In this fanfiction, I mock myself, I mock my fandom, I mock my friends, and I mock highschool and highschool fanfictions in general. That said, its almost impossible to tell unless you look for it. Anyway, this fanfiction will be posted in two parts, but I tried not to stick you with a cliffhanger at the end, because it will probably take a while to finish.

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Luxord Leblanc sat casually behind a cast-iron desk, shuffling through papers as he marked grades on his pre-calculus class. It had been a long day, and it wasn't over yet. End of term was nearing and students would soon be swarming in to get the homework that should have been spread through the past few months. Teenagers just had to make everything harder than it had to be.

A knocking at the door marked the first of many visits he would be having with students this next week.

"Come in," Luxord chimed, and the door clicked open.

A blond haired boy peeked his head through the door, sitting down at Luxord's cue. "I'm failing, aren't I?" he muttered with a sigh. Luxord examined the boy with a stern expression, and turned to his computer.

"Nocturne... Nocturne..." He tsked as he scrolled through the list. "Ah, there it is... Demyx Nocturne. I apologize, but it appears so."

Demyx Nocturne slammed his head onto the desk in front of him, muttering a curse which Luxord conveniently ignored.

"Its not necessarily your homework," Luxord said with a shake of his head. "My biggest concern is your participation..."

"My participation?" Demyx parroted, lifting his head. "B-but I've been here... /Most/ the time..."

"No use coming if you don't apply yourself." Luxord nodded curtly.

"I'm doing the best I can."

"Are you, now? I don't think we see eye-to-eye here. Can you honestly say you're giving it your one hundred percent effort?"

"I... Guess not..." Demyx's eyes fell to his knees. "But its math!" Demyx said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "I'm a music person, not a math person."

Poor boy, thought Luxord with a shake of his head. "But," he said sternly, "This is algebra, not band class. Do you want to graduate?"

Demyx pursed his lips bitterly.

"Do you?" Luxord urged.

"I... Yes, but... Its hard."

"Nobody said it would be easy," Luxord said, scratching his chin. "Demyx, what do you propose to do about this? I don't want to fail you."

"I don't know..." The boy looked positively miserable, head drooped and eyes pinned to his shoes. "I'm just no good at math. I'm a lost cause, or something."

"Don't say that," Luxord snapped. "Your poor attitude reflects on my success as a teacher. Do you think it looks good on my part when I have to flunk half the class? Don't spout that bullocks in my classroom." By this point, the teacher was pinching his nose in frustration. "Nocturne, Nocturne, Nocturne... It is possible, but you have to be willing to put out the extra effort."

"I'm sorry..." Demyx looked, if possible, even more down-trodden than before. "I- I didn't mean to offend you."

"You didn't offend me, boy."

"I'm sorry..."

Luxord shook his head, still pinching his nose. "Demyx, what am I going to do with you?"

"Pass me, I hope."

A chuckle passed Luxord's lips. "Nice try. Can't do that unless you give me something in return. If you want to pass, you have to earn the grade."


"I have a proposition."

"Hm?" Demyx shot him a hopeful look.

"How would you like to arrange an after-school tutoring session? Perhaps if you knew the subject better, you could perform more efficiently." A small smile tugged at the corner of Luxord's mouth as the boy's eyes lit up. That was better. Distress didn't fit that face.

"Oh- Yeah! Y-yeah, that sounds okay." The classroom fell silent as the air grew stale with an awkward pause.

"…Is there a problem, ducky?" Luxord said after a moment, if only to clear the awkward air. He looked the boy straight in the face, raising a curious eyebrow.

"Naw, I'm… I'm not good at talking to people and teachers and just… I dunno."

"Now, now," said Luxord, amused. "Do I intimidate you?"

"N-no! …Maybe."

"Maybe a little, hm?" Luxord said with a smirk, inching toward him.

"Mm-maybe a little more than a little," said the Nocturne, glancing away.

In a moment of inspiration, Luxord cupped Demyx's chin gently in his right hand, leaning closer and tilting the boy's face up. "What is it about me that frightens you?" He cooed in a smooth voice.

