The Super Awesome Amazingly Wonderful Terrific Splendifuric Notebook of Notebooks That Will Never Stop Growing (Vol. 7)

This journal belongs to: Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno


Dude, We're Making A Band.
(from: Sakura and Ino)

Acceleration In Red

Ino Yamanaka: Keyboard
Sakura Haruno: Bass Guitar

(Which one of us is singing?)


Karin and her hideous voice must be exposed!

And because I actually really want to give this band thing a go.

Really? Do you really, Sakura?


Leaf Preparatory Academy

Student Agenda Book

This agenda belongs to: Sakura Haruno.
Grade: 12.
Homeroom: Room 331, Hatake.
Dorm: 7.
Room No.: 214.

If found, please return to the owner.

Tuesday, September 16th:

Objectives: We're making the effing band! Um, and homework. Yeah.

Wednesday, September 17th:

Objectives: Play practice after school. Student Council meeting at 9:30. Free donuts!

Thursday, September 18th:

Objectives: Turn in AP Psych vocab and article analysis. BAND AUDITIONS, HA.

Revenge tastes like you only sweeter. Ahaha.

Bombshell Records
by: angelforshow

VII: i put my faith in you, so much faith

I'm not going to say that I wasn't disappointed by the casting results (Tinker Bell is a pretty sweet deal though, so I'm okay), but I'm not really one to let things get to me… that much. So I'll take whatever bitter freakin' pill Gai-sensei is trying to forcibly shove down my throat this time and focus my energy on more important things. Like school. And university applications. And killing Karin (figuratively).

Drama practices are intense and long, but they're only three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) from 4:00 to 8:00 with a dinner break. It's not that bad, especially since everyone I'd be hanging out with on Friday nights is there anyway. This leaves Tuesdays and Thursdays for everything else—shopping, Anti-Skank meetings, and general Me Time.

But soon something else is going to be added to Tuesday/Thursday time. We're making a band. And guess what our name is? Acceleration In Red.

How hot are we? Seriously.







Okay, so we're lying. The auditions are merely a formality. We already have vague ideas of whom the other members are going to be. We'll probably get Kiba on drums, Naruto on male lead vocals, and Sasuke on guitar (yes, I think he's the epitome of Cliché Boy too, but the only other decent guitarist in the entire school is Konohamaru, and a twelve year old is just a no). And if her favorite boys are going to be there, Karin will definitely at least show up for auditions. And we might even accept her, just for kicks and giggles.

God, I'm awful. Oh well!

I really want Thursday to come now, not even kidding. I know everyone has that secret fantasy of becoming a rockstar or a singer or something, and I'm no different. Acceleration In Red is going to be kickass, whether we suck or not, and I'm damn excited to finally have a reason to bring my bass outside without looking like a poser rockstar.


It's not Thursday though, so I have to focus on the Tuesday Task at hand: university applications.

Fuck me.

I'm in the common area in our dorm (some sweetheart put a printer in there that she lets everyone use as long as we all chip in for ink and paper) and, admittedly, quite unmotivated. No one says I have to start on applications in September, after all. But I should. I mean, we all know that I'm going to procrastinate anyway, so I might as well start procrastinating earlier, right?

…Tomorrow. Eh, whatever.

That makes a whole minute and a half of rationalization for why NOT to start on applications. And my phone just went off. I think I deserve a break!


BlackBerry Messenger

Chat Between: Sasuke. and Sakura:)

Sasuke.: Naruto's phone is dead. He wants me to tell you to meet him and Ino.
Sakura:): He can't plug his phone in and tell me this himself?
Sasuke.: His charger is lost somewhere in his laundry pile of death.
Sakura:): Oh. Where should I meet them?
Sasuke.: Cafeteria.
Sakura:): Cool thanks.

Quite the perfect distraction and justification of procrastination, I must say!

"SAAAAAKURA! Just in time!" Ino is always loud, but really, that's why I love her. She lowers her voice and looks at me with decidedly devious blue eyes. "Sai here," she pats Sai on the bicep and gives him a huge grin, "has given a precious, precious gift to us."

Sai flashes a brief, kinda-creepy-kinda-hot smile and reaches into his pocket pulling out something wrapped in a navy blue pocket handkerchief (they still make those?). He unwraps it and reveals an ordinary silver key.

At least it's seemingly ordinary. I think I know the meaning behind it though.

"You're kidding," I say. "Sai, Sai, Sai, lovely, dearest Sai. Can this be the key to what I think it is?" I feel a smile spread across my face, as horrible as it may be.

Sai nods. "Indeed dearest, darlingest Sakura. This is indeed the key to our lovely Karin's dormitory. Karin went home for tonight so she could celebrate her mother's birthday, and it is all yours to use tonight."

I have morals to some degree though. "But would this be considered breaking and entering and trespassing and all that if I use it to get in?" I pick up a lock of chin-length pink hair and start twirling it—nervous habit.

