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Hours later found them at Luxord's apartment. The keys clicked in the lock, and the door swung open to the scent of warm vanilla and apple cider. "Make yourself at home," Luxord said, dropping his bag at the foot of the couch and heading into the adjoining kitchen.

"Nice" Demyx sighed, lounging on the couch.

"I'm glad you like it," Luxord stacked the boxes of leftovers from their dinner adventure into the refrigerator. "Its... Humble, certainly. Nothing fancy."

"I like it," Demyx grinned, "Its simple, not too big."

"Not big is right. It does its job, however. I don't mind the size."

"I think its fantastic."

Luxord shrugged. "Can I get you anything?"

Demyx grinned, patting the seat next to him. "Nope, I'm fine... Come sit by me?"

"Are you going to try and rape me again if I do?" Luxord smirked, referring to the car ride home.

"I wasn't trying to rape you! Kisses aren't rape!" Demyx complained, blushing scarlet.

"Even so," Luxord winked, "It was most certainly more than a walk in the park."

"Meanie..." Demyx pouted.

"You have to admit, I've got you there..." Demyx shot him a mock-glare, still pouting.

"...Meanie face."

"Hush now. Is that any way to talk to your teacher?"

"Yes." Demyx folded his arms like an angry five-year-old. "Meanie face."

"My! What manners you have..." He stuck his tongue out. Luxord pinched his tongue between two fingers, tsking. "Its impolite to stick your tongue at people."

"Plft! Me'ie faeth!" Demyx said in dismay.

"Hm? Speak up, darling. I can't understand you."

Demyx sat silently, glaring at him. There was a possibility it could be a little more menacing, if his tongue were not still in Luxord's grasp.

"Good boy," Luxord smirked, letting him go.


"Now, now. The silent treatment?" Luxord sighed.


"... Will a sorry suffice?" Luxord sat a hand on Demyx's knee.

He shrugged.

"How can I make it up to you?"

He shrugged again.

"Can you say more than two syllables?"

"Maybe..." Demyx replied, an edge of humor to his voice.

"That was two."


"That was two, as well."

Demyx smiled. "No way."

Luxord laughed and ruffled his hair. "Silly little bugger."

"I love you..."

Luxord shook his head, smile fading. "... You too." Demyx stood up and snuggled his arm, and Luxord shot him a sad look. "You really are determined... aren't you?"


"At least you've found yourself some form of motivation..." Luxord trailed his fingers along Demyx's shoulder. "Your sure this is what you want...?"

Demyx nuzzled his cheek. "Never been so sure of anything in my life."

"I can't imagine why..."

"Love makes people do crazy things, I guess."

"I hope you know what your getting yourself into."

"Yeah... I know."

Luxord brushed the tip of his nose against Demyx's, smiling softly. "Just so you know, just because your my boyfriend, doesn't mean I'm going to raise your grade."

Demyx laughed. "I know, I know. I'll work for the grade."

"That comes as a great reassurance. Your assignments due Monday, as always." Luxord pet the back of his neck, playing idly with his hair. "Did you understand what was going on?"

"Kinda... But you can help me, can't you? Since I'll be staying the night here, tonight, anyway..."

"... Staying?" Luxord quirked a brow.

"Please?" Demyx said, making wide puppy dog eyes.

"Your more than welcome to..."

"Thank you!" Demyx flung his arms around Luxord's neck and shoulders. Luxord nuzzled his cheek.

"My house is your house. Help yourself to anything."

Demyx grinned, a mischievous look teasing about the edge of his face, perhaps in the sparkle of his eyes. "Anything?"

"The way you said that, mischief is almost sure to follow." Luxord considered, edging away.

"We're not in public anymore." Demyx licked his lips.

"And now your hoping to take advantage of the situation..."

"Only if you want to."

"Its not a matter of wanting or not to. Your well being is on the line, and that is to be put into highest consideration." Demyx nodded quietly, but wasn't perturbed. "What psychological problems will I have caused, down the line for you, boy? At least one more than I'd hope to..."

"I'm- I'm not a virgin, if that's what you're worried about..."

"You're not?" Shock raised Luxord's brows and brought a slight frown to the corners of his mouth. Demyx turned a dark shade of raspberry, trying and failing at holding a dignified expression. "Pardon my surprise. It's not that you aren't, well... I mean, " He paused to move his hands to Demyx's lower back to pull him closer. "I don't know what I mean."

He fought for concentration as Demyx gently ran his lips over the sensitive skin of his neck. Demyx giggled lightly, pleased by the reaction.

"Do I know the other …?" Luxord left the question unfinished, more bothered by the topic than he was comfortable with.

Demyx rested his chin on Luxord's neck. "Yes. He's one of your students, I think. He's in calculus though."

"Really, then?" He attempted to sound uninterested as he ran through a mental roster of all the male students in his class.

"It's none of your business, really." Demyx replied, making a face he knew Luxord couldn't see.

"No, I suppose it's not." Luxord agreed, nodding. He skimmed his hands up Demyx's sides, causing him to shiver slightly.

Demyx pressed up against Luxord, tightening his arms.

"Why aren't you and he in a relationship rather than you and myself?" Luxord asked suddenly.

Demyx pulled back slightly, slouching against Luxord. "Because he's more interested in that freshman, Roxas…" He muttered in a tight voice.

Luxord pulled him back, laying his cheek on the top of his head comfortingly. "A web weaved of tangled emotions," He said quietly, almost reverently. "Pray for the spiders mercy that the venom swift—"

"What in the world are you talking about?" Demyx interrupted, glancing up at him curiously.

Luxord looked down at him, blinking in surprise. "I don't think I even know." He said with a quiet chuckle.

Demyx smiled broadly and nuzzled Luxord's neck. "Silly Luxy." He said, his breath hot against Luxord's exposed skin.

"A whim," Luxord explained. "Just felt like prattling impromptu poetry." He shrugged.

Demyx pulled back again. Putting his hands on either side of Luxord's neck, he stood on tippy toes and pecked a quick kiss on the end of his nose, smiling.

Luxord placed his hands over Demyx's, holding them to his neck. "If you were aiming for the lips, you were a bit off."

Demyx laughed. Once again, he went up on the tips of his toes and, this time, landed a kiss directly on Luxord's smiling lips. Luxord tilted his head to the right slightly, kissing him softly in return. With a soft moan, Demyx slid his hands down from Luxord's shoulders to his chest, splaying his fingers out against the soft fabric of his shirt and massaging lightly.

Luxord tried to ignore what Demyx's hands were doing and focus fully on his soft lips. Demyx's tongue crept out of his mouth and he gently slipped it across Luxord's bottom lip, pushing against his closed mouth in an attempt to get him to open it. Luxord drew in a shaky breath through his nose, still feeling unsure of the situation he parted his lips uncertainly.

With a frown, Demyx pulled back again, meeting Luxord's eyes. "Relaaaax." He said in an assuring tone, placing a hand on his cheek.

Luxord held his hand in place. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, exhaling through his mouth. He dug around in his mind, finding the parts of him that were still uncomfortable and expelling them, successfully clearing his head. A corner of his mouth tugged up in a mischievous smirk and he opened his eyes, looking down at Demyx with a newfound confident air.

Demyx grinned. "That's better." He kissed him again, lingering against his face. Luxord grabbed his slight shoulders, pushing him a few steps back and down onto the big couch, not breaking the kiss. Demyx broke off, making a surprised squeaking noise at the unexpected control Luxord had taken.

Luxord looked at him with a raised eyebrow, and Demyx, smiling, returned to the kiss, more passionately this time. Luxord attempted to match his vigor, pressing his mouth hard against Demyx's and running a hand up the back of his head, fisting his hand in his thick hair and tugging lightly.