"I d-dunno," Demyx stuttered, a faint blush rising to his cheeks.

"You don't? What a shame."

"N-no, I don't. W-what are you d-doing, Leblanc?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all…" Luxord sat back casually, shuffling his papers. "Just testing the waters."

"Testing what waters? I'm so confused..."

"Nevermind that. Back to the point. I expect to see you in this classroom every day after school. Do I make myself clear?"

Demyx shook his head in a vain attempt to clear his swirling thoughts. "I guess so..."

"Good. I'll see you tomorrow, then?"

The boy still looked dizzy as he rose shakily to his feet. "S-see you then," he called back as he opened the door. "Good day, Leblanc."

"Good Day, Demyx Nocturne."

What a charming lad he was, Luxord pondered idly. A charming lad indeed...

IX - X

It was raining outside, Demyx noticed, as he paced down the long hall, swerving to avoid slamming into people. There were so many things he'd rather be doing instead of staying late to do /math/ of all things. It was his worst subject, nothing but a swirl of scribbles that made no sense.

But that Leblanc?.. He'd never met a person quite like him before. Maybe if he weren't a math teacher, he would have noticed it earlier. Math teachers were flat and boring, but...

Leblanc fascinated him.

That was why he was dodging the crowds racing for freedom instead of merging with them. That was why he stood outside the classroom, gathering his courage before peeking in the door.

Leblanc stood at the back of the room, pinning papers to a brown board with multi-colored push-pins. "Come in," He said, without turning. "I don't bite."

"I kn ow..." Demyx said, feeling suddenly nervous as he inched the door wider and slipped inside. It closed behind him with a soft click. "You... You really think you can help me pass this class?" He asked, bringing up conversation to chase the feeling away.

"Its worth a shot. Take a seat." Even Leblanc's hand gestures were interesting, Demyx noted as he followed the man's directions.

Luxord chuckled to himself as he scanned the boy's face. "How do you feel about today's assignment?"

Demyx shifted uncomfortably. "...I can't make heads or tails of it, to tell the truth."

Luxord knelt down by the desk with an understanding smile. "Get out your homework, and we'll work from there."

Demyx shuffled in his bad and pulled out a few papers, staring cluelessly at their silhouette upon the desk. "I still don't get the letters..." He muttered.

"Well then, what do you get?" Luxord sat, setting a hand on the desk.

"Idunno. Um... Two and two is four?"

"Anything else? It'd help if I knew what you were capable of."

"I can blow bubbles in my milk with mo nose." He smiled innocently.

"Demyx," Said Luxord, face stern. "Be serious, now. I beg of you."

"..." He shrugged.

"For Victoria's sake, boy! Time's tables? Division? Fractions?"

"Ooh, those last ones! I can do some of those. They're in music!"

"So we can presume you're capable of dividing fractions?"

Demyx's smile faded. "...Dividing?"

"Can you?"


"That's a start, at least." Said Luxord, rubbing his forehead. "How much is kind of?"


Luxord sighed, patience beginning to wear thin. "Please, Demyx. I'm serious."

"...I'm sorry." Said Demyx, and his eyes told of his sincerity. Luxord subconsciously reached to pat the boy's hand, reassuringly.

"That's why you're here..."

Silence filled the room as Demyx stared at Luxord's hand on his.



"...Pardon." Luxord muttered, pulling his hand away. Demyx laughed.

"You're weird."

"My humblest apologies. Shall we continue?"

"Sure," Demyx said, still grinning.

Luxord rose to his feet. "Alright. IN music, suppose you've got an outrageous time signature... say... 6/8. You generally don't go '1,2,3,4,5,6,' you go '1,2,3', right? That's dividing."

"It is? I can do that!"

"That you can. You're dividing the time signature from six-eighths to three-fourths. They're the same thing."

"I think I get it! Ooh, I could just hug you! ...But that stupid 'no hugging' rule... Oh screw it!" He jumped to his feet and flung his arms around Luxord.

"That rule really only applies to public displays of aff-" He blinked in surprise and raised a hand to pat Demyx's head, awkwardly.

