"I hope we like going to Bridgewater"said Brooke, "And hopefully there is not snobby preps." "All I care about is if there will be hot guys there."Madison exclaimed. "Only you would say that"brook said. "I wonder if there are any good sportsteams there? Maybe I should join one? hmmmm..."said Lyndsay. "You have a whole year to get into some type of sport , Lyndsay. I want to find a nice guy to go out with sometime,"Madison said to Lyndsay. "And you should find one too,"brooke added,"you worry about sport way to much. Take a break. Kick back, relax, its the last day of summer then back off to the new year at the new school... Bridgewater High."
As they walked threw the doors of the school they were greeted by the Principal, Mr.Howard. He gavethem their schedules and showed them how to get to each oneof their classes. "Here is whereI must leave you ladies. Hope you havea nice time here at Bridgewater High,"said Mr Howard. And he left to his office. Thegirls were now alone in the ahllway. They were hapy that theirlockers were all together and they have the same lunch period together. Ding.Ding.Ding The first bell rang. "Off to first period Oh I have health. Do either of you remember where Mr. whats his face said where the class rooms where??"asked Lyndsay."Nope! well see ya at the end of the period. I need to scope out some guys, "said Madison. Brookw had already left to her class.
(end of first period)
Madison was running down the hallway looking for Lyndsay. "Lyndsay! Lyndsay! Oh mygod guess wht,"Madison yelled. Lyndsay said,"Okay did you meet a hot guys?" "How didyou know? Well just isnt any guy his name is Joe. He hasrockin hair and a smile that is breath taking." Madison explained. "Wow..Did you make a plan on how you will get hime to like you?" asked Lyndsay. "Nope but i will,"Madison yelled with enthusiasm. "Soo...Where did you meet him?" Lyndsau asked/ "Well I was sitting in my Ary classs and he cameand sat by me. We talkedalot about music and where it originateed. He seems really cool... but I was getting a bad feeling about this girl Hannah who was giving me death stares during the whole class, itmake me feel werid,"said Madison. "Madison I hope you know that Hannah is Joes girlfriend,"Brooke said jumping into the converstion. "Now how the hell am I gonna get him to like me!?" Madison shouted.

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