Naruto shakes his head and shrugs. "It's not really 'breaking and trespassing', per se. Just entering. You have a key. It's open." His cerulean eyes are sparkling and I know these three have discussed this before.

"What am I missing?" I ask cautiously. "If we want to do little acts of sabotage like stealing her hair straightener, we can just get Sai to do it. Why are you giving me the key?"

Ino looks at me as if the explanation is as clear as glass. "This is your mission, Sakura, that's why."

"W-what? When did we decide this?"

"It's only fair. After all, you want to know why Sasuke broke up with you, don't you?"


The cover up in case I get caught is simple. I tell whoever it is who catches me that Karin borrowed my bio book today in class because she left hers in her dorm and accidentally took it home with her, so I called her and she said I could get a spare key and use hers for tonight. Homework and schoolwork are usually the best excuses, Naruto tells me. It puts you in a good light and usually throws whoever's trying to bust you off your trail.

Karin lives in a single dorm and she has a room that's at the end of the hallway near the stairs. She has the dorm that virtually has the least amount of traffic as possible and most of her floormates don't give a shit about her.

But all of this definitely doesn't stop me from being nervous. So I do what any girl-on-a-mission does—I wear all black. ("What are you, a fucking ninja?" Ino asks.)

Karin's room is number 414 on the fourth floor of my building, literally a straight shot up two floors from my room. It's weird standing in a place identical to the tile floor in front of my own threshold and for it to not be room I'm about to enter, but that's what you get with unimaginative floor plans.

I slide the silver key into the doorknob and twist it and push the door open in one simultaneous motion.

And a bomb goes off!

No, no, just kidding. But I'm immediately overwhelmed by the scent of too much DKNY Be Delicious (which is a bad choice on Karin's part, seeing how Sasuke likes floral perfume more than fruity ones. Ahem. Just sayin'.).

I close the door behind me quietly and flick on the desk lamp, a frilly little metal lamp with a pink zebra print lampshade. Charming.

For a dirty slut, her room is pretty neat. It's a standard Girl Room, with a cutesy area rug to cover up the bland tile, the top of her dresser cluttered with makeup and jewelry and perfume bottles. She has a bulletin board covered with photos above her desk (lots of them with Ino in them, ha) and her bed sheets are an unattractive pink zebra theme (um, eww) and she has a pink laundry basket with some dirty clothes and a shoe organizer hanging on the back of her door.

Aside from spotting an admittedly cute pair of strappy gladiators from the shoe organizer, nothing pops out to me. Her room is typical and…

if Karin is a typical girl like her typical room suggests, it means she stashes important things away in one of four places: her sock drawer, the back of a desk drawer, a dark corner of her closet, or in the crack between her bed and the wall.

The first place I check is the ever-so-obvious sock drawer. I try and leave the tights and socks as undisturbed as possible as I shift through them, picking through patterned tights and low-cut socks and feeling around into the corners of the drawer. Nothing. Damn.

Next is the closet. Aside from some damn skanky clothes (garter belt, what? Please tell me she doesn't wear this around Sasuke please tell me she doesn't wear this around Sasuke) and a plastic bag filled with chips and cookies (hmm, unhealthy!), there's nothing too out of the ordinary here.

Going to the crack between the bed and the wall is both a physically and mentally challenging endeavor—I have the leave the bed as undisturbed as possible, and… this is Karin's bed. This is where the monster sleeps and where she may or may not take Sasuke to—badtrainofthought!

Of course Karin can't make this easy on any super secret spy, and her bed is messy in a way that probably can't be replicated. There are clothes near the pillow, throw pillows all over the mattress, and the blanket is rumpled and somehow curves around two sides of the bed. If this changes, she'll know.

So… I take a picture on my BlackBerry. Weird, but it's effective, right?

Planting my knees firmly on two squishy throw pillows (one is a butterfly and the other has a martini glass and "PRINCESS" embroidered onto it), I lean carefully over to the wall and gingerly skim my hand between the concrete and the edges of her blanket. Nothing… nothing… nothing… yes!

There's actually a binder crammed down there, filled with a bunch of clear page protectors. It practically radiates importance.

So I do what anyone else would do. I open it.

Karin's Journal: Junior Year
May 15th

I've finally found a way to get Sasuke to be mine!

I don't care if my love for him seems obsessive, I just want him away from that Sakura. I don't get why he likes her. She isn't exactly the definition of hot (have you seen her forehead?) and his image would be sooo much better if he dated a cheerleader like me instead of some wannabe punk princess like Sakura.

Whatever though, soon Sasuke and Sakura will be over.

Don't judge me for this, diary, but I'm gonna blackmail the shit out of Sasuke until he finally agrees to dump her and date ME.