Demyx released him an smiled broadly. "You're really not as much of an ass as you act in class, you know. You should be less strict; all the kids hate you." He paused, then added as an afterthought. "I think you're a nice guy."

Luxord wore his sophisticated teacher-face like a mask as he eyed Demyx warily. "So good to know I have the respect and support of my students." He chuffed.

"You really are a nice guy, Mr. Leblanc." Luxord pressed a finger to his temple, shaking his head. Demyx watched him warily for a few long moments, then his eyes fell to the floor. "...Should I leave?"

"If you don't mind..." Mumbled Luxord, "We made a breakthrough. Tomorrow, I expect better."

Demyx nodded and quickly gathered his things. "I'll see you tomorrow, Mr. Leblanc."

IX - X

The school day was too long, Luxord pondered over his tea. There were days where it seemed to drag on and on far longer than the alloted hours.

"Afternoon," He chimed, as someone knocked once and entered the classroom. Footsteps stalled in the doorway.

"...Are you drinking tea?"

Luxord sipped his tea and glanced up curiously. "Yes?" He shrugged.

"Mr.Leblanc," Demyx giggled as he took a seat across from him. "Really, tea?"

"Would you like a cup?"


Luxord poured a cup of Earl Grey and offered it to the boy. Demyx took the drink and brought it to his lips. "So, what are we learning today?"

"Well... What do you feel you need to work on?"

"...Algebra?" Demyx said, quizzically.

"Anything more specific?"

"What do the letters mean?"

"That's what you're trying to figure out. They're numbers, but not given numbers."

"Thats dumb."

Luxord eyed him, skeptically. "Did you ever pay attention when I was teaching?"

"...No, not really," Demyx said, apologetically.

"Please make a habit of doing so."

"I'm sorry... I can't help it," Demyx looked ashamed, eyes downcast and shoulders drooped. "I keep falling asleep."

Luxord sighed. "Do you not sleep at home?"

"Not really..."

"Mm... Care to explain why?"

Demyx shrugged his shoulders, seeming to sink into the heavy hoodie he wore. "Its hard to sleep through all the yelling upstairs..."

Luxord's expression fell to a concerned frown. He eyed Demyx pitifully, blue eyes baring down on him like a heavy sheet. "Oh?"

"My mom and dad fight, a lot..."

"My apologies... Is there anything I can do to help?"

Demyx considered carefully for a moment, then nodded. "Yeah, I have an idea. Teach me math so I don't fail." He said with a smile.

"Tell you what," Luxord said, weaving his fingers together above the desk. "If you show me you truly want to pass, and are willing to work for it... I'll cut you some slack. Deal?"

"Really?" Demyx grinned broadly, leaving forward with his cheek propped against his hand.

"Truly so. Would I suggest it if I didn't mean it?"

"I guess not..."

"Atta boy," Luxord said, patting Demyx's head. "Can you do that... For me?"

"For you...?"

"I'm not going to pass you for nothing."

Demyx absentmindedly chewed at a nail on his left hand. "...For you." He nodded.

Luxord grinned, pleased. "Very good," He noted. "Would you like another cup of tea?"


Luxord reached a hand to take Demyx's empty cup, as Demyx reached to hand it to him. Their hands met around the handle. Demyx glanced up fearfully as Luxord looked away.



They pulled their hands away at the same time. As if in slow motion, the cup fell smoothly through the air, landing with a delicate chiming of glass as it shattered against the ground.

"Oh my god!" Demyx yelled in horror, staring in shock at the remnants of the teacup. "I'm so sorry...!"

"Don't put yourself in a tizzy over it..." Luxord said, leaning down and scooping the ruined fragments into his hand.

"I'm so sorry..." Demyx whimpered. "I didn't mean to..."

Luxord's lips pressed into a thin line as he deposited the ruined cup into the rubbish bin. "Its alright, boy. Its just a cup."

"But I broke it... I'm sorry."

"Nonsense," Luxord chuffed. "Don't put yourself down. Its unattractive."

"Unattractive. Yeah, that pretty much sums me up."