Demyx moaned against his lips, wrapping his legs around Luxord's waist. Luxord lowered himself and hooked his legs around Demyx's thighs, flexing them tightly. Demyx forced his tongue into Luxord's mouth, and Luxord welcomed it willingly with his own, twirling his tongue passionately around Demyx's.

Demyx shivered and slipped a hand up under Luxord's shirt. The touch on his bare skin caused Luxord to flinch away and he had to force himself to relax again, pressing down on Demyx's mouth with his own and increasing the force with which his tongue curled around Demyx's he made throaty, cat like purr.

Demyx caressed his sides comfortingly, edging the bottom of Luxord's shirt slowly upward with his free hand. Luxord inhaled sharply through his nose and he found his hands were unconsciously guiding Demyx's through the process of unbuttoning his shirt.

His hands shaky and hard to control, Demyx began ripping at the buttons more forcefully than necessary, anxious to get it off.

Luxord redirected his attentions to Demyx's shirt, using slow, measured movements in contrast to the younger boy's frantic ones. Demyx undid the last button on Luxord's shirt and arched his back, making it easier to reach his own shirt.

Breathing deeply, Luxord pulls back, his broad chest heaving. The nipple piercings his shirt had been concealing reflected the light, sparkling silver in contrast to his tanned chest. Once he'd caught his breath, he looked down at Demyx and started to laugh. He slipped his arms out of his shirt, using his free hand to assist Demyx with his.

Demyx struggled with his shirt, his attention got by the revealed rings on Luxord's chest. He eyed them curiously, fighting to regain his breath. He reached out and gently felt one of the rings. "I…" He pulled his hand back, panting for breath. "I love you."

Leaning over, Luxord snuggled the crook of Demyx's neck, wordlessly expressing his own feelings of love. Demyx moved against his touch, kissing his bared neck lovingly.

Luxord rubbed his check against Demyx's in a cat-like show of affection. Demyx moved his head up, nibbling softly on Luxord's ear lobe.

"It really does tickle, love…" Luxord informed him with a moan.

"Tickle is good though, right?" Demyx replied, returning to the same spot and nipping lightly.

"It depends what the motivation for tickling is and what kind of tickle it is…"

Demyx bit hard enough to leave a mark, causing Luxord to jerk back with a yelp. Demyx smiled up at him innocently when Luxord stared at him with a look of accusation.

"And that hurt." Luxord told him.

Demyx widened his eyes in what he imagined was a very apologetic expression. "I'm sorry." He said, smiling slightly and conveying that he full well wasn't sorry.

Luxord smiled also. He caressed Demyx's neck tenderly. "That's going to bruise, you know. What are the students going to say?"

'They're going to think you found a hot girlfriend who likes to bite." Demyx said, stretching languidly underneath him.


Demyx smiled. "You bet."

"I'm sure someone is going to ask for an explanation…" He trailed off.

Demyx's smile turned into a grin and his eyes lit up excitedly. "Tell them a hooker did it!"

Luxord raised an eyebrow. "I'm not sure I want that kind of reputation as a teacher."

"Would you rather say your student did it?"

"That would certainly never do."

"If anyone actually asks, tell them you do have a girlfriend." Demyx advised. "No one will question it."

Imagining the scenario, Luxord groaned deeply. "Was it really necessary?"

Demyx furrowed his brow in thought, pondering the question. Then he smiled. "Yes."

"But whhhhy?" Luxord said, almost whined.

"So you can think of me when I'm not with you." Demyx said, closing his eyes and smiling happily.

Luxord pretended to think on this revelation, carefully feeling his ear. "Than it's only fair I return the favor." He quickly leaned down, sinking his mouth into the young musician's clavicle.

Demyx arched his back, moaning. "Luxord…"

With a soft sucking sound, Luxord left a tidy little hickey on the slender bone.

"That's going to be harder to explain… I haven't had a boyfriend since last year." Demyx said once he'd gotten control of his breath.

