The next day, Shane called a meeting in the living room to debrief them on something. He had found a secret vault in the garage that he believed held Ghost. He informed them that once it was turned in, they would be left alone by anyone who wanted to harm them. Lulu was looking so down that Shane asked her what was wrong.

"But, Shane, doesn't that mean you have to go?" she asked.

Shane didn't answer. He told them to go and get ready because their mom would be back soon. Seth looked away from Shane to see Crystal sneaking out of the room. As everyone got up, he saw her sneak out the back door. He followed.


She had made it to the pool and sat in one of the chairs at its side. She looked over at Seth before turning back to the chlorine full water. Seth knelt by the chair.

"I'm sorry that I got so caught up in the news last night that I didn't get to catch you before you went to sleep."

"It's fine. It's great that your mom is coming home."


Crystal got up and brushed down the wrinkles in her shirt and jeans.

"Don't worry about it for now okay? Like Uncle Shane said, you should get ready for your mom. That's more important."

Seth suddenly pulled her into his arms. She was surprised for a moment before Seth pulled back with his hands on her shoulders.

"She's not more important. You are just as important to me as she is."

He kissed her forehead and let her go.

"We're talking about this later."

He looked at her for a moment before making his way back to the house. Crystal groaned to herself.

"I really am becoming a domesticated woman by being here. Damn moodiness."

She marched back toward the house mentally abusing herself on the way.

Back in the house, the kids had set up a banner in the side room. They had decided to place the brochures for the Sound of Music at the door and play the music as she came in. It all went according to plan when she came in with the Captain. While they were all reuniting in the room, the Captain took Shane outside to the garage. Crystal stood outside the room just leaning against the wall, listening to the happy voices within. After awhile, they began to make their way out of the room just as the neighbors and Captain Fawcett came in, all wielding guns.

"Tie up the kids," the Captain told the Chuns.

As the two moved forward, Crystal kicked Mrs. Chun before Mr. Chun attacked her. The female Plummers screamed while Seth tried to keep them back.

"Crys!" his worried voice called.

She landed a few punches on Mr. Chun, but he was too strong for her and eventually caught her arms and kept her from being able to attack him anymore. The Captain walked over to her. She growled at him.

"Where's Uncle Shane?" she demanded.

"Man, your family is annoying. Your parents were even annoying. Make sure she is tied up the best. Get the others. Julie, you're coming with me," he replied, ignoring her question.

Crystal and the rest of the family, minus Mrs. Plummer, were herded into the nursery. The elder kid's hands and legs were tied and their mouths gagged. Mrs. Chun went with the Captain and Mrs. Plummer down to the garage, leaving Mr. Chun to watch them. Crystal refused to give up without a fight. Once she almost got her hands untied, but Mr. Chun saw and tied them tighter. She glared at him as he paced the room. Seth nudged her and nodded at Zoe and Lulu, who had gotten their hands out of the ropes. Crystal saw Lulu make a face at Tyler that made him cry. She knew instantly it was a diversion tactic. Lulu and Zoe switched places so that Lulu could untie Seth and Zoe could untie her ankles. When Seth was free he untied Crystal and then gave Zoe a thumbs up. Pulling off her gag, she turned to Peter who was in the baby pen with Tyler.

"Now, Peter."

As Mr. Chun was leaning over and yelling at the baby to be quiet, Peter squirted the juice box he held in the man's eyes. He stumbled backward, his eyes burning, and Zoe stuck her feet out so he fell onto the floor. As Zoe picked up Tyler and Crystal pulled Peter out of the pen, she turned in time to see Seth give Mr. Chun a sufficient roundhouse kick to the back. While he tried to get up, Lulu kicked him in the balls and they all ran out as Seth picked up Peter. Lulu grabbed the nursery key and locked the door when they came out. Crystal looked at Seth.

"When did you learn to do that?" she asked, skeptically.

He grinned.

"You're an inspiration? Here, hold, Peter."

Seth ran and grabbed the fire extinguisher they had as Mr. Chun's fist came through the door. Everyone but Seth and Crystal ran downstairs. When his face replaced his fist, Seth sprayed Mr. Chun.

"That stuff doesn't hurt."

Seth then rammed him in the head with the whole thing, knocking him down from pain. The two ran for the stairs after Seth ditched the semi-weapon. They made it to the garage to find the others huddled around Shane who lay unconscious.

"Uncle Shane!"

"Hold on, I got it."

Seth opened one of Tyler's baby formula bottles and poured it on Shane's face. He woke up spluttering. They asked him where their mom was, but he told them to go get help while he found her. They ran to the van. Zoe gave Tyler to Crystal as she jumped into the driver's seat. Crystal got Tyler in the seat as Seth got Peter into his. Then Zoe backed out of the driveway at top speed. Zoe and Crystal both had left their cell phones in the house. Mr. Chun came running out of the house and as they drove away, they saw him get into his car and come after them.

"Drive, Zoe, drive," Crystal insisted, turning to look at Mr. Chun's speeding car.

"Oh my gawd, what do we do?" Zoe asked.

"Find a cop," Seth replied.

They swerved in and out of traffic until Mr. Chun came up next to him.