Luxord didn't respond; instead he closed his eyes and took a deep, calming breath. Finally he spoke, each word carefully calculated. "I can think of several young ladies who would say otherwise."

"Yeah, uh... Thats nice?"

"I'm proving a point," Luxord said, opening his eyes again. "I'm sure there's at least one lass who would go bonkers over you. You're not unattractive."

"But you're missing the point. I really don't care what girls think." Demyx said awkwardly.

"Then why prattle on about it?" Luxord straightened in his chair, expression quizzical.

"Mr.Leblanc..." Demyx said, shifting his weight. "I'm gay."

Luxord stared at him in disbelief. "Gay? Like, in the ass, fagot gay?"

"Is there any other kind?" Demyx said, flushing crimson.

Luxord shifted, awkwardly. "How terribly rude of me... My apologies."

"Its no problem... You didn't know. Now you do."

"That I do... And I feel just vile."

Demyx looked slightly sick, expression hollowed with fear. All the color had drained from his face, and he felt slightly nauseous. "Y-you don't... H-hate me, now, do you?"

"I don't hate you. I'm just... Er..."

"Homophobic?" Demyx hissed, smacking his head into the desk in front of him in frustration. He wrapped his arms around his face, hiding it completely from sight.

"You're going to give yourself a concussion," Luxord lectured.

"Don't care," Demyx muttered, his voice muffled.

Luxord glanced around desperately for a distraction. "Dem... Don't... It doesn't... Gah." He muttered inconsistently, trying to console the boy.

"And I was just starting to like you, too..." Demyx said with a sigh.

Luxord's expression flatlined. "Like me... Like that?"

Demyx lifted his head, shooting Luxord a funny look. "Of course not, stupid. That'd be illegal."

"Acting upon it is. ...You can't help emotions." Demyx was silent, staring forlorn at the desk in front of him. His eyes were clouded in thought. "...Demyx?"

"What?" Demyx snapped, shooting him a glare.

"Do you?"

"...I already said, that'd be illegal."

"There's no law about having crushes," Luxord said, looking regretful.

Demyx considered this for a moment, eyes glinting with a calculating look. "Do you have a crush, Mr. Leblanc?"

"Don't change the subject."

"I'm just curious. Do you?"

"If you must know..." Luxord took a deep breath. "Yes, I do."

"Who is she? I promise not to tell."

Luxord shook his head. "I asked you a question, Nocturne..."

"I'll answer whatever questions you want if you tell me..." Demyx was pouting. That expression was near impossible to deny. Luxord swallowed and averted his gaze. "Please...?" Demyx said, voice quivering slightly.

"Does it matter who?"

"It matters... To me."

Luxord let his forehead rest in his hands, elbows on the table. "...Listen. Its one thing for you to have a crush on me..." He took a deep breath. "Its pedophilic for me to feel the same."

Demyx stared at him, eyes wide in complete confusion and disbelief. "...What?"

"I'm your teacher, and several years older than you. By society's standards, I cannot return your feelings."

"You're saying... You do?" Luxord didn't reply. "You make no sense. How can you be homophobic if you're homosexual?"

"I never said that..."

"Not directly... How can you like me if you're not?"

"How can I like you if I am?"

"Good point... How old are you, Mr. Leblanc?"

"Twenty-four..." He mumbled, distracted.

"Seven years difference..." Demyx pondered, counting on his fingers. Luxord shook his head and tidied up the tea supplies.

"Demyx, Demyx, Demyx..." He tsked. "Is there anything else you would like to talk about?"

Demyx shrugged. "I should actually be going, soon..."

"Back to your... Family. Are you sure you want to rush home, so soon?"

"Uh, sure. Why not?"

"Your famil-"

"Ohright. Them. Hahaha... Ohsure, they just lock me in the basement, that's all."

"My sympathies..." Luxord eyed the sugar cube he had been tinkering with. "Do you feel safe, there?"

"Safe... No, not really. I feel safe with you."

Luxord shook his head. "Be cautious..."

"Mm... Maybe I'm being stupid, trusting you so much. You're just my math teacher, after all..."

"That I am. But don't call yourself stupid."

