Resist Temptation

Chapter 4

Kakashi smiled and kept drawing an invisible triangle in the air. "LOVE TRIANGLE!" He laughed and then sighed, "How awkward is this?"

Sakura looked at him with big eyes. Obviously she knows what I'm talking about. Sasuke just looked cool and glared at his feet. He pretends he knows, but he really doesn't. Naruto squinted and yelled, "WHAT?" He's is just as clueless and hopeless as Sasuke.

Kakashi sat on the pole, "Ne, I'll tell you," Sakura opened her mouth to protest, she was waving her hands wildly. "If you pass." Sakura sighed in relief and smiled.

Sasuke looked at the sky and smirked, "What kind of test are we taking?" Kakashi twitched his eyebrow, arrogant boy!

Kakashi jumped down next to them, hand in pockets, mimicking Sasuke, "How'd you know it was a test?" Kakashi glared at him with his one eye.

Sasuke closed his eyes, "You told as yesterday." Kakashi giggled, "Oh." Sakura and Naruto sweatdropped, "IDIOT!"

Kakashi suddenly became serious and explained, "Okay, brats, I don't take just anybody for my squad." (Naruto gulped, "He's scary.") "So, to check if you are worthy, you will take my test." (Sasuke smirked.) "Pass, and I will be your sensei. Fail, and you will stay a genin –insert huge gust of wind- FOREVER!" (Sakura twitched her lips, "What the hell?")

Kakashi just stared at their shocked expressions and took them in one-by-one. He then reached out a hand, "But, of course you could always just walk out on me, and go back to the academy…"

Naruto raised his hand wildly, he looked towards his teammates, "Maybe we should just go back, I mean, if we fail, it's all over." He waited for their comments. Sakura just said, "Sensei never finished his sentence, baka."

Kakashi smirked, "And go back to the Academy… Forever!" He threw some kind of confetti at them. Sasuke sweatdropped and Sakura fell over. Naruto was in the corner (of what?) rocking himself.

Sasuke twitched as Sakura said, "Each choice leads to failure!" She pulled at her hair. Naruto started crying, "YOU BASTARRRRRD!"

Kakashi smiled and winked, "I know." His voice becomes serious again, "Take it or leave it." He crossed his arms and leaned on the wooden pole.

The three children looked at each other. Sasuke just nodded. Yes. Sakura shrugged and smiled forcefully, "It doesn't hurt to try!" Yes. Naruto shook and then nodded, "I'll become Hokage either way!" he pumped his fists in the air.

Kakashi just stared an waited… "So is that a yes?" The air between them grew tense, and they nodded. Kakashi slouched at their silent response and began telling them the instructions.

"Okay, you have till the alarm go off to get the bells off my belt." He gestured towards the bells on his waist. Sasuke and Sakura silently looked at each other, "You may use any technique, weapon, or whatever to attack." He lowered his gaze to all of them, "But the only way you'll get this, -the bell jingles- you'll have to attack me as if you want to KILL me."

Naruto tensed. Sasuke scoffed. Sakura raised a brow and spoke carefully, "But, sensei, there are only two bells…" She furrowed her brows, "Where's the third-?"

Kakashi chuckled, "Only the best two can get this." He gestured to the bells again and winked, "When I say go-."

"KAHHHHHHHHHH!" Naruto threw a punch at Kakashi's face; he simply grabbed his hand, and tossed him the other way.

Kakashi smiled (not that you could see it) and shrugged, "GO." He disappeared.

Sasuke glared at Naruto, "Dumbass, he could be anywhere." Sasuke walked away. His shoulder brushed Sakura's back as he passed. Sakura arched her back at the contact.

Sakura helped Naruto up and let go of him, "Guys, we should work together." She looked to Sasuke's side. He was gone. She looked to Naruto's side, he was gone too. Sakura sighed, "Idiots."

She dashes into the trees and scans the area.


Naruto was foolishly lured into an obvious trap and hanging upside down. He screamed in agitation and swung wildly.

He glared at his sensei, and shouted, "NEEE?! YOU BASTAARD!" He flailed his arms wildly.

Kakashi shrugged and said, "A ninja must see underneath, the underneath." He nodded knowingly.

Surprisingly, Naruto shut up for a brief second, thinking, then he let out a confused, "Are you talking about girls?"

Kakashi fell over and coughed, while blushing, "No."

Then… BAM!

Naruto's eyes, bugged out of it's sockets, "SASUKE?! ARE YOU MAD, THAT HIT WAS FATAL!"

Kakashi fell to the ground, with 10 kunais plastered into his back. Sasuke jumped from his tree and walked towards Kakashi's body. Sasuke smirked and said, "Too easy…"

Suddenly, as Sasuke reaching down to pick up a bell, Kakashi's body disappeared. "Damn!" Sasuke looked around for where he could be, but the only one he could see is the blonde haired idiot.

