"Sami calm down I'm sure Charlie will love you no matter what you were under your graduation gown," I said trying to calm Sami down. It's been almost a week since the thing between Troy and I. We never spoke or talked to each other. I told Sami, Alex and Riley but not Lily, Annie and Mitchie. Alex, Sami and Riley wanted to kill Troy but I said it's not necessary. After the prom Sami and Charlie became a couple officially at least.

"Thanks Nicole now can you help me get this insufferable gown on," Sami asked lifting the red graduation gown we were told to wear. We got it on after ten minutes of struggling when Riley walked in.

"Am I missing something," she asked.

"Yeah Sami wrestling with her graduation gown," I replied.

"Hey, I seriously think that this gown has it in for me," Sami said.

"You think everybody and everything has it in for you," I said.

"My issues aside let's go and get ready to graduate by joining the other seniors whose names we will forget in six years," Sami said as we linked arms and proceeded into the room where we were told to wait. I saw Gabriella and them off in a corner of the room. I waved and smiled and they returned the gesture. But when I saw Troy I had to look away.

"So Nicole in three hours you'll be on a plane to London," Riley said.

"Yeah I've got everything packed and my car is sold," I said.

"In just three hours you'll be gone," Sami said.

"Yeah but we'll write to each other I promise and maybe you guys could come visit me and Alex," I said giving each of them a hug.

"Hey girls," a voice said. I look over to see Mitchie making her way over.

"Hey Mitchie," I said. As she walked over to us I noticed that she was hiding her hand.

"So guess what happened earlier today," Mitchie asked.

"Joe proposed," I said saying the first thing that came to mind.

"How'd you know," Mitchie asked.

"Yeah how did you know," Riley and Sami asked.

"Well one she's hiding her left hand and two it was a lucky guess and finally three they've been dating for four years," I said.

"Well anyway Joe and I want a long engagement just to make sure that this is what we want," Mitchie said.

"Why," Sami asked.

"Because with school and everything we just want to make sure," Mitchie replied.

"Fine but if I were you I'd tie the knot before school starts," Sami said.

"Of course you would Sami you're the most spontaneous person I know," Riley said.

"Yeah," I said agreeing with Riley.

"So anyway when we do have the wedding I want all of you guys to be in it," Mitchie said.

"Me in a wedding oh it would be such an honor Mitchie," Sami said dramatically falling to her knees in front of Mitchie.

"So I see my girlfriend is in her dramatic attitude," Charlie said coming up behind Sami.

"You love me for it," Sami said standing up and kissing Charlie full on the mouth.

"Okay make-out session over," Riley said pushing the two apart.

"Yeah well I'll see you guys at the end when we say goodbye to Nicole," Mitchie said leaving probably to go find Joe.

"So anyway Nicole when exactly does your flight leave," Charlie asked.

"My plane leaves at 5:45 and I should arrive in London sometime tomorrow," I said to him.

"Well good luck,' Charlie said.

"Good luck at Michigan with Sami," I replied.

"Thanks Hey Sami I got to get going," Charlie said.

"Everybody form a line alphabetically," Principal Matsui's voice said over the intercom.

"Well this is it," Sami said before going in the back of the line. I saw Chad waving at me form the front so I followed him and stood behind him waiting for the ceremony to start. He gave me a thumbs up as the music came on and we were told to head into the room where the ceremony was being held.

"Sami don't you dare drop me," I said as I sat on Sami's shoulders. She insisted that I should be sitting on her shoulders for the pictures that my aunt was taking.

"I won't drop you," Sami replied.

"Sami, Nicole just smile and stop fidgeting or this will be a weird looking picture," Aunt Karen yelled. I spread my arms out and smiled hoping this would be the last picture.

"Karen come on we have to leave soon or else Nicole will miss her plane," Uncle Mike said.

"Mike I want the perfect picture get Chad though we have to leave soon. Okay Girls just two more," Aunt Karen said. Sami, Riley and I waited patiently for two more flashes to go off so we could stop taking pictures.

"Are we done Mrs.Danforth," Sami asked.

"Yes Sami I got twenty pictures of you guys so say your goodbyes and then we have to leave," Aunt Karen said. I got down off of Sami's shoulders and hugged both her and Riley as hard as I could.

"You guys will always be the best friends a girl could have," I said.

"Don't worry we'll stay in touch," Sami said.

"You better write to us," Riley said.

"Yeah you better," I heard a voice behind me say. I broke out of my hug with Sami and Riley and turned to see Gabriella, Taylor, Sharpay, Martha, Kelsi, Zeke, Jason, Ryan and Chad behind me.

"Oh you guys I'm going to miss you all so much," I said hugging each of them in turn. We exchanged goodbyes some were tearful and some weren't. When I had said goodbye to all of them I realized I hadn't said goodbye to Troy. I looked around and couldn't find him.

"Nicole, Chad we better get going or Nicole will miss her plane," Uncle Mike said.

"Goodbye everybody," I said as Chad and I followed Uncle Mike to the cars. He got in with me as my aunt and uncle got in their car.

The drive to the airport was filled with tears and laughing. Chad and I reminisced about stupid things we did as kids and how we got busted some of the time. When we arrived at the airport and I turned off the ignition I stared at the planes taking off into the sky.

"Nicole we're here let's get your bags. Mom and Dad are right next to us they've already got your stuff out," Chad said getting out of the car.

We walked into the airport and registered my bags. My Aunt Karen wasn't shedding tears just yet but I knew that once we were at the boarding gate she wouldn't be able to stop the flow of tears. As we neared the gate I felt myself becoming surer of myself and where my life was headed. When we finally arrived I stopped and turned to look at them.

"Well this is it," I said. I saw my Aunt Karen's eyes fill with tears and she hugged me with such force I felt as if I couldn't breathe.

"Karen don't strangle the girl," Uncle Mike said. Aunt Karen let go and stared at me.

"I can't help it Mike," Aunt Karen said.

"Karen she'll write and e-mail and even visit when she can don't worry," Uncle Mike said. I hugged my Uncle Mike.

"Thank You for everything," I said breaking the hug. I turned to Chad who was my last goodbye.

"Hey don't get yourself into any trouble okay," Chad said hugging me.

"I won't and if I do you'll be the first one to know," I said.

"Good to know," I replied as I pulled away form him.

"All passengers boarding Flight 217 to London please board now," the announcer said.

"Bye," I said grabbing my small carry on bag that said Wildcats across the back as I gave my ticket to the flight attendant and she let me board. I took one look back at my Family and smiled and waved before I boarded the plane. As I found my seat and stared out the window waiting for the plane to take off all I could think about was the night I shared with Troy. I thought over everything that had happened when I realized something just as the plane took off. Troy didn't use a condom.

This is it the last chapter of To Get Me To You. The sequel will start being posted hopefully by the end of next week. It will be called. When You Love Someone. And to show my gratitude my two faithful reviewers Roots before Branches and Sciencefreak2007 I hope I got those names right will have mentions in the seuel who knows maybe even a chapter named after them.