Resist Temptation

"Team 7, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and Naruto Uzumaki."

Sakura secretly cheered. Yet her thoughts never really mattered anyway. She was nothing more than a "weak" nerd. She smiled softly. She covered her face with her hair and smiled.

Sasuke barely acknowledged his partners. Instead he thought… Uzumaki can fight… Haruno? He glanced at her lanky form. He saw her tense arm muscles from under her sleeves. Interesting… He smirked for a brief second and snickered.

Naruto beamed. "YEAAAAHHHH! SAKURA-CHAN!" He danced around. Even though Sakura wasn't as "pretty and popular" as Ino, Naruto felt something. He smiled even as he looked at Sasuke. "This is gonna be fun!"

The names continued to be called. It seemed to drone on and on and on. Naruto fell asleep on his desk. Sakura started to read a book about chakra. Sasuke was absentmindedly staring out the window with girls swooning over him.

Iruka was mindlessly blabbing about what they need to do, and what they can't do. "Okay kids, meet up with your group for lunch then head to your new sensei after." He droned, "Dismissed."

Sasuke sideways glanced at Naruto, he sighed and walked over. They looked over to Sakura.

She was picking up her large book and walking shyly towards them. Her glossy hair trailed and swung behind her. She sat between Naruto and Sasuke. Sakura put her book down with a low thud.

Naruto smiled from ear-to-ear, "Hello, Sakura-chan! Sasuke-teme!" He hugged Sakura around the shoulders.

Sakura blushed and was pulled into his lap, "He-hello Naru-Naruto-san, Sasu-Sasuke-san." She sat up in his lap still beat red. Well, this is sufficiently awkward! Tell me about it.

Sasuke looked at Sakura in the eye and replied with nothing but a "Aa." He glared at Naruto and said, "Dobe, get the fuck off her."


Sasuke immediately looked away. He felt his face burn. He felt his heart clench. And he felt a swirl of emotions.


Naruto put Sakura back to her seat. She still looked flustered as she sat and stared at her hands. Naruto uneasily let out a sigh, "Wanna start over?"

Sasuke let out a muffled, "Hn."

Sakura smiled unsurely and shrugged, "You first."

Naruto opened his mouth to speak, but his stomach spoke first. GRUMBLE! He blushed and said, "Let's just go and eat." He stood up and held out a hand for Sakura.

She nodded and slid out of the seat, taking his hand. Sasuke slid out from behind and began to walk. They were in front of him.

And he noticed one thing.

He's still holding her hand.


Ino walked out of the classroom with her group. Her teammates were at least two steps ahead of her.

Sure she was popular and crap, but the thing is… she didn't know how to approach these guys.

Flirty? Emo? Smart? Herself?

The one with the black hair, Nara Shikamaru, noticed her discomfort and smirked. "Ino."

She looked up slightly flipping her blonde lock from her eye. "Hm?"

Shikamaru smiled, "We better get aquatinted, because me and Chouji already know each other."

Ino smiled softly, I just have to be myself. "Yeah… So? Where do we start?"

Chouji looked back too and smiled, "I like food."


Hinata shyly sat with her partners on a bench. She nervously was playing with a flower in her pale, dainty hands.

The boy with the dog began to talk, "So yeah, I'm Kiba, and my dog here is Akamaru!" His voice was lively and loud.

Hinata bowed her head slightly, "I-I am Hi-Hinata Hyuuga." Her dark purple locks swung around as her head bobbed up and down.

The quietest boy raised his head slightly, causing his glasses to glare slightly, "Shino." His head immediately was bowed down again.

There was an awkward silence.

Kiba slumped down in his seat and sighed, "Yup, my teams a real winner." They all sweatdropped.


Tenten aimed her target and released her kunai, hitting it right on mark. "Neji, Lee."

The boys looked up. Lee jumped down from the tree, with a squirrel on his shoulder.

Neji stood up from under the target and said, "Yes?"

She smiled and twirled kunais around her fingers and giggled, "I hear there are a bunch of newbies coming in."

Lee nodded. Neji looked at the sky, "Yes. He and She are on the same team.

They all shivered together.








Sasuke walked behind them, slightly slouching. He didn't know why but he was jealous. He felt this feeling before, with his brother, but "love jealously?" this was new.

But, at the same time he was happy. He sensed the discomfort between Sakura and Naruto. She was shy, a typical girl. Fangirl maybe? He looked at her tense figure, her flowing hair, and her flexing legs. He smirked.

"She's perfect." He mumbled.

Naruto looked back and frowned, "What did you say, teme?" From the corner of his eye he saw Sakura's head turn towards him. He smirked.

"Nothing, Dobe." Sasuke looked at Sakura and she slightly flinched.

What's her problem? Sasuke brushed it off and looked at something in the distant. He ignored Sakura.


OH EMM GEE! Did you hear that?


We're perfect, apparently!

This is weird. I don't know, it just feels weird around him.

You'll get over it.

I hope.

Sakura looked at him. He was staring at her. He was concentrating really hard… she began to look into his deep black eyes.


He begins to look away, noticing her discomfort and confusion. Sakura looked forward again.

Naruto starting to say something then, "So, Sakura, you seem to tense up every time you two look at each other. What up?" He slowly let go of her hand. (FINALLY!)

Sakura stopped moving. Sasuke stopped as well. Sakura sighed, "It's nothing." Sasuke nodded agreeing. But, he starting walking faster so now they walked in a line.

Sasuke. Sakura. Then, Naruto.

Naruto smiled, "Nothing?" He noticed the closeness of Sasuke to Sakura. Naruto walked closer to her too.

Sakura sighed, as the boys wandered closer to her. "So competitive." She blushed.

So blah, blah, blah they ate, and added to the awkwardness. They began to walk to the classroom where they meet their mentor.

Naruto placed a cheap prank above the door and snickered, "He's gonna get it for being late!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "He's a jonin, he won't fall for that."

Sakura giggled softly at their antics and agreed, "Yeah, Naruto-kun, he can't fall for this!" Are they seriously gonna fight about this again?


Sasuke clenched his teeth at the –kun added to Naruto's name. Why? Why isn't she just naturally attracted to him?

Sasuke stopped thinking and sat down in a desk. He didn't fail to notice that Sakura sat on top of the desk he was sitting in. He smirked. "Sakura."

He saw her freeze, then she turned around and smiled, "Yes? Sasuke-kun?"

He smirked at his "new" name and asked his question, "Do you have any feelings toward Naruto?"

She gasped and flushed furiously, "Wha- Well, yeah, he's like… my friend?" she stumbled over all her words.

He smirked again and leaned in closer, "Then, how do you feel about me?"

Sakura blushed a deep, deep red and kind of choked, "You-you?"

"Yes me."

Suddenly there was a "Hello, students."

Sakura was so shocked she fell forward. Into Sasuke's lap. Oh my god.

Her lips fell onto his, and oh my, since they were just talking their mouths were opened.

So, yeah, they fell on each other and kissed.


"Kids these days."


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