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Drabble Series - Two completely different people. Sometimes they are like ships that pass in the night and sometimes their lives are twisted and intertwined. (Sasuke/Ino)

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"Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished and persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot."

If I was your vampire,

Certain as the moon,

Instead of killing time,

We'll have each other until the sun,

If I was your vampire,

Death waits for no one.


It was horrific. It was like waking up after a nightmare only to find out that the monsters that had been hidden beneath the bed were still there and it didn't matter how much you wished them away they would always be there. The time when pulling the blanket over your head was enough to banish the demons you saw had faded and the worst thing was the ghastly forms that haunted the waking hours had the faces of those who had once been deeply loved.

Ino stood rooted to the spot, trying to calm her frantic thoughts, to think clearly and find some way out of the situation in which she found herself caught. But it was so hard. Though it was not the man watching her that rendered her incapable of thought or action. Not the unsettling gleaming golden eye, pupils' slits like those of a snake, set in a deathly pale yet somehow beautiful face framed by long dark inky tresses. The smile twisting thin lips, something hard and cruel that promised pain, all by passed the blonde female.

Her whole being was focused on the second man, the one in whose grasp she was tightly held. She was pressed closely to him and yet could not feel the beat of his heart nor the rise and fall of his chest and his hands were icy could against her own skin. Ino felt tears prick the backs of her eyes as her hair was moved aside and he nuzzled at the warm flesh of her neck. He nipped lightly at her soft skin, but when his mouth settled over the pulse spot on her throat, his tongue tracing the sweetness of her, Ino could feel no trace of hot breath.

She had been so stupid, she knew at the time that her actions were rash and foolish and yet she had been incapable of thinking them through. He was dead they had told her. Sakura sobbing hysterically her cries wrenched from her throat and Naruto pale and trembling, the normally energetic ninja seemingly robed of both speech and the will to move. It wasn't that she had disbelieved them, in the face of such evidence it had not been possible to doubt the truth of their words for even a moment, but Ino had needed to see for herself.

After so long waiting and hoping and loving, the mind walking kunoichi needed some form of closure. And so she had run blindly, not thinking, not caring, needing to find something, anything that could bring the current chapter of her life to a close. To brake the never-ending circle of hope and despair in which she found herself trapped.

She went looking for a dead man, but the reality of what she found was far worse than anything Ino could have imagined even in her darkest hour. "Sas… Sasuke."

Dead man walking.

Ino heard his soft grunt of amusement and shuddered violently, a wave of goose bumps rolling over her body, as his mouth latched onto the lobe of her left ear. She knew she should fight, to try and brake free. But the Yamanaka also knew that it was pointless to struggle, his grip was like iron and he could have easily snapped her neck like a dry twig if he so desired. Eyes, the colour of rain, rolled back in her head as sensation threatened to overwhelm her senses and send her tumbling headfirst into oblivion.

His hands were everywhere, making it difficult to think and almost impossible to breathe. It was almost as if the world had been ripped from its axis and was now spinning freely on some crazy orbit that left Ino confused and dazed. The distant stars seemed to dance even as she watched the chill glimmering points of light filling the entire universe. Theirs the only light save for that of the moon; half-shining pearly white, half cast in deep shadow. And it was almost as if they were the only two people left in the entire world, for the snake like demon had vanished and the blonde was left doubting if he had ever really been there to start with.

A sharp tooth grazed the sensitive skin on Ino's throat, and she felt the jolt as her heart skipped a beat. The organ was pounding frantically within the confines of her ribcage, like some wild bird that was fanatically trying to free its self from a cage. The laughter in his tone was all too evident as he whispered in her ear, his voice rich and dark like honey and gravel. "Just one little prick Ino."

"Well it's not going to be yours mister!" She had meant the retort to come out dripping with scorn, but fear and confusion drove her voice to a much higher pitch than normal. His hands were so tight around her wrists that Ino felt sure that in a few hours time, ugly blackish purple bruises would mar the fair skin and the marks of his finger would remain evident on her flesh for days to come.

"Really," Without warning Sasuke spun her violently on the spot causing the blonde to stumble and fall against him. Regaining her footing Ino raised her head and was instantly transfixed by the twin pools of swirling crimson that were fixed solely on her. "Tell me you don't still want me and I'll stop."

That was easy enough, Ino thought, all she had to do was say that she'd moved on and she would be able to flee from the living nightmare in which she found herself. All she had to do. The words were caught in the back of her throat; her tongue was heavy as lead in a mouth that was suddenly as dry as dust.

"Tell me Ino!" It was a command and this time the power behind the words struck her like a physical blow, but still she was unable to utter a single word.

The six pointed ebony stars in pulsing scarlet orbs, held Ino frozen where she stood. Even had she not been robbed of her voice, she doubted that she would have been able to refute the truth of her feelings. For too many years she had adored and idolised the man in whose vice like grip she was held. She had loved him as she had loved no other before, and they both knew it.

His mouth crashed down on to hers, and all Ino could do was gasp as she felt his hands winding round her waist, pulling her closer to a body, hard and cold as marble. She felt his tongue pushing past her lips and teeth, exploring the warm cavern of her mouth and without conscious thought returned the gesture. Her hands moved up his torso, dextrous fingers tracing the contours of muscle, until on hand gripped tightly to his shoulder while the other was fisted in the ebony strands of his hair.

It was too easy to get caught up in the moment, to surrender to the feelings that had filled most of her life. Nothing mattered except here and now. She was lost; nothing existed except for touch of his fingers on her skin, his skilful mouth moving over her own and the desperate beating of her heart in her breast. Ino felt as if she were simultaneously falling and flying, the world was spinning unchecked beneath her feet. The feeling was serial, wonderfully freeing and yet somehow terrifying too as if some great danger lurked just round the next corner. And only then did the frantic massage her brain had been trying to send finally manage to brake through.

The arms that had been holding her tightly were now raised and a pair of strong hands, pale and cold as moonlight were now wrapped tightly around her neck and were slowly and inexorably constricting around her throat. They pressed down on Ino's windpipe until white lights danced in front of her eyes and the scream that formed in the back of her throat never managed to escape her lips. The sudden pain as unnaturally sharp canines pierced her lower lip and flooded her mouth was the rich, coppery taste of her own blood.

The dark black pool of unconsciousness dragged at her mind, pulling her down into a cold world filled with darkness. And the last thing her oxygen starved brain registered before oblivion claimed her were the words he whispered almost seductively in her ear.

"Now we can be together forever."

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