"Out with the old, in with the new." Luxord said, smiling.

"There's people who're going to ask about it if they see it," Demyx told him. "Who will I tell them did it? There's only so many gay men in the school."

Luxord frowned. "Why does he have to be in the school? Isn't it more likely you met him somewhere else? A concert, perhaps?"

"You know… That could work."

"Keep your mind open to possibilities."

"You're so smart, Luxy." Demyx said, arching up to kiss him.

Luxord returned the kiss. "You have to be to be a teacher."

"Not really," Demyx said with a smirk. "And you're especially smart." He kissed his chin, moving up his strong jaw line with his lips.

Luxord angled his chin up, giving easy access to his neck and chin. "I feel accomplished. If all it takes is a smart remark to win a kiss from a handsome being like yourself, then I suppose I should show off more often."

"You're getting more than a kiss, if you want." Demyx nuzzled Luxord's cheek and reached his hand over to undo his pants.

"On the first date?" Luxord questioned, but raised himself up on his knees over Demyx and allowed him to unbutton his pants.

"Why not? I'm willing if you are." Demyx splayed his hand on Luxord's abdomen for a few seconds, and then slipped it into the top of his pants.

"Willing or not, there will be consequences to follow." Luxord gave a slight gasp. "Now, you're making me a tad randy, my dear. If you'd be so kind as to remove yourself from my pants… You're impairing my proper judgment." He emphasized this statement by grabbing Demyx's wrist and pulling back slightly.

Demyx sighed and lay back on the couch, looking guilty and apologetic.

Luxord closed his eyes and massaged his temples. "Exactly how long have you wanted to do this?" He finally asked.

Demyx looked away. "…Awhile."

Luxord opened his eyes, staring at him curiously. "And it would make you happy?"

Demyx met his eyes. "Only if it made you happy."

"The wait makes it more special. Wouldn't you rather wait until a more romantic occasion?"

"…That's a good idea, too…" Sighing, he sat up and wrapped his arms around Luxord's torso, hugging him tightly. "Okay, okay. You win. We'll do it some other time… Can I still stay over tonight?"

"Of course. I'd be insulted if you didn't." He replied, hugging him back.

Demyx frowned. "I should probably call my family…"

"And how are you going to explain this?" Luxord questioned curiously.

Demyx shrugged. "I'll just say I'm staying at a friend's."

"I don't think I care much for your parents…" Luxord said with a grim expression.

Demyx looked away. "It's not that bad."

Leaning over, Luxord rested his head on the top of Demyx's. "Are you sure?"

Demyx nodded. "I have less than a year left with them… Then I'll be legal and I can come live with you! …I that's okay with you, I mean." He placed a small kiss on his cheek delicately.

Luxord sat on the couch and Demyx curled up next to him, laying his head on his broad chest. "We'll decide that when the time comes…" He said quietly, tenderly stroking Demyx's hair.

"Okie do-" Demyx broke his sentence with a loud yawn. "Kie." He finished.

Luxord slumped down on the couch, blanketing Demyx with his arms. "Are you tired, my little cockle?"

"Maybe a little." Demyx admitted.

Luxord snagged the checkered quilt that was folded over the top of the couch, opened it up and pulled it over the both of them.

Demyx yawned again. "G'night, Luxy." He muttered in a low, barely audible voice.

"Sweet dreams, love." Luxord hummed softly, resting his head on top of the Demyx's and closing his eyes.

IX - X

So they didn't have sex. Instead they had a timeskip. And you know what? It was legendary.

IX - X

"Demyx, what the fuck are you wearing?"

Several people sat around one of the grey, round tables just like the dozen other tables that were patterned around the low-ceilinged commons lunchroom. All eyes were on one boy i n particular, who was fighting his way through the crowds of people with a funny sort of walk that looked almost like a dancing penguin.

He wore red, black, and white, with a stripe-and-checkers motif. Demyx collapsed into the last empty chair, grateful for a break. Heels were /hard/ to walk in.

