Greg had not even paused to consider before agreeing to follow his friend home. Now with a sigh he undid his seat belt. The lap portion of the device had pressed painfully against his erection the entire ride. The brief encounter in the locker room had left him sharply at attention and the safety device spared him no comfort. Nick had paused on his top step to wait for him. Seeing him highlighted in the soft morning sun made Greg catch his breath. Who needs Rock now, he thought with wonder as he followed the path to the door. Nick did not even wait to unlock and open the door before pressing Greg against it with his warm body and insistent kisses. Greg found this new exhibitionist side of Nick thrilling and ultimately incredibly arousing.

So there is a dirty boy lurking inside Mr. Southern Gentleman, Greg thought as Nick finally unlocked the door and tugged him inside. Greg may have been in charge of the situation back at the lab, but now Nick was master in his domain. There was barely enough time for Greg to register his surroundings before he was mercilessly pressed to the couch and the physical onslaught continued. Fantasy was no where near as good as the real thing. Nick had not even touched him, and already he was so close to the edge. He had no idea all of this was built up inside his reserved companion. He was not complaining though, he could stay in that situation forever.

Nick was in just a good a place as Greg. Finally being able to claim Greg as his unleashed a wild side in himself that he had not seen since he was a teenager. He paused for a moment to look at his lover. Nick could see there was more there than just a one night stand. This slowed his lust and made him want to simply hold Greg and never let him go. In the back of his mind and awful feeling lurked, what if this is all he wants? Now knowing the truth made Nick feel lighter. He lowered himself again this time slowly nipping and nuzzling, all the while whispering sweet words and honest promises. Greg feeling the change in the mood wrapped his arms around his sturdy paramour and sighed. This is the Nick he knew, the Nick he was in love with, the Nick that would not begin something he didn't intend to do wholeheartedly.

"Greg I, I just..." he groped for words.

"You can say it Nick."

"I love you, I've loved you since you came to the lab." He turned pink as he continued. "All I've ever wanted to do is hold you in my arms and never let you go." A single tear slid down Greg's cheek. Nick wiped it with his thumb.

"I love you too." Greg said catching his hand and kissing his palm.

"Well since that's settled then," Nick said with a sly grin he leaned down and bit the base of Greg's neck hard enough to make him jump.

"What was that for?" He squealed.

"Marking you. I don't want anyone else to get any ideas."

"Oh, well I don't bruise easily you know, you may have to try that again." Greg said with an eyebrow wiggle.

"Really..." Nick drawled before he brought his mouth to Greg's neck for a second taste.

Ah, I was thinking this would be the end, but if you guys want more i'll write it just let me know!