He looked above, side, other side, back, front… Where is he? "Below!" A hand sprout out of the ground and grabbed Sasuke's leg. "Shit!" Sasuke sighed. He pulled beneath the ground, until only his head is visible.

Kakashi stood between the idiot and the egotistical. He laughed and clutched his stomach. "Idiots! Now, where is little Sakura-chan?" Kakashi joked. "I need to capture her too!"

Sasuke squirmed in the ditch he was trapped in and lay his head on the floor. "Crap…" Naruto swung a little too wildly and hit himself on the tree. Kakashi kept snickering at their failed attempts.

Then they hear a voice, "Naruto? Sasuke? Where the hell are you guys?"

They looked over their shoulder and saw the pink-haired teammate of theirs. She stopped in her tracks when she saw them. Her face grew red. Then she fell.

Laughing. She was literally rolling on the floor laughing her ass off. She wiped away the tears in her eyes and looked at Kakashi, "Sensei? How-haha did yo-you get ha both of haha them?"

Kakashi walked closer to Sakura and his eye flashed, "Like this!" He put his hands together to form seals.

Sakura smirked and clenched her fists, she ran to him and punched his gut, "Sensei… you're slow."

All Sasuke and Naruto could hear was "CHAAAAA" a sickening punched noise and a pained grunt.

All they saw was, Kakashi thrown across the training areas tangled with the trees. And a panting Sakura.

Sakura smiled and rubbed her upper arm, "Let's get you guys out of here." She took out a kunai and simply threw it at the rope supporting Naruto. He fell on the hard floor and rubbed his head, "Ne, you're so mean… Sakura-chan!"

Sakura smiled sweetly and walked towards the trapped Sasuke. She bent down talking to solely him, "Don't worry, I won't tell anybody." Sasuke flushed and looked away, "Hn."

Sakura flicked the floor in front of Sasuke, it split open. Sasuke got his hand out and pulled himself out of that evil, evil ditch.

Sakura smiled again and said, "Do you guys have any wounds?" Naruto raised his hand, "Yeah, Sakura-chan! When you let me fall I hurt my-?"

"I think we work better together." Sakura said, she rested her hands on her hips and nodded. Sasuke brushed the dirt off his clothes and agreed, "Yeah, whatever."

Naruto nodded and smiled evilly, "I have a plan!" He pointed his hand in the air and his eyes glinted.

Sasuke and Sakura looked at each other and smiled, "Shoot Naruto."


Kakashi crouched on the ground, listening for his students and at the same time reading his "precious" book.

He saw his idiot student standing a couple feet away from him, clad in his usual orange, and wearing his cloak of stupidity. Kakashi stood, "So you found me?"

Naruto pointed at him and shouted, "I WILL BRING YOU DOWN!" He charged at him with a closed fist.

Kakashi continued to read his book and whispered, "Like you could touch me." Naruto smiled and punched, or attempted to, Kakashi. He grabbed his legs and held him upside down. "You missed." Kakashi said as he held him.

Naruto's eyes glinted. Kakashi's face paled, there's a kunai heading towards me! He turned and saw Sasuke smirking, while hurling shuriken and kunais at his sensei. Sasuke then said breathily, "Hn."

Kakashi widened his eyes, nice plan, but not to my level quite yet. Kakashi threw Naruto a couple feet away, and jumped back. He hit something. Kakashi turned and saw little Sakura fuming.

"Did. You. Just. Touch. Me?" She slowly opened her eyes and something sparked. Kakashi hung his head down and said, "Shit."

Sakura smiled and brought her arm back, "Ready, boys?" she didn't wait for an answer, Sakura just went on ahead and punched her sensei into the ground.

Their poor sensei was sprawled in a ditch with cracked or cracking earth around him. The children huddled around their sensei.

Naruto looked at Sakura with horrified eyes, "Did you just kill him?" Sakura shrugged and stuttered, "I don't know."

Sasuke scoffed, "It's just a clone." He kicked the body and it POOFed away.



Naruto tensed and he shouted, "Sakura-chan behind you!"

Sasuke immediately whipped his head towards Sakura's direction.

Sakura gasped and fell over. Kakashi was behind her chuckling, "How long can you last without Miss. Brawn and Brains?" He disappeared.

Naruto stomped his foot and looked at Sasuke, as if for a plan. Sasuke ran to Sakura and instinctively shouted, "Naruto! Just go find him!"

Naruto nodded and sprinted away. Sasuke kneeled by Sakura and shook her lightly. "Sakura? Sakura?" He brushed the hair out of her eyes and shook her a little harder. "Sakura. Sakura wake up."

Sakura. Wake up! Wake up! Sasuke is actually calling you! Hello? Girl, are you still there? WAKE UP DAMMIT!

Sasuke tensed a bit as he saw her stir. She coughed and tried to stand up. Sasuke held the small of her back and mumbled, "Are you okay?"