"Aren't I pretty?" Demyx chimed, ignoring the looks that everyone was throwing his direction.

"You look like a Gothic hooker," Said Larxene without putting down her plastic fork.

"I know, right?" Demyx replied with a grin. "I bought most of it at Hot Topic. That makes me cool!"

A blond boy with spiky hair shook his head, slowly. "How did you get that past the dress-code patrol?"

Demyx smiled proudly. "There is nothing in the handbook about cross dressing." He twirled a hand in front of him as he continued. "It says skirts have to go to your fingertips, which it does-"

"Barely," Interrupted Axel.

"-And my shirt,

"Barely," Interrupted Axel.

"-And my shirt," Demyx continued, ignoring Axel's comment, "Has to cover my shoulders and stomach. Which it does... Mostly."

Someone laughed.

"My foods teacher tried to call me out on it- gave me this funny bitch speech about 'unique style'- and sent me to the office. All they did was make me take off my fedora. I bet there's gonna be a new rule, tomorrow, huh?" He giggled.

"I think you look nice," Marluxia said idly.

"You would." Snarked Axel. Marluxia glared.

"I think I have those shoes..." Said Larxene, who was sitting directly to Demyx's right. Everyone looked down, and Demyx put his feet on the table.

"Jesus! How can you walk in those?" Said Axel, eying the heels.

"Veeery carefully. And not very well." Laughter. "Yeah, sorry Roxas. I think I dented your locker with my head when I fell down the stairs."

Marluxia face palmed. "There's only three stairs in the whole school."

"Well," Said Demyx, "I'd say 'lets see you do better,' but you're probably skilled at walking in stilettos."

Axel and Larxene laughed out loud.

"That's not funny!" Hissed Marluxia. "You talk big for someone dressed like a stripper.

Demyx grinned. "I bet I'd make a better stripper than you."

"DO IT." Shouted Axel. "Gogogo!"

Demyx glanced around, then pulled one of his gloves off with his teeth. He tossed it at Axel, who caught it. Larxene wolf-whistled.

"Yeah baby!" She called. "Take it all off!"

Demyx laid down on the table, striking a 'sexy pose'. "Five dollah!"

Larxene fished in a pocked and pulled out a dollar, which she proceeded to stuff into Demyx's shirt. "I only got one. What can I get for that?"

"Uhhh..." Demyx paused to pull off his other glove. He sat it gracefully atop her head like a perched bird.

"Hey, no fair! Axel got one for free!" She pointed accusingly at the redhead.

"Haha," Said Axel, taunting her with it.

"Its a buy-one get-one free dea--"

"Get OFF the table!" hissed one of the teachers.

Demyx slipped off the table, tripped over his shies, and fell over. "I'm OKAY." He announced. Axel held out a hand and pulled him back to his chair. "Thanks."

"Take off those shoes," Axel rolled his eyes. "You'll break your ankles."

"I didn't break my ankles when I fell out of the rafters." Demyx reminded him.

"What were you doing in the rafters?" Questioned Roxas, eyes rising to the ceiling.

"Having sex." Said Axel simply. Demyx blushed.

"/Sweet!/" Said Larxene. "I never thought of doing that!"

It was a well-known fact that Marluxia and Larxene had fucked in every bathroom in the school- including both for the faculty- and had even gone as far as to do it under the bleachers during a football game.

Axel smirked. "You should have seen the look on the janitor's face. Price- wait for it...-less."

"It was amazing!" Said Demyx, both hands in the air like exclamation points. "I didn't even get suspended!"

"But you will be," Said a snide voice to their left.

"Xemnas..." Marluxia muttered with distaste. He had always secretly thought that /he/ would make a much better hall monitor than that silver-haired prick. No one really liked silver hair, anyway.

Xemnas stood proudly in his neatly pressed uniform, shining with school colors and loathing for rule breakers.

