The Super Awesome Amazingly Wonderful Terrific Splendifuric Notebook of Notebooks That Will Never Stop Growing (Vol. 7)

This journal belongs to: Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno


Twelve Things I Vow Not to Do My Senior Year of High School
(from Sakura)

01. Gain weight. Because I already have my prom dress picked out,
and it will NOT look good with fat rolls.
Slack off (especially during Calc II, arghhh).
Get drunk the week before finals. Haaaa.
Join music theater…regular drama, please.
Participate in track again. (I'm going back to lacrosse, dammit.)
Forget to whiten my teeth. Again.
Drop my cell phone in the toilet (R.I.P. orange EnV).
Call Kakashi-sensei a perverted manslut.
(In which said comment cost me two detentions.)
Drink too much caffeine. Ha. (sonotgoingtohappen)
Procrastinate. College is approaching.
Forget my cell phone in my dorm.
Fall in stupid high school love. Because love is for losers.



Leaf Preparatory Academy

Student Agenda Book

This agenda belongs to: Sakura Haruno.
Room 331, Hatake.
Room No.:

If found, please return to the owner.


Monday, September 8th:

First day of school.

(Kill me.)

Bombshell Records

I: this is a social scene anyway

"…this year should be a productive, educational reward. College scouts frequently drift in and out of the building. This is especially important for juniors. So, PAY ATTENTION, juniors. Seniors should not slack off or contract "senioritis" and become lazy—stay diligent in your work…"

As soon as Tsunade says the two words "senior" and "diligent" together in the same sentence, I shut her out of my ears and whip out my cell as fast as humanly possible.

Of course they seat us in alpha-freakin'-betical order for the beginning-of-the-school-year speech. And obviously, "Sakura Haruno" is pretty far away from, say, "Ino Yamanaka", "Naruto Uzumaki", or even "Tenten".

But…it's times like these when you have to adapt and find a way around the horrible situations you're placed in…

…which is why science developed text messaging.

I can probably text faster than you. Smileyfacesmileyface.

Because I am armed with (yet another) new phone this year! AND IT HAS A KEYBOARD. Well, actually, I've always had a phone with a keyboard. A couple of years ago I had a Blackberry. It was too big and had funky color though, so I got rid of it in 10th grade. Last year I had an orange EnV. It had the best cell phone camera ever, plus it was orange.

Except…that kind of changed after the toilet incident, but whatever.

BUT THIS TIME, the keyboard is back again, in the form of the EnV 2. Hearttt.

(In black though, 'cause the maroon color is just weird looking.)

Enough about phones though—the point is, I can text like a beast.

So…I do.


To: Ino
From: Sakura

this is so boring. kill me.


To: Sakura
From: Ino

i'm bored out of my mind too, you know.


To: Ino
From: Sakura

yeah, but at least you're sitting close to people you know. i'm sitting next to some freshman girl and this weird sophomore boy.


To: Sakura
From: Ino

true. have you talked to sasuke yet?


To: Ino
From: Sakura

don't even talk about him. actually, don't even text his name.


To: Sakura
From: Ino



If anyone else even thinks about talking about Sasuke to me, I'll punch them in the head. But it was Ino, so I let it slide.

Ino Yamanaka is my best friend. She's the girl in high school that everyone always tries to be—head cheerleader-slash-cheerleading captain, good singer, in every AP class imaginable. Y'know.

We've been best friends since we were 3 years old. Pretty much everyone knows that, so no one ever really thinks that it's weird that Ino's friends with me. Me: Sakura Haruno, the girl with the funny pink hair and a forehead that could rival the size of Russia.

Ino and I share everything, and in sixth grade, we started the notebook. It just kept going—we filled up one notebook (it's always one of those fat, multi-subject notebooks too) every year. This year, our senior year, we're on our 7th—and possibly last—notebook.

Apparently though, my "real claim to fame" in Leaf Prep—I didn't make that up, by the way, some rude junior girl did—happened sophomore year. It was Ino that made me "popular",—again , this is from rude junior girl—but it was Sasuke that made me famous.

Um, "famous" meaning "well-known" on campus anyway.

Sasuke Uchiha, my (stupid) ex-boyfriend. He's the academy "heartthrob", I suppose. Every girl has probably had a crush on him at some point in her lives. 'Cause he has this awesome, soft, black hair, and the most smoldering eyes, and his kisses are just—

But, I don't love him anymore. Actually, scratch that. I never loved him in the first place. Yeah.

