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Drabble Series - Two completely different people. Sometimes they are like ships that pass in the night and sometimes their lives are twisted and intertwined. (Sasuke/Ino)

Like all of my work this is just something that happened to float through the empty void inside my head. Like it or hate it please R and R as honest opinions are always welcomed, as are random acts of worship.

All the Fleeting Moments

Basically this is going to be a collection of drabbles with the pairing Sasuke/Ino, sometimes it'll be really easy to see the pairing's there other time you'll have to stand on your head and squint and even then you still might miss it.

To save confusion, or to at lest try to, I thought I'd better point out a few things to start with.

1) The drabbles are all individual stories on their own and are not connected to each other unless otherwise stated. Also they do NOT follow any particular timeline.

2) I was given a list of prompts to work from, each prompt forming the title of a drabble which kinda effected what I could write for them. So some will be better than others and some probably shouldn't really be seeing the light of day. Also they well vary in length, depending on how good the idea was and when the words decided they didn't want to do what they were told anymore. So some will be short, some not so short and some I'll be lucky if I get a full sentence.

3) I have this wonderful little thing I use called 'poetic licence' which basically is my excuse for changing anything I want to make the story in question work. I may have random characters dead to fit the plot I have and just things like that. Some will also be AU (alternate universe) fics simply because I couldn't make the prompts work otherwise.

4) Please don't flame just because you don't like the pairing. If you don't like it then just don't read it, it's better for everyone that way.

5) Ideally I'd like two reviews before I update (I hate it when people hold chapters to ransom but I've always wanted to say that) but I'll probably try and up date at least once a week anyway. And the first person to review a drabble will have the next one dedicated to them, just cus it's easier for me that way.

6) I'm dyslexic so spelling mistakes and dubious punctuation are par for the cores.

I dedicate this endeavour to my friend and fellow Sasuke/Ino fanatic pixieface Lust, love ya bubs.

Please R and R I'd love to know what you thought.

Big luv see ya