One minute he was in the hospital sitting beside Moira's crib, then suddenly he's in the drivers seat of the Impala stuck in a bitch of a gridlock, and now he was being pulled through the ARRIVAL area of the smallest airport he had ever been in by an even tinier woman on a mission.

"Her plane's almost here, Sam! C'mon!"

"I'm comin', trust me…" It wasn't as if he had a choice.

Catherine stopped so abruptly Sam had to use all the strength in his legs to stop himself before he ran into the back of her. "There she is, Sam."

His eyes followed her finger to a woman bent over a suitcase, hurriedly stuffing things back in that had somehow fallen out during transport. Her long dirty blonde hair hung loosely in front of her face, obstructing his view of her face. The dark blue shirt she wore made her pale, heavily freckled skin stand out like a beacon. He took one appraising scan of her profile and realized Catherine hadn't been lying. She was a beanpole. He watched her stuff her belongings back into the bag for a few seconds longer before she nodded her head in satisfaction and stood up and up and up. Shit, he thought.

"Robbie!" Catherine literally squealed as her arms shot up.

The woman turned suddenly and smiled the widest smile Sam had probably ever seen. She easily threw the troubling bag over her shoulder and quickly walked towards her mother.

Damn – was all Sam could think when she finally made it to them. She was tall. Robbie immediately dropped the bag to the floor and bent down to wrap her mother in a hug. "Hi, ma."

"Hi," Catherine sighed contently. "It's so good to see you, baby."

Robbie squeezed her mom a bit before letting go and staring at Sam.

"This, baby, is Sam." Catherine introduced him with a wave of her hand. "Sam, Robbie."

Her smile returned, albeit smaller than the first, but just as lethal. "Hi,"

Sam nodded. "Hi," and before he could stop himself…"how tall are you?"

Her cheeks almost immediately stained to the colour of her hair as she ducked her head. "6'2""

His eyebrows disappeared into his bangs as he nodded appreciatively. "Nice."

Robbie's head came up as her grin returned. "Thanks."