"Come to think of it," Demyx said, ignoring him, "I don't even know your first name."

"...Its Luxord."

"Luxord." Demyx smiled.

"I ask you not to call me that in public. Understood?"

"I understand, Mr. Leblanc."

"But when its just the two of us..."

Demyx rose to his feet. "Alright... I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Luxord."

"Take care, Demyx..."

Demyx hesitated, then picked a kiss on Luxord's cheek. He turned, then, and quickly ran out of the room. Luxord opened his mouth to speak, face pink, but he was already gone. He touched his cheek, expression thoughtful. "...Demyx..."

IX - X

Demyx paced in front of the door to Luxord's room. It was locked. Luxord's classroom door was never locked while he was inside. He felt a deep feeling of abandonment in the pit of his stomach. Demyx knocked on the door, again, whining like a kicked puppy. Behind him echoed the sound of footsteps on tile. He ignored them until they were right behind him, and a hand reached out and touched his shoulder. He jumped.

"Sorry about the wait. I was in the faculty office."

Ohright. That made sense. Demyx smiled. "No problem, Mr. Leblanc."

Luxord reached a hand into his pocket, digging for his keys. "Oh, bugger... Must have put them somewhere..." The keys fell out of his pocket. Demyx laughed and leaned down to pick them up, and Luxord stopped just in time to avoid a collision. "Why, aren't you the little gentleman?" Luxord cooed, and held out his hand. Demyx ignored it and unlocked the door for him, then held it open. "Thank you." Luxord stepped casually past him and moved to the usual desk.

"No problem," Demyx said cheerily, closing the door and following. He sat across from Luxord, arms folded on the desk in front of him.

"...So, how did things go last night?"

"Kinda boring." Demyx said, still smiling like he had won the lottery. "I had my mind on other things."

"...Like your math homework, by any chance?"

Demyx pulled a completed paper from his bag, brandishing it proudly. Luxord's eyes widened in pleasant surprise. "I say... Bravo!" He said, clapping.

"I knew it would make you happy!"

"I'm proud that you've found motivation... However, your intention is questionable. Was it intended to please Mr. Leblanc... Or myself?" The grin faded, and his eyes grew solemn. "Mm... So I thought. Demyx, I can't love you. Don't waste your time."


"But what?"

"No one else would have to know!" Demyx pleaded. "I'm here after school every day, anyway!"

"I can't, Demyx."

"Why not!?" Demyx rose to his feet, hands on the desk and eyes distressed.

"I could lose my job, and be imprisoned. What would you expect, if I did agree?"

"I'll be eighteen this September... Its not fair! What right does society have to choose who I can and can't love!?"

"Seven years..." Luxord pondered, calmly. "Seven. Society's the authoritative factor, here. Like when I govern in the classroom, you are expected to obey. If you choose not to, you're required to accept the consequences..."

"But Luxord..." Demyx whimpered, tearing up.

"Please don't cry, love. It will only make the situation worse."

"I c-can't help it," Demyx said as he began to cry.

"Demyx, please refrain..."

Demyx turned away. "I'm not in the mood to learn math..."

"I'm sorry I hurt your feelings, Demyx." Luxord said without standing. His expression was unreadable. "Its in both our best interests that I decline... We'll try again after school, tomorrow."

"Its f-Friday." Demyx said dejectedly.

Luxord pursed his lips. "...Monday, then."

"Have a good weekend," Demyx said as he ran out the door. Luxord could hear him crying through the wall.

IX - X

The sky was grey. It looked like it was about to rain. Demyx sat on a park bench, staring distantly down at his shoes. They were really cool shoes, checkered converse with little bows on the toes. The bows were checkered, too.

"Fancy meeting you here," said an all too familiar voice. Demyx sat up and stared at him, eyes wide.

"...Luxord." he said, quietly. Luxord nodded. Demyx turned away. "I don't want to talk to you."

"But I wish to talk to you..." Said Luxord, taking a seat next to him. "Can I?" Demyx was silent. Luxord watched him fondly, a faint smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "I'm content on sitting here until you say something."

