Through Shadow and Fire

Summary: Peter always comes to his younger brother's matter the circumstances. But just how much can these two brothers survive, especially when so many things seem to be against them? Peter-Ed brotherly love, no slash.

A/N: This story is actually two stories intertwined, one set in England post-LWW and one set in Narnia during LWW. While the one in England is happening, the one in Narnia is played through both Edmund's and Peter's flashbacks. The one in Narnia starts in the midst of the story, so if you don't understand everything at first, that's okay- you're not suppose to quite yet. Flashbacks are always in italics. And while the flashback story is the real "meat" of the story you might say, the story in England is important to the plot as well. And while the prologue is short, the following chapters will not be, I promise.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the bad guys.


Edmund groggily opened his blurry eyes. The first thing he felt was pain in his wrist, as if they had been twisted and turned into angles they were never suppose to be. The familiar feeling brought a bout of nausea with it. Puzzled, he glanced down. They were tied. Why were his wrist tied? Not only tied, but tied with the most secure knot he had ever seen, made out of thick, sturdy rope.

He leaned his head back only to find a dirty, dusty wall. He was alone, in a small area, not a real room. A closet, maybe. He closed his eyes and tried to remember the afternoon.

It was a nice Spring Saturday, one of the first when it hadn't been raining in a while. He had taken a walk to try and clear his mind of all the history and language knowledge that lodge itself in his mind during the week. It was one of the few times of the week where he could get away from the other boys, his friends, and even his brother.

He had come across some of the older boys, the boys in the grade right above Peter's. For some reason, those boys always acted like they had a bone to pick with both Pevensie boys. Both Ed and Peter had gotten in a few fights, usually together, but eventually they both had learned to ignore the taunts and go along their own ways. Edmund had come across them on his walk, but did his best to turn away and act like he never heard.

"What, too much of a coward to defend yourself?" Biting his lip, Edmund didn't respond and quickened his pace, but only slightly. He remembered trying to avoid the older boys, and that was all.

A burst of bright white light suddenly fell upon Edmund, temporarily blinding him.

Three tall, big boys entered the room, making it overcrowded. Edmund resisted the urge to sink as far back in the small corner he was in as possible, and instead sat up to full height, his eyes glowing defiantly. He didn't know what these boys wanted, but he knew it wouldn't be pleasant.

"Ah, he's woken up." The tallest said. He was the only one who Edmund knew by name-Tynan Morris, popular at the school through bullying and threatening. Tynan was the tallest boy in the school and still growing, and his sharp features and relatively small eyes made him look like a jaguar ready to pounce on his prey.

Summoning more confidence then he truly felt, Edmund growled, "What do you want with me?"

His tone earned him a sharp kick by the black-haired, smallest boy out of the group. "To teach you to pay attention and respect us." replied Tynan.

"Sorry, I make it a point to not respect bullies." Another kick. And a punch. Edmund let one small groan he couldn't hold back escape his lips, but that was the only satisfaction he granted his captors.

As the boys continued to beat on Edmund, the world around him changed, the temperature seemed to drop, and memories overwhelmed him.

Edmund felt as if he had just been thrown into the core of a glacier.. He watched the White Witch's retreating back, wondering what exactly he had gotten himself in to. The iron manacles bit into his wrist, but not nearly as the revelation of the witch's true nature bit into his heart. It turned out his little sister was right after all.

On the way he had been pushed and shoved inside his icicle of a cell, he had noticed the pile of faun. He figured that was Mr. Tumnus, Lucy's friend. He hung his head in shame. He knew his mistake now, but it was too late.

Night fell outside, but the passing of time had no effect on Edmund. All he felt was pain and shame. The night that had fallen outside was nothing compared to the night that had fallen in his soul.

Edmund could hear the click of the Witch's shoes of ice climb down the stairs and wondered how he could have been so deceived. He winced- he's not sure what's coming, only that he doesn't want it to.


It was over. He was with his family again. He hoped his memories would be the last thing to ever enslave him, but he would later be proven wrong.