Either way, Sasuke and I are finished (and for the record, it's HIS fault that everything is over). We broke up the last few weeks of junior year, and I haven't seen him, or even talked to him, all summer. And I plan on keeping it that way.

I'm not going to let Sasuke Uchiha ruin my senior year of high school. No matter how hot he is, or how much his voice makes my heart smile.

I'm Sakura Haruno, and I'm 17 years old. I have pink hair, green eyes, pale skin, and I like photography and singing. I drink too much coffee, and I send too many text messages. When I'm angry or upset, I go on long car drives by the beach. I do not associate with boys.

And I'm most definitely not going to fall for Sasuke Uchiha ever again.

Leaf Preparatory Academy

Student Schedule

Name: Haruno, Sakura

01. 7:45 – 8:25: AP Biology – Yakushi, Kabuto. (Room 213)
8:30 – 9:10: AP Psychology – Ibiki, Morino. (Lower Lecture Hall)
9:15 – 9:55: Calculus II – Sarutobi, Asuma. (Room 365)
10:00 – 10:40: Humanities – Hatake, Kakashi. (Room 109)
10:45 – 11:25: French V – Yuuhi, Kurenai. (Room 156)
11:30 – 12:10: Honors English 12 – Shiranui, Genma. (Room 311)

Lunch Shift: C – 12:15 – 12:55

07. 1:00 – 1:40: FREE PERIOD
1:45 – 2:25: Photography III – Deidara. (Art Studio)

The Super Awesome Amazingly Wonderful Terrific Splendifuric Notebook of Notebooks That Will Never Stop Growing (Vol. 7)

This journal belongs to: Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno



Who said AP Bio was hard? 'Cause they're so wrong. (Even though this comment will probably turn around and bite me in the ass. But whatEVER.)

Right now we're learning about mitosis/meiosis again. Cell division is stupid, and the models look like butts. (1)

Either way, I thought I would spam this notebook for you, just because I felt like it. But remember that list I wrote down before this entry? (Even though you haven't read it yet, because we still switch off every night, keep the notebook for a day, then switch again, yadda yadda yadda.) Well, I think you should make a resolution list too. It'll be a good way to keep yourself in line, young lady.

…that, and it'll supremely amusing, heehee.

But OHMYFREAKIN' GOD. I wish you were in AP Bio with me (you took AP Chemistry. Seriously, what's the matter with you, woman?). So far (from whoever showed up in class today), there's me (duh), Naruto, Shikamaru, that weird girl that stalked us last year, that weird boy that stalked us last year, Shino, Gaara (swoon), and Karin (bitchhhh!). There's a few more empty chairs and desks though, so I guess we have more people coming. (The desks are arranged so they're long tables and two people sit at each table. It's very roomy.)


And seriously, I'm sitting next to one of the empty desks. And my stuff is alllll over it. I love extra space.

Oh, hey, someone knocked on the door. New student perhaps? I kinda hope he's cute so I can try to flirt with him and knock Karin out of the races agai—

Oh…kill me.

Because the guy knocking on the door?

Yeah, it was fucking Sasuke.

…Asdksjklad. Crap.


(1) That comment was from NARUTO, not me. Even if I agree, haha.
Lmao, remember when Ebisu-sensei told us that? Seriously, what a loser teacher. 10th grade AP Modern European History is NOT an elitist class. No one takes it, simply because it sucks big man balls. Thank you and goodbye.

I shut the notebook closed with disbelief as I watch Sasuke waltz into the room all late and happy (well, as happy as Sasuke can get).

He hands a note to Kabuto-sensei who gives him a creepy, child-molester smile and tells him next to Karin and to ask her for her notes so he can catch up. Needless to say, Karin turns to him, bats her whorish eyelashes, and snuggles up to him really close, notebook in hand.

And she turns around and gives me the biggest, dirtiest, "Ha, I won, bitch." smirk I've ever seen. (Seriously, I think it beats out Ino's.)

But I don't really care.

Because I'm OVER Sasuke Uchiha.

I'm so over him.

I'm so over him it hurts.

But…it's not supposed to hurt to see him with his new girlfriend, and them touching each other, and him copying her notes with his pen in that neat, tiny handwriting of his. It's not supposed to make your heart twitch in nostalgia, or make you want to break your newly manicured nails by beating the shit out of his new girlfriend.

Which means…

Dammit, I was supposed to be over him.

Kill meeeeeee.

This is the new multi-chapter I'm going to be working on.

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