"Alright..." Demyx said with a sigh.

"I'd like to apologize, again."

"Go ahead."

"I shouldn't have lashed out like that..."

"The past is past."

"But its obvious that it still effects the present."

"Please leave..." Demyx said, scooting away. "I don't need you reminding me of what I can't have."

"Am I not the bloody wanker you said nobody likes? Why do you want me?"

"I... Don't know." Sniffle.

"Tell me that makes sense?"

"They don't know you..." Demyx said softly. "I've... I've barely really talked to you for a week, but..."

"Its not healthy to have a relationship with one of you kids..."

"I'm not a kid, Luxord!"

"In comparison to me, you are."

"Seven years isn't so much."

"Would you have a relationship with a ten year old?"

Demyx winced. "But thats different!"

"Really? How?"

"A ten year old can't fall in love." Demyx said simply.

"Can't they?" Demyx had no answer for that, so Luxord continued. "Or is that what society says? Did you not say 'who is society to tell me who I can and cannot love? Switch point of views. The ten year old thinks she- pardon... He's in love with you. Even if you liked him back, could you do it without being judged by others?"

"If it was true love..." Demyx considered each word carefully, "Then it wouldn't matter what anyone else thought."

"And you're positive you're truly in love with me?"

"Only time will tell, but... Yes."

Luxord drummed his fingers against his knee. "And what would you do if we get caught?"

"I'd stand by you, 'til the death."

"Why would anybody kill you?" Luxord said, alarmed.

"I dunno, I doubt they would." Demyx laughed.

"I'd hope not." Luxord said seriously. "That would be rather grim."

"But it would be romantic, wouldn't it?" Demyx said with a dramatic sigh.

Luxord stared at him with a crooked expression. "To leave me a broken man, haunted by the fact that I was the one responsible for your death? Knowing I could have just said no, and life would have gone on... But rather succumbed to my own greedy, sinful desires and said yes knowing that it could happen? It sounds more like a tragic story, personally."

"But a romantic tragedy," Demyx said, still starry-eyed. "Besides, it would never happen."

"Like Romeo and Juliette," Luxord said with a grin. "I never liked that play very much, honestly."

"But it was romantic!"

"If you get caught up in the plot line and ignore the time frame and ages of said lovers."

"If it was true love, it doesn't matter."

Luxord tsked. "How can true love develop in three days?"

"The same way true love develops over a thousand." Demyx said plainly. "You don't believe in love at first sight?"

"I'm not sure I believe in love itself, darling. Its all very, very complicated, I assure you."

"I thought you were into chance, though, Mr. Leblanc. Can't you take one?"

"I'm not sure if I'm willing to risk it. It would be one thing if my wager was only my own... However, I'm not only gambling my life, but the life of another in this instance.

"I can make my own gamble." Demyx said, expression growing more and more pleading.

"When I put everything on the line, what do you expect to happen? I asked the same question, yesterday, but you never answered. What is it you intend to occur once the deal is made?"

"Thats what I intend to find out."

"Will it be a case of kiss and run, or will it lead to sexual contact? I'd be capable of wagering my future better if I knew how far it will go."

"One never really knows how far things will go until they happen... But I don't intend to just leave you after this."

Luxord slumped against the bench with his head turned skyward toward the swirling clouds. His hand lay just next to Demyx's, their shoulders but an inch from touching. His eyes were closed and his face was tense in frustration.

"Do you have any idea how... Immoral it is on my end?"

"Does it matter?"

"Put yourself in my shoes... What would you do?"

"I'd kiss you."

Luxord gave him a funny look, one eyebrow quirked. "You wish for me to kiss myself?"

"No, silly," Demyx said, taking his hand. "I want you to kiss me."

Luxord watched his eyes with a fatigued expression, but a faint smile still graced his face. It was small, almost invisible, but certainly still there. He reached his free hand to cup Demyx's cheek, running his thumb over it softly. Luxord swore his lips tasted like cherry lip balm.

"Demyx, what have I done?" Luxord said quietly, pulling away.

"You've fallen in love... How can that be wrong?"


To be continued.