Title: (working title) The Start of Something Big
Author: Supesfan88
Rating: PG (Some swearing)
Pairing: Dean/OC, Sam/OC
Warning: UNBETA-ED - at the moment
Disclaimer: Sam, Dean and the Metallicar are all property of the CW and Kripke. I'm just borrowing them. But, everyone else is mine.

Sam saw the baby before Dean did, buried beneath a pile of oily rags and a few splintered pieces of wood. The still chest told them it was too late, but it didn't stop Dean from trying, desperately, as Sam stood blurry eyed and weak kneed near the door as the lookout. Weak pleas to leave the child fell on deaf ears as Dean continued. A sob caught in Dean's throat and his eyes burned as his ministrations did nothing but tire him out.

"Dean, please…" he heard his brother beg but didn't feel the need to look up. He knew what he was going to see, he could hear the tears in his brothers voice. "Just leave her, Dean." Sam's voice started to fade as the tears started to take over. "Dean, pl-"

"NO!" He fist came down on the baby's chest before he could stop himself and he fell onto his rear end in shock and remorse as soon as his sluggish mind registered what he had done.

The only sound in the stifling room for the next couple seconds is sickening silence. But then there's a sharp intake of air and then a slow, congested exhale. He moved his fists from his eyes and moved his attention to the baby's chest. His eyes dilated when he seen it rise and cried even harder when he watches it fall, only to rise again a nanosecond later. He was on his feet with the infant securely in his arms before 30 seconds passed. Sam ran after him trying to explain to him the chances of her having severe brain damage or disabilities, but he didn't listen and focused his attention solely on the rapidly pinking baby in his arms.

He slid into the passenger seat of the Impala with her still securely in his arms and firmly ordered Sam to drive. Sam did what he was told, but still continued to try to talk to his brother about her chances. He didn't listen. He wouldn't listen. She would make it. She had to make it. 'cause he didn't think he would if she didn't.

The made it the entire way across town in 20 minutes and Dean nearly tumbled out of the car as he rushed towards the ER entrance yelling for help at the top of his scorched lungs. A middle aged nurse quickly took the infant out of his hands and turned to rush down the hall. Dean took off right behind her. Only to be stopped right before the ER doors by a rather burly looking redheaded security guard. Sam's voice at that moment was the only thing that kept him from not punch the guy.

His brother looked pale and rather shaky, and for the life of Dean he couldn't figure out why. Sam told Dean to follow him to the waiting room. He picked the seat closest the door.

The nurse that had taken the baby away from Dean appeared a few hours later and came right up to Dean. He shot up like an arrow. "You're the one that brought in the baby, right?"

He nodded so hard his neck cracked.

"Are you any relation?"

He found himself stuttering as he answered. "I-I found h-her."

"Where? What were you doing?"

Dean doesn't find a lie all that hard to come up with and with a blink of his dry eyes he started. "I found her in the old Metal Works factory. My dog ran away earlier in the week and someone on my block said he had seen him around there so I went to look. I found her under a pile of rags and sticks. Like someone was trying to ditch her."

It took a while for the nurse to register the onslot of information, but as soon as she did all she could do was shake her head. "So you don't know how long she had been there?"

Dean body trembled suddenly as he shook his head. "Is she-"

"She's in a coma and we won't know the extent of her injuries until she wakes up, but she's alive." The nurse sighed as if she carried the weight of the world on her narrow shoulders. "Guess I'm gonna halfta call CPS."


Sam rose suddenly at Dean's outburst. He moved to stand behind his brother. "Dean…"

Dean turned wide, hysterical eyes on Sam and bit out between clenched teeth. "No Sammy." Before turning back to the nurse. "No, please, don't. At least not right now. Let me see her first."

The nurses mouth opened, ready to speak, but slamming shut as she sighed and turned away from the brothers. "Fine, half an hour. That's it."

Dean's through the doors and dashing toward the curtained off area before Sam realized his brother had moved.

When he found his brother he stopped dead. Dean had his hand slipped through the rungs of a hospital crib, pale and swallowing profusely, holding tight to the baby's slack hand. Sam knew his brother hadn't seen him enter. His attention hadn't strayed from the girl at all, not even to blink. The baby had a breathing tube down her throat, her eyes taped shut, and a countless amount of IVs shoved into her tiny arms. Sam's Adam's apple bobbed profusely as he looked her up and down only to realize that her fiery red hair was the only stark contrast with the bleached sheets beneath her.

Sam's attention strayed again to his brother and suddenly felt his knees give slightly once more when he realized his brothers face was wet. Wet enough to be seen from about 15 feet away. His brother was scared, absolutely terrified for this little girl. His brother had it bad. His brother wasn't leaving this hospital until she did.

Sam's eyes suddenly flicked towards the baby's chart hanging on the side of the metal crib. And from where he stood in the door he was just able to see the name "Baby Doe" scratched onto the line where it asked for a name. Somehow Sam knew that if his brother had it his way, "Baby Doe" was quickly going to become "Baby Winchester". Or whatever name he had given Administration when they had come in. And Sam also knew that when his brother wanted something nothing or nobody stood in his way. And he knew his brother wanted the little girl lying before him.

But what he didn't know was if Dean was ready to face the possibilities of the girl having disabilities. Hell, he wasn't even sure if he was. Anybody really wasn't or ever could be. But, he hoped, for Dean's sake and the little girl' s, that Dean was much more than anybody.