed tears. Tenderly he kisses her and she melts into his arms.

"What did Peter and Edmund say when you asked permission?" She enquires and he shrugs casually.

"Nothing much except the usual terms of endearment." He replies and her brow arches in amusement.

"Break her heart and I will break your arms." Peter grimaces as Edmund cracks his knuckles as they look at him with deadly intent.

"Peter echoes my sentiments." Edmund replies and cracks a small smile at Caspian's squirms.

"Yet." Peter sighs. "My sister could not have chosen a better man and for that, we willingly provide you our blessings for the match." He concludes and Edmund grins toothily upon his chair.

"I am happy that the accursed lines of suitors will finally end." He rejoins and Peter nods solemnly.

"When will you ask her?" The High King questions.

"Today at Galma." He replies cautiously and the two men nod in agreement. He sees for a brief moment the flash of remembrance in Peter's eyes and smiles gently at the King. The gesture is much appreciated as Peter flashes a rare return smile at his kindness.

"Go then, we shall await your return to inform the court." Peter commands as he bows before the monarchs.

"Lucy's screams will be torture for the entire evening." He hears Edmund mutter as he leaves the room.

"They threatened to break several limbs." Susan suddenly states and he laughs weakly as she shakes her head in embarrassment.

"They are protective."

"Too protective." She laughs and curls her finger around the string of his tunic. He is aware how close they are and Susan's eyes have darkened, he knows that look and his breath hitches.

"Yet…" She says her voice lowered as if spilling a secret. "I see no one but us in this lonely isle." She completes with a smirk and he remains frozen for the moment. Surely she can't be intimating what he believes her words are.

"What about the…"He begins but is cut off as Susan's lips crash into his. Impropriety be damned he thinks as she pulls the string off his tunic. She wants this as badly as him and he knows that encounter in the tent has awoken the womanly stirrings of Queen Susan.

"I have not forgotten that night." Susan whispers and she shrugs off his shirt. He fingers, warm and curious as she traces the hard planes of his torso.

He pulls her onto his lap, arms tight around her waist as his mouth attacks the long, lines of her graceful neck and she moans breathily into the air, arching her neck to allow him more access. Her skin tastes like lavender and he leaves steamy kisses on her porcelain skin humming in contentment as she plunges her fingers into his hair, tugging at his scalp. The pleasure mixed with pain is consuming and he growls at an extra playful tug, pausing to nip at her clavicle in retribution.

Susan's mewls of pleasure, stimulates the part of him that aches to be free. Yet he knows this is about her and finally awakening the passion of this remarkable woman before him. He breaks away to kiss her passionately, his tongue pleading for entrance as she allows him permission. She tastes like strawberries and wine and her moans fuel his pleasure to make this as momentous as possible.

He braces her with one hand, as the other pulls away the strings of her gown. Happy there is no corset to prolong the matter. She bucks into him as he pulls down her gown, freeing her hidden mounds from their enclosure. He sucks in a deep breath and she encircles her arms around his neck, allowing him to finally cup her breasts with his hands. She releases a growl as he thumbs the rose pink tips and her breaths are labored with pleasure as he plucks them with playful abandonment.

"Caspian…" She breathes and he smirks mischievously at her.

"My Queen, let me show you." He rumbles and begins a journey without return.

"Oh!" She gasps in pleasure as he circles her buds with his hot tongue, he tortures her by blowing and providing heat to her sensitive area and Susan trembles with pleasure at the extreme sensations. She grinds into his hips at a particular sensitive spot and he growls at her ministrations. She knows what she does to him and yet he forces himself to remain at a slow pace.

He hands slides down the rest of her gown until they pool at her waist. Slowly he lowers her to the ground, lips never leaving the sweet honey of her mounds and he pauses and looks into her eyes.

"There is no return after this." He whispers and she nods, her face flushed with passion and he knows their time has come.

Gently he removes the rest of her gown, sliding it down her hips as he takes her smallclothes with him. Her skin is flushed with embarrassment mingled with passion and she places her hand to hide her most intimate part from him. He smiles in endearment at her action and shakes his head.

"You are so beautiful." He whispers in wonder and kisses her gently.

Her hand trembles slightly as he guides her to remove the strings of his breeches. Her eyes are full of curiosity and wonder as his manhood springs into view and he feels the tremor of fear.

"Trust me Susan." Caspian says and she nods wordlessly, allowing him to guide her hand as she strokes him tentatively first but, her actions are more confident when he hisses in approval at her ministrations."Wait." He replies and clasps her hand into his. "It is enough for now." He exclaims and he kisses her passionately once more.

She gasps and arches as his fingers thumb circles around her inner thigh and she moans throatily as he finally arrives at the juncture of her thighs. Slowly, carefully he inserts a finger into her depths and she cries with the pleasure of him. Her arms encircle his neck and he spreads her legs gently. He cannot prolong their joining anymore.

"Are you ready?" He asks and she sighs blissfully as he carefully lines himself with her.

"Take me Caspian." She moans and it is all he needs to continue. He begins slowly, allowing her to adjust to the length of him inside her. She hums in anticipation and he kisses her gently. His eyes asking the question and she nods silently.

One quick movement of his hips and it is over. Susan's cry echoes through the still land as she scratches his back and he stills himself allowing her to recover. Kissing the tears from her eyes, she pants breathlessly and he moves carefully not wanting to hurt her any more. It is torture to be enclosed in her heat and yet not be able to move. She allows him a watery smile, signaling to resume and he does it with careful, slow thrusts.

Her body is pliant to his touch and she begins to open up to him. Her legs wrap around his waist as her hips rise to meet the rhythm of his thrusts. Their mingled pants and sighs are music to his ears and he looks upon his Queen, eyes closed and lips form a perfect circle as she begins to enjoy their coupling.

He feels the end upon them soon as Susan's body begins to tremble around him, her walls clench in anticipation as his thrusts become deeper and more forceful. She moans in pleasure and her hips bumps against his creating a delightful friction. He is close and so is she. He thrusts in abandonment, both of them giving into the feeling of pure bliss and he growls as he feels her clamp around his girth. Her eyes open widely and she arches up as she explodes all over him. The sensation is too much and a second later he joins her spilling his seed deep into her depths.

They lie joined, breathing heavily and he is careful not to press her down with his weight. He rolls over feeling a sense of emptiness as he extricates himself from her. She is flushed down to her toes with pleasure, and they are both lost in the moment. Pulling her into his side, he nuzzles against her neck and she laughs.

"I am sorry, I could not wait." He apologizes for his error and she cups his cheek tenderly with a light kiss.

"I will brew some Moon Tea." She replies her breath still heavy at the experience. "Thank you for this." Susan's says quietly and he presses his forehead to hers with a small smile. Words are no longer necessary.

"Go ahead I will catch up to you." Caspian states as he dismounts from his horse. Poor fellow needed a shoe fixed.

"I can return to you to camp." Susan says as she waits with the others.

"No, I will meet you back at camp. Go before you lose sight of him again." Caspian rejoins and the others turn away back to their hunt.

"We shall return soon." Edmund cries as he leads his horse into the shrubbery.

"Lucy, did you see him go that way?" Peter asks pointing east and she nods.

"He was there. Come on let us hurry." Lucy cries eagerly with the patience of a young child.

"I shall see you soon love." Susan says with a grin and waves happily at him before following her siblings.

"These Pevensies." He chuckles as he leads his horse back to their camp.

"Oreius, has there been any word yet?" Caspian asks worriedly as he storms back into the camp. His eyes glance up at the darkening sky and his heart races in terror.

"None My Lord…." Oreius replies and hesitates briefly.

"What is it?" He demands harshly and reprimands himself for the tone. "I am sorry." He apologizes and the centaur shakes his head as he leads him towards the area where the royal horses are kept.

"Their horses were found?" He questions and he his stomach sinks in fear.

"Yes but there is still no sign of them." Oreius replies. "We have many search parties looking for them. Do not worry we shall find them." He replies and places a comforting hand on Caspian's shoulder.

"I should have gone with them in their hunt for the White Stag." Caspian laments and he turns away from the centaur, walking away from the camp to sit in an isolated area far away from prying eyes.

The night stretches on and yet there is no word of them. He is instructed to remain where he is by Oreius. His day is long in the saddle and perhaps, they need a scout to remain at the camp. Clutching his head in his hands, he cuts a forlon figure. His heart is heavy as he remembers Susan's words at Galma. She had been taken away from him again. Why he ponders? Why does she continue to elude him?

"Caspian." A soft voice calls and he raises his head hopefully, there is only one voice that can erase this pain and as he looks before him stands Aslan in all His Magnificence.

"Aslan!" He exclaims in relief as he bounds towards the Lion, standing quietly at the centre of the camp. It seems Aslan's presence burns brighter than the roaring campfire they have started.

"You have listened to fears, son of Adam." Aslan states softly and Caspian kneels before him.

"She is gone Aslan… again." He completes and the Great Lion looks at him compassionately.

"Susan has returned to her time until she is needed again." Aslan advices and Caspian looks at him quizzically.

"But I have lost her again." He laments.

"Have you? Nothing is lost forever Caspian."

"Then what was my purpose here if not to be at her side?" Caspian questions and Aslan bequeaths him a mysterious smile.

"Do you truly not realize your purpose?" He asks and Caspian nods silently.