Sakura leaned onto his shoulder and airily said, "He knocked me out, but I'm fine… -ish…" She stood up and wobbled a bit. She tilted to the side and Sasuke caught her.

Sakura looked up and smiled, "Why did you stay here, with me, you just wasted precious time!"

The bell rung and they sighed. Sasuke lifted Sakura's arm and placed it around his shoulder, and he held her waist. They slowed down their pace and Sakura patiently waited for his answer.

Sasuke looked at her and caught her with his eyes, "I couldn't just leave you there, out in the open, defenseless." A small smile, really, really small, smile graced his pale lips. "I promise, I'll protect you." His voice was low and serious but his eyes were bouncy, quite an odd gesture for the stoic Uchiha.

Sakura leaned on him again and smiled, "Thanks." Her smile widened as she said, "I'll be there if you ever need a shoulder to lean on!" they smiled at each other and quickly recomposed themselves as they reached the wooden poles.

They saw Naruto screaming as he was tied to a wooden pole in the middle. Kakashi stood in front of him laughing. Suddenly he looked over at our favorite couple and smirked (not that you could see it), "My, my." He cheekily raised a brow, "Would you be kind enough to stand next to Naruto?"

Sasuke practically dragged her into sitting next to Naruto and he took his spot on the other side of Naruto.

Kakashi took his serious voice, "I'll give you kid s another chance…" the mood turned a little happy as he said, "Well, since Sasuke and Sakura have done the most work today, they deserve to eat lunch." He threw a bento box at the said children, who caught them quite gracefully, "But, they must eat it in front of Naruto." Evil glinted in Kakashi's eye, "No sharing with him or you will…" –dramatic gust of wind- "FAIL!" he POOFed away.

Sasuke and Sakura opened their boxes and snapped their chopsticks. Sasuke looked around and shoved half of his food at our idiot. "Eat. You need the energy." Naruto looked away. "I'M NOT HUNGRY!"

Sakura smiled as his stomach growled, "Here, Naruto, just eat some of mine." He blushed and mumbled, "Are you sure, don't… aren't you hungry?" Sakura smiled again, "I still have enough chakra." She held a chopstick full of rice to his lips, "Just eat."

Sasuke turned away definitely pissed and he just stuffed more food in his mouth, obviously consoling himself.

As soon as Naruto swallowed Kakashi POOFed in front of them. The clouds darkened and air gusts towards them, "YOU!!" the sun comes out and the birds started chirping, "Pass!" Kakashi gives them the good guy pose, which they don't know about yet.

Sasuke twitched uncontrollably and Sakura fell forward. Naruto just yelled, "WHAT THE HELL?"

Kakashi laughed at their antics and leaned closer to them, "You passed because you failed!"

Sakura and Sasuke nodded knowingly. Sasuke then started to stare at Sakura. Sakura felt his stare but ignores, or tries to.

Naruto squinted his eyes again and shouts, "Are you talking about girls again?" Kakashi fell forward and sweat dropped. "Because, if you are, that's really perverted."

Kakashi ignored him and looked to Sasuke and Sakura, "C'mon kids, I'll treat you to some… -looks at Naruto- ramen!" He starts walking away.

Sakura bounces up and grabs Sasuke's hand, "Let's go, Sasuke-kun!" Sasuke smirks and lightly squeezes her hand. They walk away.

Naruto pouts and screams, "SOMEONE HELP ME!" suddenly, there was a rustle in the bushes. Naruto grew nervous and he stared at the part that moved. "Who's there?"

A very confused Hinata popped from out of the bushes. She runs to Naruto and quickly unties his ropes, he stumbles. Hinata caught him with her blushing face.

Naruto hugs her and smiles, "Dude, you just saved my life…?"

Hinata blushes and smiles, "I'm Hinata…" Naruto wrapped an arm around her shoulder and gives her a thumbs up, "We're gonna be friends okay?"

Hinata glowed and giggled. She nodded happily, she leaned on his shoulder. Naruto hugs the "stranger" close and laughed.

"You can be my friend with benefits!"




Kakashi smiled at that couple trailing behind him. Sakura was chatting animatedly with Sasuke and he was just blushing and looking away.

Kakashi trailed his eyes to see that Sasuke had Sakura's hand in a vice grip, "Ah… young love!"

Kakashi drew a heart in the air. Sasuke rolled his eyes and Sakura giggled, "Kaka-sensei!"

Kakashi scratched the back of his head and sheepishly said, "Guys, I don't really want ramen, go on ahead by yourselves." He did the proper seals and right as he left he said, "Behave yourselves!"

Sasuke smirked and Sakura blushed. Sasuke pulled her towards the park and said, "Shall we?"

Sakura curtsied and nodded, "We shall!"

Yeah… LOL sorry the ending is random… I'll just make them talk about something or whatever.