"What are you supposed to be?" He said, staring Demyx down from the tip of his nose.

"I'm the ass child of Hot Topic and Satan." Demyx stated proudly, flaunting his skirt.

Xemnas was not amused. He flipped open his official school hand book in an act that was a statement all its own.

"Well, well, Mr. Nocturne. This little stunt is clearly in violation of rule..." He scanned the page. "Rule..." His brow furrowed. "...You have to be in violation of /something/."

Demyx shook his head. "Not a thing. I checked!"

"But... But... Curse the darkness, you're right!"

Their laughter was punctuated by the school bell. High fives were exchanged as they rose to their feet.

"Better luck next time, Xemnas!" Called Axel as the Hall Monitor stomped off to collect his injured pride.

IX - X

"-Indeed. Your grades have improved greatly. I'm proud, Demyx. I really am."

Sunlight streamed in through large glass windows that lined the walls of a quaint little shop on the corner of a nearly deserted street. It was small, but well kept with pale blue paint on the walls and square tables scattered evenly across a speckled white tile floor.

Luxord sat in one of the chairs across from Demyx and handed him one of the two ice cream cones he held.

"Anything to make you happy." Demyx chimed, taking a small lick.

"Don't do it only on my behalf." Luxord lectured.

Demyx laughed. He eyed his mint ice cream fondly and crossed his legs at the ankle under the table. "It doesn't really matter what my motives are, as long as I get it done, right?"

Luxord twisted his cone around, licking a spiral across the creamy surface. "How are you doing in your other classes?" Luxord asked after a pause.

"Uhmm..." Demyx fidgeted, glancing away. "I've got, uh... An A in band!"

"And your other classes?" Luxord asked patiently.

"A B in drama..."





"It's not failing, at least. Geography?"

"... ...F." Demyx drooped further with every answer, shamefully unable to meet Luxord's gaze.

"...Demyx," He paused. "You need to work on your other classes, too."

"I know, but... I've had my mind on other things." He looked up at Luxord with a meek smile.

"Don't let me get in the way of your future, love. You have the potential for better things if you put your mind to it."

"...Geography is supposed to be more important than you?" He met Luxord's words with a quizzical quirk of a brow. "Yeah, right."

"Its not about the geography any more than its about the math. I've explained this before, darling. Its about your graduation."

"...What if I don't want to graduate? I don't need some fancy-shmancy diploma to be a musician."

Luxord shook his head. "What will you do if that's not enough?"

Demyx frowned. "...Alright, alright. I'll try harder." He reached over the table and lightly touched Luxord's wrist. "Your ice cream's melting."

French vanilla was dripping a trail across Luxord's cone and down onto his hand. "Oh dear..." Luxord eyed the mess distastefully.

Slowly, a grin traveled over Demyx's face, a mischievous glint lighting up behind his eyes. He lifted Luxord's hand and leaned forward, licking the cream from his fingertips.

Luxord watched with fascination. "You cat!" He chuckled, tracing Demyx's lower lip with the pad of his index finger.

"You love it." Demyx purred, kissing it softly.

"Is it that obvious?" Luxord tilted Demyx's chin up, mock-examining him with a considering expression.

"Only a little-lot."

"So which is it?" Luxord said, "A little, or a lot?"

"A little-lot." Demyx confirmed with a nod.

"How terribly confusing." Luxord moved his finger away, only to replace it with his lips. Demyx met the kiss without objection, leaning in with one hand on the table.

There was a small click from across the room. A short boy with slate colored hair sat in the corner of the shop, watching the scene with mixed disgust and mild fascination. The gears turning behind his blue eyes were almost visible. He leveled the camera in his hand, doing his best to remain completely silent. It wasn't hard, as being quiet and out of the way was part of his nature.

"Now /my/ ice cream's melting!" Demyx laughed.

"Is it my turn to lick it from your tip?" Luxord cooed in a mellow voice.

"That sounds pervy..." Said Demyx with a blush.

"It was intended to be."

Demyx laughed, quickly licking the drips from his cone. "Wait 'til we get home for that, silly."

"As you wish," Luxord grinned.


"Ooor?" Luxord mimicked curiously.

Demyx's voice fell to a whisper. "Or we could go to my grove. It's where I write a lot of my music."

"Your grove?" Luxord raised his brows with interest. "I don't think you've mentioned it before now."

"I was saving it for sometime special. You said it should be romantic, right?"

Luxord paused, expression growing thoughtful. "You mean, today...?"

"Today's as good a day as any. I can get some candles, if you want... It could be very romantic."

"Your offer is tempting, but rather the day... Let it be night. A spar of lovers beneath a star-speckled sky sounds lovely."

Demyx sighed softly. "Come to think of it... Its a full moon tonight, isn't it?"

"Waxing gibbous," Said Luxord with a nod. "Nearly at the peak of its cycle."

"Extremely romantic..."

"Then it's a date."

Zexion put his camera in its bag and slipped out the door.


Luxord's classroom looked the same as it always had: The same lighting, the same papers pinned to the wall, the same rows of desks filled with the same bored-looking students going through the same routine. Everything was as it always was, but something felt terribly wrong.

The morning before had been simple enough- A kiss in the car before Luxord had dropped him off a block away from the school. Demyx had algebra second period. He stood in the doorway, the only one to notice that something was sickeningly wrong.

There was an ugly woman sitting at Luxord's desk. She had an expression like a pig that had been fed something particularly foul, and a plump, round nose in the center of her scowling face. Demyx pitied her dress, which was almost bursting at the seams.

"E-excuse me..." Demyx muttered, eying the red and black pattern distantly. "Where is... Mr. Leblanc?"

"Sick." Spat the woman without looking at him.

That was a lie. That was a lie, and Demyx knew it. Luxord had been perfectly healthy this morning; bright-eyed and smiling as Demyx himself had been. The smile was no longer on Demyx's face; the possibilities of the situation h ad dawned on him and caused his stomach to jump and flop upside down.

"S-so am I..." Said Demyx, rushing out of the room. And as sick as he now felt, he wasn't going to the bathroom.

There had to be another reason. A family crisis' a sudden illness; something- anything other than the demon of a thought that was enveloping his mind. They couldn't have been... Found out. Oh no... Please, no.

The room fell silent around him as he stepped into the main office. They knew... They... Demyx bit his bottom lip hard enough that the rustic taste of blood flooded his mouth. It stung, but it was a distraction from his racing thoughts. Pain. Something to center himself on.

"W-w-where's M-mr. L-L-Leblanc?" Demyx choked out, stuttering fearfully. "W-where's Luxord? Where's Luxord!?"

One of the secretaries, a pale woman with short brown hair, gave him a soft, knowing look. "Don't worry," She said in a voice like one talking to a small child, "They've taken him some place where he can't hurt you, anymore."

The world shattered, and Demyx ran.


Demyx thanked whatever god would listen that the guard had been sympathetic. She hadn't wanted to let him in, at first. The law stated that she shouldn't. It took half an hour of pleading to sway her. The boy looked so pathetic that she finally broke and agreed to discretely lead him back to the holding cells.

The guard left him with a row of iron bars separating him from the one he loved. They would be monitored by the security cameras, but by this time Demyx no longer cared.

He managed to take a few staggering steps toward the metal cage before falling to his knees in a sob. "Oh Luxord..." He whispered through a stream of tears. "I'm s-so sorry... This is all m-my fault..."

Luxord sat calmly in the corner, eyes pinned to the floor. He didn't move. "I doubt you were the one who shared our little secret." He stated, voice distant. "No. Someone must have seen us."

Demyx pressed himself against the bars. He longed to be next to Luxord, to hold him so close that nothing could tear them apart. It was too late for that. It had already happened and both of them had been powerless to stop it.

"Its all my fault..." Demyx cried. "If I hadn't been so flirty in public... Luxord, I'm afraid... I don't want them to take you away from me."

He reached through the bars, willing them to become insubstantial and fade away. But the metal stayed solid.

"They have cameras, love. Take care not to do anything rash." He sighed, running his fingers through his hair in frustration. Luxord lifted his gaze to peer briefly into the foreboding glass, then in turn to the boy's outstretched arms.

"...How I wish I could hold you, my dear, sweet boy. To reassure you that everything will be okay... It's not your fault. I chose to respond, and this is the consequence. Even being alone together, outside of school premises was enough to press charges; let alone the fact that you've been to my home. These laws are established... To prevent this sort of thing from happening. Nocturne... I am truly sorry for letting my sensual desires get the better of me. I'm sorry I've hurt you..."

"Luxord, no..." Demyx whispered quietly. He let his arms fall loosely to his sides. "Luxord... You n-never hurt me. Love is never wrong. Never, never, never... Whatever else they do, they can never take away our love. They can separate us, but the distance can't stop our devotion. And... It won't be forever. I'm eighteen in a few months, and this definitely doesn't warrant a life-sentence..." He took a deep breath. "I'll wait for you... Forever if I have to. They'll never stop my love. Your love. /Our love."

Demyx sniffled once and wiped his nose on his sleeve. "And until then... Please kiss me... Just one more time. What more can they do to you?"

A debate took place in Luxord's head. His heart willed him to comply to the request, but his mind advised him otherwise. Slowly he rose to his feet and made his way to the bars. His hands fell to the younger man's waist.

"Demyx..." He whispered gravely, "A caged bird loses his will to sing. Don't wait for me. Live your youth. If another comes, don't feel like you're expected to decline. If you still love me when I get out, then so be it. But don't sacrifice yourself on my behalf."

He slid a hand to tangle in Demyx's hair, coaxing his head forward to lock lips one last time.

Demyx slid his arms through the bars, holding his lover tight despite the separation. Tears rolled gently down his cheeks onto Luxord's, and he made no attempt to stop them. He longed to stay like this forever and never let go. It couldn't be true. They couldn't be taking his Luxord away.

Luxord cherished every remaining second with the boy. Every move of the kiss was lingering and hungry, driven by the knowledge that any second they would come to 'rescue' the teenager. "Demyx..." He whispered, breaking away just long enough to take a breath of air.

"Luxord... I love you..." Demyx whispered back, petting Luxord's hair obsessively. Every touch, every movement... This would be the last for a very long time. He snaked his tongue around Luxord's, trying to fill every need that would arise from this moment until the next they could touch in a single kiss. Seconds were as lifetimes. How long, now? How long until he would be pulled away? The guard had to be watching this. It was astonishing it wasn't over already; over before it began.

Luxord twisted and turned his around the Nocturne's in constant, desperate movements like some satanic dance of tabooed tongues. Surely minutes had passed since their lips touched. He wondered relentlessly why nobody had come, yet. He knew very well that the security camera was running, keeping a relentless watch on the broken sweethearts' serenade.

Luxord tried to shake the sinking feeling that was building. He allowed his hands to wander without any concern for appropriateness. Down and around, cupping and stroking. Meanwhile his heart ached in anticipation of what was bound to come.

Finally the door at the end of the hall clicked open; in stepped the uniformed security guard that had escorted Demyx here. She watched in mild fascination for a few moments before stepping down the hall with a few soft clicks to place a hand on Demyx's shoulder.

"I'm sorry..." She said, shooting the boy an apologetic look as he pulled away. "The law says I'm not supposed to let this happen. Whether that's just or not is another matter entirely, but... I'm sorry."

Luxord let his hand slide away and return to his side, the other moving to cup Demyx's cheek for one last second. Their eyes stayed locked on each other until the very last.

"I love you, too..." Luxord whispered.

"I'll wait for you..." Said Demyx as he disappeared behind the door. "I promise."