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"Okaachan are we there yet?" asked a blonde haired blue eyed boy who was almost the spitting image of his father and was currently bouncing as he walked his face a mix of excitement with the barest hint of worry or maybe nervousness shining in the bright blue orbs.

"Daddy, daddy" chimed in the little red haired girl skipping at her brother's side. Even the baby in the woman's arms gurgled inquisitively at her mother. The woman laughed and looked to her other son.

"Aren't you going to say something Zabuza?" she asked.

"I'm hungry" answered the black haired green eyed boy. This only caused his mother to laugh again shaking her head at her children.

"We are almost there" she told them "we can get something to eat and then we will go see if we can find your father."

The boys smiled the baby giggled and the little toddler repeated her chant of daddy until her mother hushed her by placing a hand on her head. The guards her husband insisted accompany them smiled at the antics of their lady and here children although they wondered what their lord would think of them showing up unexpectedly and hope he would not be angry with them they where only following the lady's orders after all.

Gates of Konohagakure

"This is boring" commented the left hand gate guard to his partner.

"Come on Izumo, better this than a war" answered his friend.

"I know Kotatsu but still it would be nice to see something other than dust clouds on this road" Kotatsu sighed silently agreeing with his friend that is until something on the road caught his eye.

"Hey, Zumo looks like you got your wish."


Sure enough the pair could see eight figures five large and tree small making their way up the road. As the group drew closer they saw it was a lovely dark haired woman and three children, the woman carrying a bundle in her arms and looking to be guarded by the four other tall figures. "Can we help you" asked the no longer board Izumo. The woman smiled and adjusted the bundle in her arms, it was then that the chunin saw that the bundle was actually a baby and they wondered what a woman was doing traveling with four children, one of which looked oddly familiar, and only four guards and what business the group could have in their village. The woman nodded to one of her guards and he stepped forward it 

was then that the gate guards noticed the symbol on his left bicep it was strange because they could have sworn they had seen it before but they could not think of a village that claimed the insignia. There mussing was cut short as the man spoke.

"Our lady wishes entrance and a conference with your Hokage"

"To what perppouse?" Asked Kotestu.

The man looked back at his lady looking for guidance. It was obvious to the konoha Nin that the body guards where just as ciourious and just as clueless to the lady's intentions "The lady's business is her own" the spokesmen said after receiving no guidance. The chunin narrowed their eyes and shared a look then nodded to each other a moment later and ANBU appeared between them and the group of travelers.

"ANBU-san will escort you" explained Kotetsu to which the lady nodded a followed the bird masked ANBU into the village proper and toward the tower until…

"I'm hungry"….

The Anbu looked down at the boy who had moved up to walk beside him and tugged on his cloak.

"I'm hungry" the boy repeated.

The ANBU sighed and continued to lead his charges to their destination. The boy seeing he was getting nowhere with the masked man went back to his mother's side.

When the reach the receptionist desk of the tower they found a woman in black with short black hair seated there.

"The Hokage will see you in a moment" she said and went in to the office to inform here leader of the group's arrival and then wave them in upon receiving the ok.

Inside the office a blonde woman sat at a desk a brown haired man with a scar across his nose at her side. Upon seeing this man the little red haired girl left her mother and brothers and ran to him arms outstretched. Both the blonde woman and the brown haired man looked down at the little girl in confusion.

"UP?" she asked but when she did not get what she wanted and instead was only stared at blankly she tried again "Up" and she stretched her arms toward the scared chunin. Still confused but unable to resist the cute little girl he complied and was surprised again when she snuggled into him.

The Hokage watched this then turned back to the rest of the group looking them over. She noticed that the guards had to be shinobi from their posture and the woman too but she hide it a bit better. She could not see the buddle well but if the movement was any indication it was a baby. The boy on the woman's left side had dark hair and green eyes but it was the boy on the woman's right that made her blink. The child who could be no older than five or six was almost the spitting image of Konoha's most 

supervising ninja. Iruka who had taken his attention off the little girl snuggled in his arms seemed to have noticed this too for he was staring at the boy, who noticing the stare, glared back until his mother bopped him on the head. The boy pouted but his mother ignored him, instead turning her attention to the Hokage.

Tsunade decided to start of the conversation. "Well, you must have traveled some distance, and with such young children you must be tired. If we can discuss why it is you are here you will be able to find a place to eat and rest."

"I'm hungry"

Tsunade looked at the blacked haired boy than back at his mother who sighed than spoke

"We are traveling to meet with my husband. We left a bit earlier than planed, I wished to surprise him.

Tsunade rose and eyebrow "And you are in need of?"

"A place to stay for now. For us and the group coming behind us by three days.

Again Tsunade raised and eyebrow at this. She had seen the guards wince. Apparently the woman had gone against her husbands wishes and she didn't seem to care and apparently the guards where worried of their lady's actions and their lords reactions. She even thought she saw one of them mouthing the words "I was just following orders" to himself over and over and she knew she saw the only female guard fidget. Who was this man that would most likely not be happy with his wife decision?

"How many and under what name?" Asked the Hokage The woman smiled but before she could speak the eerily familiar blonde child decided to make his opinion known.

"Okaa-san you're taking to long! I'm board, Zabu is hungry, Hi-chan is sleepy and Nome-chan needs to be changed, and we want tou-san!"

Again the woman sighed and looked apologetically at the two behind the desk who where staring at the boy realization slowly dawning and being quickly dismissed as imposable. The woman gave her son a stern look and answered Tsunade's question

"Including our group there are thirty."

Tsunade nodded and wrote out a note handing it to a guard who stepped forward. It was then that she noticed the insignia on his shoulder and she had to exert a great deal of control on her expression. The group bowed, the female guard going to Iruka and prying a sleepy protesting little girl from his arms.

"We thank you for your hospitality, Hokage-sama."

And with that the group left the office.

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