"Trust me, Zoe, ram him," Crystal instructed.

She did as the younger girl said. His car spun around until it was in front of them and their van was pushing it as he drove backwards. Those in the car, except for Crystal and the littlest Plummer's, screamed. His car eventually swerved around and they took off in front of him again.

"He's gaining on us," Zoe said, looking through the rear view mirror.

"You keep your eyes on the road and look for a cop, I'll keep an eye on him," Crystal said.

"I'll handle it."

Seth turned around in the seat as Mr. Chun drove up next to them and pulled a gun and pointed it at the car. Lulu and Zoe let out a scream just as Seth tossed a dirty diaper at the windshield. The idiot used his windshield wiper, smearing up the window. Zoe had taken her eyes off the road long enough that they were heading straight into a truck. The older Plummer's plus Crystal all let out a scream. Zoe swerved out of the way just in time. Crystal turned to see Mr. Chun drive straight into a car dealership.

"Well, he won't be on our tail for awhile. Now where are the cops?" she asked.

"Look, Zoe, it's the cops!" Lulu stated, pointing.

They kept driving even past the school. They were almost back to the house when Seth spoke up.

"Zoe, you're going too fast. You're not going to have enough time to stop."

"Who said anything about stopping? I'm parking," she answered.

"Are you sure you're not related to my family, Zoe?" Crystal asked, amused.

Zoe swung the car around and parked. Everyone filed out of the van. Zoe grabbed Tyler in his carrier and Seth grabbed Peter. The cops followed them out. They all ran to the garage and met up with Shane and Mrs. Plummer. The cops all had them at gun point until Mr. Chun appeared behind them and told them put their guns down as he held an even bigger gun than they did. They put their guns down and their hands up.

"I want the Ghost," he declared, just as Gary came quacking onto the scene.

He pointed the gun at Gary until Shane spoke up.

"Calm down, it's just a duck."

Principal Fletcher had shown up and Crystal noticed her uncle nod her to go around. She nodded in understanding.

"Where's the Ghost?"

"I have it here."

He pulled it out of his pocket and Mr. Chun commanded him to bring it to him. Shane moved forward through the row of cops toward Mr. Chun. He was told to put it on the ground. As he did, he whispered to Gary.

"Okay, Duck Whisperer, step away."

Shane stood up and backed away. Then he suddenly shouted.


The duck ran forward and clamped onto Mr. Chun's crotch. He screamed as Principal Fletcher came flying out of the bushes and kicked him to the ground. She then incapacitated him. The cops surged forward and arrested Mr. Chun. The Plummers huddled together. Shane told Crystal to bring the cops down into the vault where they would find Captain Fawcett and Mrs. Chun. After they were all put into cop cars, Crystal stood off to the side secretly watching her uncle almost kiss Principal Fletcher until Lulu interrupted them. He gave her a peck on the cheek before she went and answered questions with one of the cops.

"I know how you both feel," Crystal muttered, to herself.

She yelped as she was picked up from behind and placed back down. She turned to see Seth smirking at her. She smacked his chest, not hurting him one bit.

"Don't do that," she whined.

"You really feel that way, huh?" he teased her.

Her cheeks tinted crimson.

"You heard that?"

He nodded and pulled her by her waist to him and kissed her on the lips. She was so taken by surprise that she gasped and Seth pulled back.

"Sorry," he said.

"No, my bad. Try again."

She smiled as he pressed his lips to hers gently. It was nothing like she'd experienced before. She enjoyed the warmth and the soft feel of his lips on hers. When they stopped, Seth picked her up and spun her around, making her laugh.

"Let's go see your, Uncle."

Crystal sighed at the thought of leaving. Seth took her hand and rubbed it with his thumb.

"I refuse to let you go so easily," he told her.

They made their way over to Shane as the rest of the Plummer's did the same. As Shane put Lulu down from a hug, he pulled Crystal into one.

"Great job, soldier. I'm proud of you and your parents would be, too."

She smiled up at him as he turned to the Plummer's.

"Your father would be so proud of all of you," he told them.

Tyler woke up just then from a nap he had been taking and Shane took him from Mrs. Plummer. Lulu got his attention.

"Shane, will we ever see you and Crystal again?"

Crystal looked up at her uncle, wanting to know the answer to that question also. Shane surprised them all.

"What are you talking about? We still have one more mission."

Crystal had completely forgotten.

"The play is on Saturday!" she remembered.

"And I've been thinking, Crystal, what do you think about moving to this town? I like it here, how about you?"

Crystal's eyes widened.

"Really? You mean it? We can stay?"


Crystal turned to see the Plummer's all smiling. She ran over to Seth and he hugged her, tightly. Julie Plummer smiled at the two of them.

"I think I missed something big while I was gone," she noted.

Shane laughed in agreement.

On Saturday the play went off without a hitch. They had a last minute replacement with a nun. Murney found his true calling in acting and resigned from his teaching position. Shane began seeing Clare Fletcher and took up the job offer of the wrestling coach at the school. Shane and Crystal moved into the Chun's house when it went up for sale so that they spent every single day with the family. Seth and Crystal were the happiest they ever could be because they got to stay together.