How, you may ask? With these JOURNALS I swiped from Ino's room. They're like the friendship notebook or something between her and Sakura, and the shit they say about everyone is enough to get them both jumped. I could totally pull a Regina George and photocopy them and spread their nastiness. Senior year for them? Ruined.

And the photographs don't hurt either.

While I was in summer school I would go into the city and wander between my classes and saw the also-very-sexy Itachi Uchiha coming out of their company building looking really hot and bothered, so I followed him to see what was up.

That GOD the camera on my phone is ahmazing because then I saw Itachi go into an alley and start making out and feeling up some blonde chick.

And yeah, Itachi is totally supposed to be engaged.

So I snapped some pictures and threatened to leak them to the press. Sasuke can't say no to protecting the Uchiha family and their image.

The bait will totally be taken.

That bitch.

I suppose some shitty consolation prize is that Sasuke didn't fall out of love with me. He just loved his family more.

I get it, I really do.

I just wish he would've told me the truth.






We actually have a pretty decent spread of talent in our school, but a lot of the people auditioning just aren't what we're looking for.

Like Hinata, who's pretty much a prodigal, classically trained piano genius. Or the sophomore girl who's got a beautiful opera voice. The problem is, we're a band. We're supposed to grind out some kickass music that makes people wanna dance. We're probably going to be the definition of pop-punk, and even if that isn't hardcore enough for some people, we're still gonna have fun with it and pump up the bass.

So after nicely letting down a fantastic trumpet player and the opera singer and promising Shino a callback if we ever needed a synthesizer, we finally got our first legit audition.

The way Kiba makes an entrance is awesome. Something about his presence just radiates the "look here!" vibe and even in an auditorium filled with a decent number of people and lots of chatter, his slow swag up to the stage commanded silence (along with a few dreamy sighs).

I've been in a band with Kiba before, and I know he's got talent. Watching a drummer play is always the most interesting thing about going to a live show, I think, and Kiba is even more mesmerizing.

The way he smashes and rocks out on the set is amazing, like he has a million arms, and he has a wicked double-bass pedal that just sinks the beat while he goes crazy.

Kiba's amazing. We knew he would be our drummer before auditions even started, and we weren't wrong one bit.

When Kiba's done his little exhibition, we all clap and I hear a ton of cheers and screams from behind me.



A few more people audition, and then our next most-likely-definite gets up on stage. Naruto clears his throat and gazes out into the audience with his blue eyes shining.

"What's up, I'm gonna be auditioning for male lead vocals," he says, smiling really wide.

And then he sings and I feel my heart breaking all over again, but this time it's a good type of heartbreak. His voice is a little rough and his high notes are a little pitchy and bright, but it's beautiful, and I know having Naruto in the band would set us over the edge.

Why on earth is my best friend so talented?

Who knows, but I can see Ino and half the other girls in the audience melting on the spot.

So perfect!


Konohamaru is next. He's a great guitarist, and he has the calluses to prove it, but he's just so little that it'd be weird to make him part of the band. Still, I know he has his own little fan club of twelve-year-old girls, so I don't think he's too worried about rejection.

We're pretty much almost done. After an exhausting hour of weeding out people who didn't have the sort of talent we needed and then listening to what everyone else had to offer, we were getting pretty impatient to find out guitarist.

But then I hear Karin squealing from behind me (aha, so she was here!) and I know who saved themselves for last.

It's pretty cliché, but one of the things I liked best about Sasuke was the fact that he was a guitarist. In fact, some of my favorite memories of us are just the days when we didn't feel like going out or when it was too cold to step foot outside and Sasuke would bring his guitar over and we'd just jam in my room, him on guitar, me on bass. Sometimes we'd sing and other times our jam breaks would dissolve into make out sessions. But it was just nice having someone there who could enjoy music on a whole other level with you.

I'm really fond of his guitar, pure black Gibson with flyaway strings at the tuning pegs, and a well-worn, punk-reminiscent, faded checkered strap.

The last time I heard Sasuke played, it was the day before we broke up. It was a warm night, close to summer, and we were on the roof of my dorm, playing. Not even playing together, just playing. Sasuke was playing some quiet Beatles while I fiddled with harmonics. It wasn't anything special.

But right now as Sasuke sits on stage with his guitar and strums out a song by The Smiths that doesn't sound impressive, but is coupled with some of the strangest, most awkward chords imaginable.

The boy has talent. Maybe not an overwhelming about, but it's there.

Karin catcalls from the back (has she no shame?) and I've decided.

I'm going to win Sasuke back, and it'll start with Acceleration in Red.

Take that!

It has been a very long time! I've started university since I last update ten months ago (ahaha) and I was contemplating just quitting ffnet, but for some reason or another I managed to write another chapter, so whatever. I hope everyone has had a happy holiday so far.

Look forward to a couple of new oneshots and some more updates! I actually do have some ideas.

Oh, and band name (Acceleration in Red) credit to defray.

Happy New Year! (: