I watched as he held hands with her. He looked so genuinely happy. I couldn't complain. He was one of my best friends. If he was happy then I was happy. No matter how I felt. He was my best friend, a boy I had been friends with since pre-school along with my cousin Chad. People who don't know us think that there's no way we can be cousins because Chad's black and I'm white. My dad was Chad's father's brother and he married my mom who was white. My parents died when I was young in a car crash. I don't remember that much about it since I was the only survivor. But being best friends with Troy and Chad helped a lot. They always made me laugh. We were a trio but then everything changed.

When we entered high school we started not spending as much time together. They made the basketball team and I did academics and softball. We still hung out but not as much. They got new friends and I was pushed to the side. At first I thought it was the whole freshman year adjustment thing but it wasn't. I knew that as we entered sophomore year. I got a pen pal in sophomore year. Her name was Gabriella Montez. We talked on the phone and sent letters and texted. It wasn't until junior year that Gabriella Montez entered the scene. We were best friends and it was a surprise when she said that she knew Troy. I watched them get closer together. At first I was crushed. I wanted to hate Gabriella but I couldn't. She was a friend that a person did not want to lose. And to me it was better to have Gabriella and Troy together as best friends then have one and not the other. I am Nicole Danforth and this is my life.