long time no post, i know, i'm sorry life got busy. i promise this summer there will be plenty of new stuff, and maybe even things in new categories! anyway enjoy these little chapters, i'm not total sure where it's going to end up, but it will be good i promise!

X&O Ratty

Yes there he is thought Greg, ooohhh would you just look at him he's so perfect. Just the sight of his muscular tanned body made him gape. If I could just get my hands on it...I'm getting hard just thinking about it. I bet it's soft. Greg sighed heavily, the realization that he was no worse than a horny teenager made him shake his head. He tried not to pay attention but it was all too much. He would look up and there would be those deep soulful eyes, the warm laughter that filled the room. Even his teeth are perfect. What I wouldn't give to feel those pearly whites on my neck. Watching the tall, dark, and handsome man with his easy charisma and soft heart made Greg ache. How can people not see it! He is so perfect there is no way he can be straight. He knows though, just look at him. It's his secret, that's the thing that makes people want him so bad, he knows something he's not telling. But I know, too bad he can't see that. Enough was enough Greg turned off the T.V. He got this way when ever he watched a Rock Hudson movie. The enigmatic actor made him wistful. It was there Greg made a promise to himself, there would be no more late night Rock Hudson and rocky road marathons dammit! No more ignoring the elephant in the room! The only reason he watched all those old movies was because he reminded him of Nick, and it was about time he did something about it!