"I merely guided her to find her true self." Caspian remarks as Aslan hums quietly.

"It is that guidance which will make her the woman you met in your own time." He explains and Caspian releases the pent up tears of frustration.

"Yet we are separated again."

"What do you wish to do Caspian?" Aslan asks and he ponders silently for a moment.

"My role here is completed. King Lune will ensure the peace is maintained. I cannot stay here Aslan. Every place seeps with memories of Susan. I ask for your benevolence and guidance." He remarks with clasped hands.

"Then so be it." Aslan states and Caspian feels the world darken as he collapses into nothingness.

"I wish we had more time together…" He hears himself state and for a moment he is confused, only to realize where Aslan has returned him. The blue eyes of Susan are startled and then she smiles.

"I thought thirteen hundred years apart was too long myself." She rejoins and he gasps in surprise as she smiles beautifully at him.

"You remembered?" He struggles to contain his emotions.

"Not until this very moment." Susan replies and she steps closer to him. He cannot bear to keep his eyes away from her and he gathers her into his arms, surprising her with a deep kiss.

"I will not lose you again." He murmurs into her hair and she laughs lowly for him.

"No you shall not." Aslan replies solemnly as the young couple looks at him. "For your struggles and the love you bear for each other in your heart, Susan you may remain here in Narnia." Aslan states and they both clasp hands at his judgment.

"Thank you Aslan." Susan says burying her arms around his mane.

"But what will we tell our parents?" Peter asks quietly as he struggles to make sense of this new development.

"Until your time comes to return to Narnia, there will be only three Pevensies. Susan will only be in your memories dearest children. This is her happiness and desire to be with Caspian."

"Oh Su." Lucy laments as she hugs her sister. A moment later her brothers join in as they bid each other farewell.

"Be strong for all of our sakes Lu." Susan says quietly and wipes her sister's tears away. "I promise we will be reunited someday." She vows as Peter kisses her head tenderly.

"We wish you all the happiness Su. Until we meet again." He promises with a last hug and she cries against him.

"Take care of them all Peter."

"I promise."

"Break her heart and I'll break your arms." Edmund threatens convincingly and it takes every bit of willpower not to laugh at the repetition of his words thirteen hundred years later.

"The thought has never crossed my mind." He vows and clasps Edmund's arm and Peter's in goodwill. He wraps his arm around Susan's waist as he pulls her to him, she nuzzles into the crook of his neck as they wave to her family and as she bursts into tears, he clutches her tighter to reassure her, she is never alone.

"Thank you Aslan." He says silently as the Great Lion smiles at his prayer and pads away into the great beyond.

They stand for a long time entwined before the great tree and as the crowd dissipates to leave them with a moment of respite, Susan pulls away and looks at him with tenderness.

"What is it?" He asks quietly as she smiles gently.

"You've returned to me." She states and he laughs as he kisses her soundly, yellow star flowers raining upon them as they begin their lives together.

Lucy pulls her coat closer to her body as she runs through the crowds of London. The rain has begun casting a gloomy atmosphere over the city. Behind her Peter zips past the opening umbrellas and shelters his head with freshly purchased newspaper.

Edmund was lucky to be ill today, he fumes as the rain comes pouring down in torrents. He sees Lucy nimbly making her way through the dense crowds, envious at her quickness. Head bent he focuses on attempting to reach the underground for some brief shelter and quickens his pace. A moment later, he collides into an incoming body that leaves him free falling into the hard pavement. He sees books fly into the air and sees the other figure meet the same fate as him.

Staggering to his feet, he approaches his assailant carefully and extends an open hand. It's a girl he can tell from her uniform and he averts his eyes as she grabs his hand in a silent thank you.

"Dhira!" A voice calls out from behind and Peter whips his head so quickly in shock and numbness. Before him stands Dhira. Younger but there is no mistake it is her! His heart thumps in his chest and he is speechless as she smiles shyly at him. Her books circle them like silent sentinels and yet they cannot seem to move despite the pushing and disapproving glances from the pedestrians.

"Dhira…" He finally manages to spit out as a tall boy appears Lucy, two paces behind. He does not need to hear his sister's gasp as she sees Akatosh and Dhira standing before them.

"Thank you." Dhira replies softly but makes no move to retrieve her books much to the annoyance of her brother as he begins to gather the books.

"I'm sorry." Peter begins and Akatosh cuts him off.

"Can we move to somewhere dry?" He asks gruffly and Lucy assists him with the books a smile on her face which is returned.

"I'm Peter." He introduces as they shake hands and she stares at him as they follow their siblings.

"Nice to meet you Peter." She rejoins and tilts her head thoughtfully. "Have we met before?" She asks and he merely laughs, sheltering her with the newspaper as he whispers a prayer to Aslan.

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