Of our story, only a few last things need to be said: Se ran away with his father from the Tisroc's palace to distant relatives in a small village in Calmorene. Peter and Edmund themselves never found out what had happened to him, though they always hoped for the best.

The men who returned to Narnia with Peter and Edmund all learned how to adjust to Narnian life, though it was not an easy adjustment. All of the men, however, were very loyal to the Kings and quite a few even became close friends with the monarchs.

Tynan and his bullies never bothered Edmund or Peter again. Tynan was sent away to a different school by his mother and his gang of bullies broke down without him.

After the conversation in Peter's room, Edmund's nightmares about Sahar grew increasingly rarer, until they stopped all together. It was an event Peter and Edmund never forgot but never had many conversations about in England ever again.